Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Dark Ages of Islam

Mychal Massie of Worldnetdaily wrote a must-read today.

He basically talks about what the Islamic Fundamentalists have in mind for us should they ever win their "Jihad".

Here is the part I really enjoyed:

Ed Turzanski of LaSalle University and the Foreign Policy Research Institute points out that "Muslims of the pre-Mongol invasions would not recognize the religion today," a point I in no way question – the problem is they're not the ones thrust upon the world of today, a point Turzanski also makes.
Turzanski continues: "Because Islam has never had a reformation, a period of introspection where people have challenged the doctrines of rigid fundamentalism, you have the most rigid set of rules of what people can do and think." The "Wahhabists" have usurped the religion preaching "violence."

Key word here: reformation
I'm sure that this is something we can ALL agree on. Both on the Right and the Left. Islam is in need of a reformation period.

Trouble is, this "Reformaion" will not happen if the current status-quo in the Middle East and the Muslim World is in place. And by that I mean, same Leaders, same system of governments, sameimamss, same intellectualss". Same way of thinking.

Right now in most parts in the Middle East, there exists apoisonouss mindset. Personal responsibility is unheard of. The people acknowledge that their leaders are pricks, but no one does anything about it. There is no questioning of the radical agendas espoused by the radicalimamss during the Friday Sermons. Religious tolerance is unheard of. Where people latch on the premise that being "Muslim"automaticallyy makes you a better person than the rest. There's no alternative views in the news. And everything, and I mean evreything from recessions, to bad food, to bad business deals, to epidemics is blamed on some obscure Anti-Semitic theory.

(My favorite was in 1998 during the world cup, when I was in the UAE visiting some Friends and family.Moroccoo was just tied in points with Belgium in its group for second place. So the tiebraker was determined by goal differentials. Belgium Won. But boy did that not go well with the folks downtheree person in the living room stood up and blamed it all on some "secret deal" done between Brazil, Fifa and Israel! (I kid you not!!)

This type ofpoisonouss thinking is destroying them, theirfamiliess and their countries. And what's worse is that as time progressed, the conspiracies have gotten more insane, the religious clerics have become more radical, the economy hasworsenedd (for most people) and the Political leaders show little signs of abdicating their thrones and instituting necessary political reforms.

Which is why I'm a supporter of the Iraq War. I really believe that President Bush is sincere in his goal to make a Iraq a better place. An elected Government where all people of all views in the country are represented. Freedom of the press to allow debate within society and allow the people to have access to alternative commentary. Reforming the education system. Reforming the economy. Reforming the Political Process and the Law. Which I believe in the long-run will lead to a better Iraq.

Where people can live in an economy where they strive to be prosperous instead of just getting by. Whereindividuall responsibility is upheld and instead of blaming "The Jews" foreverythingg wrong that happens, the people will blame their certain misfortunes onthemselvess or those who aretrulyy responsible. Where debate is risk-free and innovative allowing their society to progress along with the rest of the world. Where religious tolerance is upheld not just in words, but action. Where all in all, you have a civilized society worth living in.

Hopefully that civilized society will be looked on by the people of Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria et all as a motivation to improve their societies in similar manner.
And that is my vision for an Islamic Reformation.

Which in turn rids thepoisonouss mentality that thefundamentalistss feed on. And in turn rids the world of Islamic terrorism. Making us in the west safer. (at least from that threat).

You cannot achieve that by letting sleeping dogs lie, do nothing, and just cross your fingers that Al Qaida won't attack again. The Islamic world needs help, and they cannott do that on their own.


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