Monday, July 18, 2005

Strange Priorities (Part 2)

More hypocrisy by the left on its anti-Americanism:

Check out this photo which was taken during a protest to George W. Bush's visit to Canada last December:

Notice the sign "Women's body, Women's Right"

Please!!!! Look, I'm not exactly against abortion, but when it comes to International women's rights, "Progressive" feminists have bigger fish to fry. Where are the feminist outrage over those? Where is the Liberal Women's Caucus? It is afterall very much a "Women's issue". Do you think they will be calling to Canadian Foreign Minister Pierre pedigrew to act upon this? Don't hold your breath.

-For all the boo-hiss noise your hearing about Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, just keep in mind that conditions of political prisoners in the Arab world are a hell of a lot worse.So where are the outrages against those? Where is Sacha Trudeau's documentary on those prisoners?

- I've always been angered by the Islamic Scholars' and the Western Left's deafening silence of the daily massacres by Algerian Islamists. Do these killers need to change their flag sign from a Crescent to The Star of David in order to get some emotions going?

-NDP's own Libby Davies labels herself as "the voice of all feminists in Parliament". Yet when Iranian activist Shirin Ebadi has won the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize she never even made a speech congratulating her. Yet she never tired of blasting George W. Bush.

It is evident that by focusing so much on the US, Most of those on the liberal-left has lost focus of the bigger issues facing their causes today.


At Tuesday, 19 July, 2005, Blogger Canadi-anna said...

All women in the west -- not just the left -- have to give more time to this kind of thing.
For those of us without a public voice, I think we really don't know what to do except be angry.

At Tuesday, 19 July, 2005, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...

That's true. Very true. But I'm just trying to point out the hypocrisy. Protesting George Bush for violating "Women's rights" and not raise a word on on worse atricities against women is patheitic.

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