Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Connecting the dots on Hindy.

What do we know so far about Aly Hindy:

-He is the imam at a mosque which was founded and financed by an Al-Qaida operative.
-He is a good friend to the Khadr family (even prior to their departure to Afghanistan).
-He is a personal friend to Al-Qaida suspect Amer el-Maati.
-It is rumored that his mosque receives some Saudi Funding. But things like this are almost impossible to confirm.
-Some of the youths who attend his congregation have expressed interest in taking up Arms against US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Which gives you an idea on what kind of sermons he preaches on Fridays.
-He was being investigated by both Canadian and Egyptian anti-terrorism task forces as far back as 1993!
-He has urged the Muslim-Canadian community not to co-operate with CSIS and the RCMP.
-And finally he has made a veiled threat against Canada.

Now the good news about all this is that almost every article that I have come across regarding Hindi, states that he is being watched by the RCMP and CSIS.

However, I must conclude that Mr. Hindy knows more about Al-Qaida/Jihadist activities here in Canada than what he's telling authorities. Its impossible to have so much connection to Canadian Al-Qaida cells, while preaching at a Mosque founded by Al-Qaida and not know anything.

So far this is all I know. But if you have any other details/articles on Hindy, send it to me. Or if your a blogger and have made a post entry on him, be sure to send that to me as well.

I'll definitely keep my eye out on him. And I can guarantee you that this isn't the last time we hear from Hindy in the MSM.


At Wednesday, 27 July, 2005, Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

AK: have you seen this terror apologist before? Has he got links like Hindy?


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