Wednesday, July 20, 2005

CBC workers vote to strike:

Via CBC Watch:

"Most voters agreed with our vision of the future," said chief negotiator Dan Oldfield. "Ongoing work must be performed by permanent employees."

The union says the main issue continues to be the CBC's insistence on a new contract that will allow it to hire most new employees on a casual basis.

Contracting out, employees' right to reassignment in the event of downsizing and compensation for overtime are other key issues that remain unresolved.

Here's a question about Public-Sector Unions. Now how come when I ask for a tax cut to increase my income, I'm called "selfish" and "greedy" yet when Unions strike for higher pay, all I hear from the Liberal-Left is "Solidarity!" and chants of "We shall overcome!"?


At Wednesday, 20 July, 2005, Blogger alsocanadian said...

Good point AK. Bunch a hippo-crits

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