Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday Mourning Quarterback

Everey Monday edition of the Montreal Gazette, my favorite sports columnist Jack Todd writes his excellent columns titled "Monday Mourning QuarterBack" in where he offers commentary on all the sports news in the previous week.

Inspired by that, I have decided to do the same, only to replace it with a political theme.

Here Goes:

Canadian Islamic Congress discovers that its "Canadian":
CIC's own Mohammed "Israeli Civilians are legitimate targets" Elmasry has asked his congregation during Friday prayers to start "smart integration" into Canadian like. And...

"The congregation was told that this fall, courses will be offered in Toronto on Canadian history, law, media and political systems to help foster greater participation in western life.

Which is great! But begs the question...Just what exactly were you telling Muslim Canadians to do before the London bombings Dr.Elmasry?

Calling Sacha Trudeau!: Saddam Needs you! Yes the butcher of Baghdad is claiming mistreatment during his trial and imprisonment. But before his groupies over this side of the atlantic haywire, this is what he's complaining about:

Wearing a dark blue suit and a white shirt, Saddam also objected to not getting a response from judges when he greeted them.

"When someone like me says 'peace be upon you,' and no one responds, then, this is a big insult for someone like Saddam Hussein," said the former Iraqi leader.

Yeah...I know.

Hope for Harper: To all those of you who believe that "lack of charisma"=automatic defeat for Harper, check out how Montreal Gazette Columnist Norman Webster profiles Australia and its excellent leader John Howard:

Howard, the country's prime minister has a truely punishing lack of charisma

and continues

"John Howard makes Harper seem like a wild and crazy guy"

If Howard can get elected three times in a row, so can Harper.

-Replace Mohammed Elmasry with Salim Mansur!:
Salim Mansur lays the smackdown on Sharia Law and the morons who want to instill it in Canada. A must read!

I could'nt agree more. My parents brought me to this great country to escape the repressive, neo-fascist laws in the Middle-East, not create them.

Question of the week:
-The Anti-Europeans: Now if the Conservative Party's position on SSM (Civil Unions) is "bigoted" and "goes against human rights", does that mean that the British, the French, the Swedes, The Danes, The Polish and the Finns (who all have the same opinion on SSM) are socially backward societies in Paul Martin and Jack Layton's view?

Not all conservatives are happy with John G. Roberts Jr: Ann Coulter is not impressed with Bush's choice for Supreme Court Judge. A little overblown in my opinion. However her concerns are legitimate. How many times have Republicans appointed "Conservative" judges who ended up seduced by the power of judicial activism?

Rae days ahead: I see that the Toronto establishment media is propping up Bob Rae as a successor to Paul Martin.
Woo Hoo! In that case why bother with an election, just give us the Majority of seats already and save the Taxpayers 300 million dollars. :)

Orwell Lives!: We should protect the concept of freedom of religion by eliminating it altogether! Is this twit for real?

-Hamas' new spiritual leader: What does David Miller's city council and Hamas have in common?

They're both allies in the War against fun.

Sheesh..and people make fun of the "Christian Right" for things like this.

Go Habs Go!: After a nerve-racking lotto draft Montreal got 5th choice in the 2005 NHL entry draft (SO CLOSE!). Hopefully we can get a kick ass forward like Benoit Pouliot or Jack Johnson. Either of them is fine though. Both of them have the ability to beat the senior citizens (aka Toronto Mapple Leafs) by themselves. :p

Political cartoon of the week:


This Weeks HEROES AND ZEROES (click on the name to find out why):

Heroes: John Howard, Monte Solberg, Gen. Rick Hiller, The Iraqi People, Salim Mansur, Mike Duffy, Sidney Crosby, John G. Roberts, and last but not least...The Blogging Tories for allowing me to be on their awsome blogroll.

Zeroes: The CBC, Heather Mallick, Terrorist assholes, Bob Ferguson , Toronto City Council , Pat Martin, Matt Good and last but not least the Toronto Mapple Leafs...becuase they're the Toronto Mapple Leafs :p.


At Monday, 25 July, 2005, Blogger Canadi-anna said...

Heeeeyyyy! On politics, you are cool -- but I see on hockey we shall be at odds!
Go! Leafs! Go!

At Tuesday, 26 July, 2005, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...

We shall! :)

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