Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hizbullah's "respect" for Democracy

As Lebanon is now free of Syrian rule, the Lebanese government decided to turn a new page from its dark past today by honoring a cease-fire deal all factions of the Lebanese Civil War agreed upon in 1989.

The Lebanese Parliament voted to release Samir Geagea after he was jailed by the Syrians in 1994 for "Political Disturbance" (Read: Anti Syrian Occupation Dissent). In which he slammed Syria for sidelining him after he honored his ceasefire deals.

Hizbullah was not happy. As this report from Al-Jazeera shows us:

Some 100 lawmakers, including Geagea's wife, voted for the amnesty motions,
while about 15 legislators of Shia Muslim group Hizb Allah and their allies
walked out when lawmakers began debating Geagea's case.

So when its time to debate things they don't agree on, Hizbullah and its supporters decide to walk away and start shooting up the place:

The violence began when sticks and rocks were used in fighting between
of the Shia Amal movement and Christian Maronite supporters of
When gunfire broke out, Lebanese army units were deployed
the area to stop the violence. Several armed men from both sides were

Classy. This is the group which the Liberal Party of Canada had to be persuaded to ban from Canada.


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