Sunday, July 31, 2005

Javed Akbar is an idiot! (Part 2)

Let's see what other horse manure Mr. Akbar has unloaded in his column in the Red Star:

Is there a hierarchy in pain, torture and death? Can the word "innocent" be used selectively and the word "terrorist" be assigned mainly for Muslims?

Let me translate what Mr. Akbar really means here:

The Western World is racist and Islamaphobic because of the victim "hierarchy" only uses white people as victims of terror and "terrorist" is mainly applied to Muslims.

To Mr. Akbar failing to put Western soldiers and Suicide bombers on equal footing, is the equivalent of bigotry and according to the context of this article, is the reason why the West has lost the "goodwill" of the Muslim World. But we can clearly see Mr. Akbar's sick mentality: That Soldiers from the US, The UK and Australia are no different whatsoever from Al-Qaida killers. And THAT tells us more than we need to know about Mr. Akbar.

instead of getting carried away with passions stirred by the media, we in the West need to summon the moral courage to examine, and reflect on, the root causes of this horrendous reality and take swift action to address the concerns of the Muslim world. This does not mean giving in to the demands of Osama bin Laden and his ilk, but rather a master-stroke of statesmanship for winning an enduring world peace.

When people like Mr. Akbar tells you to reflect on the "root causes", be assured its come trick to turn the whole debate upside down with a "Blame the West for the current situation". Where they will ramble on and on about Israel and America.

Such a move requires courageous leadership. But who among world leaders can rise to the occasion and seize this opportunity to help stem the tide of individual and state-sponsored terrorism once and for all?

George W. Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard, half of the European Leaders and Japan's parliament. Who are trying to:

-Instill democratic states in Iraq and Afghanistan.
-Helping them craft constitutions for a framework in their society to include ALL citizens and place constraints on government abuse.
-Improve their economies.
-So that in the end, young men and women in the middle east will actually have a government that speaks for the majority and represents them in a democratic manner. So that they can have the constitutional right to criticize and debate the issues surrounding them freely without getting killed or arrested. Creating an innovation of new ideas to move them forward.

All in all to have a society worth living in and worth raising their children in.

But apparently that's no good enough for Mr. Akbar.

Fighting violence with more violence has proven disastrous in prosecuting the "war on terror."

There are many examples that one can cite that can smash Mr Akbar's estranged fortune cookie philosophy. So far after "Fighting Violence with violence", many people and countries took notice:

-Libya has abandoned its WMD programs.
-Syria has withdrew from Lebanon after the Lebanese students movement protested the occupation of their country. (Actions and protests that Syria always ignored and crushed in the past)
-Democratic movements have spread throughout the Middle East.
-The voices of moderates in the Middle East is becoming bigger by the hour.

But these things don't matter to Mr. Akbar. To him, history begins this mourning.

He goes on:

How long do we have to suffer the rising death toll in Iraq, Afghanistan and the revenge attacks elsewhere? The occupation of the Muslim lands must end. It is illegal and morally reprehensible.

Does Mr. Akbar ever stop to reflect facts for a change? Does he not take into account:

-The US gave the Taliban a chance to hand over Bin Laden? (And they didn't)
-That Iraq has violated UN sanctions on more than one occasion?
-That Saddam Hussein was providing aid to terrorist groups like Hamas? Islamic Jihad? Abu Nidal?

Of course not!

To Mr. Akbar, the fact that you refuse to label US soldiers as "Terrorists" is hypocrisy on your part. And is the main reason why the Muslim world is pissed at you.



At Monday, 01 August, 2005, Blogger aliandra said...

Mr. Akbar complains about the occupation of Muslim lands, yet not a single Iraqi or Afghan was involved in the Madrid or London bombings. Great Britain has an Iraqi community of about 250,000 people, so it's not for a lack of British-Iraqis.

At Sunday, 07 August, 2005, Blogger Nadz said...

great post - there are far too many people like mr akbar who have a persecution complex

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