Monday, August 15, 2005

Canadians attacked in the Middle East

For those who believe that peacekeeping is a badge terrorists respect (yes that means Carolyn Parish and her supporters):

Group claims Sinai peacekeeper attack

"The lions of jihad ... pounced on a vehicle of the multinational force, killing three Israelis and two Canadians and wounding two others," claimed the internet statement, whose authenticity could not be confirmed

However It appears that they were only slightly hurt though...Thank god.

In Iraq we have Paul Martin contradicting himself in the same statement regarding the death of Zaid Meerwali:

"It is with both profound sadness and abhorrence that I learned of the circumstances of his death," Martin said.

"Canada vehemently condemns this barbaric crime, and remains committed to working both bilaterally and multilaterally to help build a prosperous and peaceful democracy in Iraq."

Bullshit! Canadians for the most part are too busy blaming Bush for the whole violence (the one that the Iraqi insurgents are carrying out) to care about the overall situation in Iraq. Anyway, here comes the contradiction:

Martin reminded Canadians against traveling to Iraq.

"Any Canadians in Iraq should leave," he said. "The situation remains volatile and the government of Canada cannot provide consular assistance to Canadian citizens in distress."

In other words, Canada wants to help...but it doesn't want to do anything over there. The article continues:

There is no Canadian embassy in Iraq.

Now how exactly do you plan to help Iraq without having any kind of political dialogue with the country?

Its the classical Paul Martin school of Foreign policy, speak loudly and carry and short stick.

Monday, August 08, 2005

On King Fahd's death

I know I'm late commenting on this, but I just needed to bet this off chest.

Yes it appears that the Saudi King Fahd has finally croaked. Absolutely no tears of sadness here. I lived in Saudi for a few years and saw first hand the widespread levels of human rights violations carried out by his regime (the Muttawa, stoning of adulterers and imprisonment of political prisoners just to name a few). Further more its leaders like King Fahd who are the reason why the fundamentalists manage to spread their filth throughout the Middle East.

In order to protect their iron grip dictatorships, they allow the religious zealots to spread their anti-western, anti-Semitic messages and shore up support. This way the people are too distracted to pay attention to the corruption, incompetence and totalitarianism of their own leaders. At times even the Muslim dictators even support the Islamist causes with financial and political aid. As time goes by, the fundamentalists gain in strength and numbers. This way the population is brainwashed into hating the west and Israel instead of their own leaders for their current situations. And whenever the Western leaders start drumming up the rhetoric of “Democratic Reform” and “Human Right abuses”, the tyrants simply point to the Fundamentalists as the alternative leadership should they step down. Scaring the Western leaders to accept the current status quo. Fahd did it. Assad did it. Mubarak is doing it now and its being done by every single leader in the Middle East today. And it has to stop.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Myth Debunked: 1990 Gulf War and the US

Its been 15 years already and we still hear many anti-war doves and Arab Nationalists circulating the claim that the US gave Saddam Hussein the so-called "green light" to invade Kuwait through US ambassador to Iraq April Gillespie.

Well, straight from the horse's mouth we learn that this was all bullsh*t.

Tariq Aziz:
"Aziz was asked by his American interrogators about if the American ambassador in Baghdad encouraged Saddam or gave him the "green light" to invade Kuwait back in 1990, Aziz answered with "NO" and said that this was merely a rumor and this is according to his lawyer who gave an interview to the Iraqi paper Al-Mashriq."

(Hat Tip: Iraq the Model)

The Canadian Liberal-Left discovers "Individual Liberty"....yeah right!

I haven't commented on the whole Mark Emery brouhaha as it has already been done to death throughout the whole Canadian Blosgspehere.

Instead, for the past week I decided to take on a spectator's role in the whole thing and see what other bloggers have been saying on the matter. There was your Pro-Emery and your anti-Emery commentary. Both camps had very valid and very interesting views on the matter.

But what caught my eye the most was the reaction of the leftist bloggers on the matter. (Many of whom suddenly discovered "Individual Liberty" and oppose his arrest).

Now many on the right have also slammed his arrest, but that really isn't anything new as Libertarians (who compromise of a big chunk in the Canadian right) have always stood for individual liberty and have called on the government to repeatedly get out of our lives. Leftists on the others hand have not.

I find the reaction of the Liberal and NDP supporters on this matter stinking of B.S and hypocrisy. For the following reasons:

The very same leftists who believe Canadians should have the right to shoot up drugs and pick up a hooker on the street are the very same people who:

-Oppose giving Canadians the freedom to choose their own broadcasting.
-Oppose Giving Canadians the freedom to purchase their own medical treatments.
-call for more restrictions on Tobacco and Alcohol manufacturing and taxation (what's up with that?! Freeing up one drug and restricting the other?)
-Call for restrictions on free speech.
-Call for more Gun Control. And completely oppose the notion of giving Canadians the right to self-defense.

and many many more.

So in other words leftists believe you have the right to have a choice in soft drug purchasing, but you don't have that same right to purchase your own doctor. They believe that you have the right to destroy yourself with marijuana and ecstasy while you're forbidden to protect yourself from a murderer or a rapist with a handgun. You have the right to shoot up cocaine, but you don't have the right to state certain opinions.

So why are the leftists all riled up over this? Let's just put it this way:

They wouldn't be shaking their fists in the air had the arrest been ordered by Sweden and not the United States.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Mubarak's Thugs

Last week a protest occurred in Egypt by Pro-Democracy, Pro-Reform activists against the iron grip dictatorship of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. This is what happened:

"Down with the rule of the dog Mubarak," one young man yelled as he was being clubbed.

What should you make out of this? Just notice that:

1)This was completely ignored by the Canadian MSM.
2) The Arab and Muslim community groups across North America remained silent on this injustice and will not criticize the oppression of their own brethren at the hands of their own leaders. (Something they never do when it comes to Israel).
3) The Liberal-Left in this country ignored this act of bravery completely.
4) George W. Bush is still considered a worse leader by the tinfoil crowd.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Light Posting

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but its that time of year when the senior staff at work leave for their summer vacations with their families, and dump their workloads on the younger workers and the interns. So blogging might be a little slow in August.
Things should get back to normal whenever the hell the schools begin.