Friday, July 29, 2005

Javed Akbar is an idiot! (Part 1)

Well it seems that many in the Muslim community have decided to blame the current climate of fear and uncertainty on….The west!

That’s right, all the terrorist attacks and hate mongering going on in the Muslim world is placed squarely on the shoulders of Western Nations.

Think I’m being far-fetched? Well take a look at what Javed Akbar, whom is described as is director of outreach at Pickering Islamic Centre, has to say in Friday’s editorial pages in the Red Star:

Why the West has lost goodwill of Muslims.

Let’s go through what mr. Akbar has to say on why some “poor” defenseless people of the Middle East resorted to suicide bombings. And why YOU are to blame.

These are treacherous times. Peace seems to have become ever more elusive and we are all traumatized, as if an impending danger is lurking over our heads. The victims, who are falling to acts of either individual or state-sponsored terrorism, have mainly been innocent civilians.
This vicious cycle of tit-for-tat madness must stop. Every innocent life lost is too precious, too great.
To honour the souls of the more than 50 people who died in a planned and pathologically-motivated attack in London, people the world over did stop in solemn silence and paid their respects by adopting the slogan: "Today we are all British."

So far so good. But it’s all downhill from here:

It was a poignant way to express solidarity with the bereaving families and nation. Paradoxically, when more than 200,000 people were killed in attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan, no one said: "Today we are all Iraqis or Afghanis."
What hypocrisy. What gall.

Right there we see the absurdity of mr Akbar’s parallel universe. Never mind his casualty number is widely disputed, we also see his ludicrous moral-equivalence between suicide bombers who’s attacks are deliberately meant to kill civilians, and civilians killed as collateral damage in Afghanistan and Iraq. Never really realizing the context of both deaths.

Just so we can make it simple for Mr. Akbar’s estranged psychology:

Terrorists=AIM for Civilians.
Western Soldiers= DO NOT aim directly at civilians.

But According to Mr. Akbar, American, European and Australian troops are no different than the Al-Qaida terrorists.
This is the same kind of crap Imams in the Middle East raise in order to flame of hatred of the Western World.

He continues:

The horror of 9/11 and now the aftermath of the London bombings reveal, more than anything else, the discord between the true nature of Islam, as religion, culture and civilization, and the way it is projected in the current palpable cloud of Islamophobia. Islam is relentlessly portrayed as an obscurantist, unethical enterprise. Muslims now actually wear the garb of the very demons that the media have been projecting as a collective profile for an entire community and a whole faith.

What???? Excuse me kind sir, but didn’t Paul Martin just meet with a group of Imams in order to assure them he understands them? Didn’t the MSM quickly point out to their readers, listeners and viewers that the killers’ didn’t represent the majority of Muslims? Weren’t the G8 leaders tripping over themselves to assure their sympathy and concern for moderate Muslims shortly after the London Bombings? Just what “palpable cloud” of Islamaphobia is Mr. Akbar referring to? Where is this “relentless portrayal” of Islam as a “an obscurantist, unethical enterprise”? Does he cite any sources or refer to anything specific? Of course not!

(Part 2 Tomorrow)


At Saturday, 30 July, 2005, Anonymous Tom W. said...

This is the first time I've heard the figure 200,000 dead Afghans and Iraqis. Next week, it'll be 200 million.
I've noticed that the people who point to civilian deaths NEVER actually blame the Taliban, al Qaeda, the Fedayeen Saddam, the Iraqi National Army, the Ba'athist paramilitaries, the jihadis, or the civilians themselves. No, Muslims in general and Arabs in particular are never held to the same standards of behavior as white Americans. Forget suicide bombings; what about the Iraqis using human shields when going into battle? What about the Fedayeen Saddam holding babies in one arm as they fired on Coalition troops?
What about foreign jihadis killing Iraqi policemen who only want to protect their fellow citizens? I've never understood the rationale, that it's acceptable to kill Iraqi policemen because there are Coalition troops in Iraq. What is the connection between the two? Doesn't Iraq as a sovereign nation have the right to have its own police force?
The real answer is that the world accepts inhuman savagery from Muslims because the world believes that Muslims are incapable of better behavior.
It appears that war instigated by the United States is worse than mass murder, mass starvation, mass torture, mass rape, and genocide, as long as its Muslims doing those things to other Muslims. We went to war in the former Yugoslavia to stop white people from killing and abusing white people, but when Muslims commit atrocities, everybody shrugs and says "Leave them to handle their own affairs."
As President Bush described it, this is the "soft bigotry of low expectations."

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