Sunday, July 17, 2005


Welcome to my blog. I'm new with this whole blogging thing, so go easy on me for the first few weeks.

Now my motivation for starting a blog was to get (what is considered to be) my radical views up front and be able to discuss them across the blogsphere.

What are my radical views?

-I am a 23 year old Canadian Muslim of Middle Eastern decent, who is a supporter of George W. Bush and and anti-terrorism efforts.
- I believe that the Iraq war will benefit the Middle East and the entire world in the long-term.
-I support Israel's right to exist (you'll find very few in the Arab/Muslim community in North America who do) as well as its right to protect itself. However I am a supporter of a two-state solution,. But not until terrorism has been eradicated.
-I'm a firm believer in small-government, I believe free markets lead to free people, a strong military makes a strong country, Crime legislation should protect victims and not criminals, and a decentralized Canadian federation. Amazing considering I've spent most of my life in the Province of Quebec, the most left-wing location in the western hemisphere.
-I am a Conservative Party Supporter in a Province where statism is the worshiped god.
-I am a Republican Party supporter in a country where Castro is more popular than George W. Bush.

Further more I believe the Arab and Muslim communities in North America and Europe have done a piss poor job of condemning and distancing themselves from Radical Islam and its preachers. This web site is to show my fellow Canadians that community "leaders" like Dr. Mohammed "Israeli civilians are legitimate targets" ElMasry do not speak for me. Although I cannot guarantee you that the majority of Canadian Muslims fell the way I do. (In fact I highly doubt it).

In this blog , the main niche will be Middle Eastern Politics (wth some commentary on Canadian and American politics every now and then). I will also try to point out the Left's hypocrisy on the subjects of terrorism, the Middle East, US policies, Economics and Foreign Policy.

Hope you enjoy it.


At Sunday, 17 July, 2005, Blogger Canadi-anna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I'll be back to see if this blogging thing takes.
I hope so.

At Tuesday, 19 July, 2005, Blogger Shane said...

You are a sorely needed voice in the blogosphere. Blog on.

May I ask - which branch of Islam to you ascribe to? Sunni, Shiite, Ismaili? Another I haven't heard of?

At Tuesday, 19 July, 2005, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...

Thanks Shane. :)

I'm with the Sunni branch.

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