Saturday, September 24, 2005

Who supported Saddam?

Just some ammunition should you ever come across some leftie idiot yelling "America supported Saddam in the Cold War! America supplied Iraq in Iran-Iraq War!" (this theory is very popular among Quebec journalists).

Here are the statistics on just who supported Iraq and how much. The statistics might surprise you.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Dark Side of Madrassas

As if hate-mongering and terrorist indoctrination wasn't enough, Maddrassas in the Muslim World now face serious accusations of child molesting.

The accounts are disturbing: beatings, forced sex and imprisonment with shackles and leg irons. Abuse accusations from hundreds of children sent to study at Islamic schools are prompting growing calls from parents and rights groups for a full-scale investigation.

The silver lining in all this is that these schools are finally being investigated following complaints. Why is this a silver lining? Because when I was living in Saudi Arabia, evreyone and I mean EVREYONE knew these kinds of abuses were widepsread in these schools. But no one dared to raise a protest or a complaint for a fear of backlash from Fundamentalists and the corrupt religious clerks.

The simple fact that complaints were actually submitted and investigations are underway is a good sign that the tide is turning against the Islamic hardliners, but much is still left to be done.

(Hat-Tip, Little Green Footballs).

Debunking Myths on Stepen Harper (Part 2)

Myth Number 2: Harper displays poor leadership

This is mainly revolved around the Belinda Stronach defection to the Liberal Party. Now before we go any further let's take a closer look at Stronach's so-called "choice" is based on:

1. She claimed that Harper doesn't really understand how complex and diverse Canada is. *
2. She claimed that being a Financial Conservative and a Social Progressive, the Liberal Party was the best choice for her.
3. She was uneasy aligning herself with the BLOC.
4. Many Media commentators criticized Harper for "sidelining" Belinda since the leadership race.
5. Many people also stated that Harper should have seen the defection coming.

All 5 points are bogus and are easily refuted using some history and common sense.

1. On what exactly? she never specifies. But let's just assume that she was talking about SSM (since as far as I know this was the major issue that put her at odds with Harper).

Now this argument doesn't really wash. SSM legislation isn't exactly the top vote getter for either parties if. However, the polls did show that the Canadian population had more or less the same opinion as Harper regarding the issue (Civil Unions, while defending the definition of marriage). It didn't exactly swing the polls his way, but public opinion was on his side nonetheless.

On another note, when she came to describe her defection to the Liberals in he Globe and Mail she based her opinion on the fact that she's a "Urban Ontarian".

I am sometimes asked why I did not sit as an independent MP. The answer is simple. I came to realize that the Conservative Party was being led in a direction with which I was not comfortable, especially as an urban Ontarian. I became convinced that my vision of the country was more in sync with that of Paul Martin and the Liberal Party.”

Hmmm...what happened to "Canada" and how diverse and complex it really is?

*Didn't anyone see the irony of this quote coming from a unilingual, college drop-out, uber-rich girl who spent her high school days in Switzerland and barely lived anywhere other than Toronto towards a guy who's bilingual, has Middle-class upbringing, who lived in Ontario and Alberta and has family connections in the Maritimes, and how has traveled the country over and over during his days as Reform MP and NCC President.

2. Can any Financial conservative really defend the 4.6 billion spending spree by Jack Layton with a straight face? Not only that but the expense of tax cuts for businesses that badly needed some relief in the Global Market (not to mention small and medium sized businesses).

So far I haven't heard any so-called "Financial Conservative" defend the spending, only sighs of relief that it prevented an election.

(To add matters worse, the Liberals then announced in the summer that the tax cuts will be given out in separate legislation. So in other words, more spending.)

3. So she defected to a party that votes with the BLOC on almost every single legislation.

4. Again, this is bull. According to Conservative MP Helena Guergis, when a meeting was set up between the Mayors of Ontario, the CPC Ontario caucus and Stephen Harper, the women who made the decision as an "urban Ontarian" never showed up.

"Thirty-Nine mayors showed up. Even one of her [Stronach's] [NewMarket-Aurora] mayors showed up. She did not show up.".

Rona Ambrose adds that whatever so-called discomfort Stronach had, she sure as hell didn't do anything to change things. When it came time to draft policies for the Conservative Convention in Montreal last March, Stronach was MIA.

"We met around the clock for months to get all of our policies in place to take into the convention. I wrote seven of those myself...There was not one policy in that book that she wrote".

5. Her own boyfriend at the time Deputy-leader Peter Mckay didn't even see the defection coming. He didn't even know that she was meeting with Martin the night prior to her defection. So unless you can convince me that Harper possesses some strange telepathic ability to read into his own MP's minds. That argument won't do.


Now again, I should remind anyone who is reading this that while I do support Harper's leadership, I'm willing to re-consider my stand if you can provide some solid evidence on why he makes a lousy leader. But the more I think about the accusations thrown at his direction, the more I realize that its based on bullsh*t.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Quick Notes

I havn't been bloggin much lately, mainly due to the fact that whenever I want to comment on something, it already gets commented on and analized to death by other bloggers. But here are a few quick notes:

On Sharia Law in Ontario:

-There's nothing more that I can add to Amateur Extraordinaire's kick ass commentary on the matter.

Zarqawi declares war on the shiites in Iraq:

Iraq the Model has the details.

For those that say that its the US who's bringing the war to the Middle East:
Iran doesn't seem to buy your argument.

Christians in Lebanon still face danger from Islamists:

A bombing in Beirut in Friday, and the Lebanese Political Journal has the on site analysis.

Debunking Myths on Stephen Harper (Part 1)

Once again, Stephen Harper's leadership has come under attack. And again its from the usual suspects. The Liberal-Left, many self-described Red Tories, so-called Libertarians, and of course the MSM.

Now due to the whole hoopla over the past few weeks on Stephen Harper's leadership, I too decided to re-evaluate and re-think the whole leadership situation within the CPC. However, after much thought and online research, I really couldn't find one criticism that really has any facts backing the theory up of his so-called "Leadership deficiencies". What are those criticisms, let's go through them:

Myth Number 1: Harper is a Social Conservative:
This is one thing that is repeated very often (and communicated very efficiently) despite any rock solid evidence backing this up. When you take a look at Harper's previous occupations and opinions on matters, you can't find any single piece that really ties him to "Social Conservatism".

-I doubt that any opinions on abortion, gays, women's rights, divorce or school prayer would have come in handy in a Economics course in the U. of Calgary (where he lectured).

-The National Citizens Coalition has not once commented on Social Issues. As a matter of fact all their works/lobbying are concentrated on Financial matters, Military policy and Gag Laws. (If there is anyone out there that has evidence to the contrary to this, then please send it to me).

-On the matter of Abortion, again the so-called theories that he's somehow anti-abortion also lacks evidence. He has stated his opposition to Abortion legislation in the Policy Convention last March and the members of the CPC have indeed voted on the matter that no legislation be brought forth regarding the issue. Yet this has fallen on deaf ears. The myth is very popular among many political junkies.

-According to this
Harper was among the dissident reformers under Preston Manning Leadership on the issue of homosexuality

"The wrong Right [at national convention of Reform Party in October 1994, 87 percent of delegates voted in favor of legislating heterosexual-only definition of marriage; after vote, Stephen Harper and Jan Brown criticized party's decision to refuse equality to gays/lesbians; Paul Holmes, a 21-year-old delegate also disagreed; etc.].
P93 (v12n8)(Dec. 7, 1994): 23 (25cm.)

Also on the issue of Gay Marriage his critics run into a sticky situation. I'm fully aware that there are people who view bill C-38 as a matter of human-rights and equality. And that Harper's legislation on the matter (Civil Unions, Marriage be strictly defined as a union between man and woman) is downright bigoted and intolerant.

While I disagree with that assessment I will respect it. HOWEVER, I cannot stomach the double-standard that's at play here. If you truly believe that the CPC's position on Bill C-38 is bigoted, does that mean that you also believe that Gay Marriage laws in Sweden, France, The UK, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany and New Zeeland (whom ALL have similar positions to the CPC on the matter) to be human-rights abusers?

Are you making any substantial effort to unseat the 30 or so Liberal MP's who voted down the bill? Do you believe that Bev Desjardins is an intolerant women who doesn't care about minority rights?

If your the type of person who marches in protest whenever PM Göran Persson visits Ottawa, or calls for economic sanctions against France over their "human-rights" position or scream at Carolyn Parish of living in the Stone Age, power to you! If you don't, then friend, no offense, but your a Fu*king hypocrite.

(Tomorow, Part 2: Harper is displaying poor leadership).

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Quebec Shock-Jocks hammer Celine Dion

I'm pretty sure most of you have heard of Celine Dion's breakdown on Larry King Live.

Well this mourning, CHOI FM's mourning shock-jocks delivered a well deserved smack down on dear Celine. (Hilarious!)

P.S. Its in French I know. But its the best commentary I heard regarding Celine's outburst.

Mubarak's smokescreen.

If you ever happen to hear anything about the upcoming Egyptian "Elections", ignore it. The whole thing's a sorry excuse by Hosni Mubarak's regime to legitimize its authority and appease the West's (well...The UK and US at least) increasing calls for democratic reforms in the Middle East, by (how else?) rigging the elections.

How so?

Well just consider the whole process of just challenging the man.

First of all, to have to simply have your party registered is a stretch by itself:

"Each legal party can propose a candidate, but only parties vetted by a state-controlled committee are legal."

Got that? Your only a legitimate opposition if the ruling party allows you to be. That alone should be enough to show you what a joke this whole process is.

Want to run as an independent? Sure...but uh..

"but only after securing 250 endorsements from elected officials, nearly all of whom, currently, belong to the ruling party."

Ok, Ignore the term "elected", whatever elections occur in the Arab world is just a staged formality done by leaders to appoint their henchmen to government positions.

Now let me tell you, in the Middle East, god knows how much favors, bribes, ass-kissing and connections one has to go through to even get a sit-down with ONE government official let alone 250! The process itself might take months if not years.

So anyway...say you mobilize a group of citizens to form their own political party and the ruling party (the party whom you want to run against) approves, the battle hasn't even started. You have to be approved by the Egyptian electoral board (another entity controlled by the ruling party) to have your name on the ballot.

I'm not going to tell you what the survivors of this tyrannical bureaucracy have to do for financing of their campaigns, it will only make you cry.

Soooooo...what else do you have to face? Let's just say, a tough electorate:

"42m eligible voters, of whom two out of three are poor, one out of three is illiterate and at least one out of four has not registered to vote. Some of the latter missed the legal period for registration, which ended months ago, before it was clear that there would be an open contest. Yet the real number of registered voters is likely to be smaller still than the figure the government claims. Voter rolls are famously messy, and among the scores of Egyptians questioned by this correspondent, only a handful have ever registered."

Forget balanced media coverage, the major news outlets are state run.

Debates? Monitoring? Polling? Forget about it!

"the president rebuffed calls for televised debates. Opinion polling, long banned in Egypt, has been licensed. Several independent groups plan to monitor the voting, though they have yet to win legal sanction."

Well so much for false hope:

Lawyers for the government and rights groups wrangled in court over a decision by the Presidential Election Commission to ignore a court ruling that independent monitors should have access to polling stations for Wednesday's vote.

So to re-cap, you have to be recognized by the ruling party , you have to be approved by the corrupt electoral board, you have to whore yourself (and possibly every single female supporter of yours) to finance your campaign, deal with a confused, indifferent, illiterate electorate, and have almost every means of communication watched and controlled by the ruling party. Have no pulse of the electorate whatsoever, no debate and no oversight whatsoever over the whole process.

To Canadian readers:
And you thought Stephen Harper and Jack Layton had an uphill battle!
Oh...BTW, want to know what's the name of Hosni Mubarak's corrupt, freedom-hating, tyrannical party that accepts no dissent? the NDP! I wish I was kidding.

If you want more info an in-depth analysis of this sorry excuse for an election, you can always check out the brave Egyptian bloggers take on the matter.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Why I'm going to enjoy this Fall.

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I've been extremely busy at work this month (lots of the older employees have been on vacation) and my PC was in serious need of re-formatting (which I never got to do until this mourning). However, all that is now fixed and I will be able to concentrate more on blogging.

Now there's not allot of things to be cheerful about nowadays (for me anyway) . Its Hurricane season, Muslim terrorists still haunt the globe, statism and entitlement are alive and well in Canada, oil prices keep hitting our wallets hard, Quebec's thug-like Public Sector Unions are threatening more "disruption" in the upcoming weeks, the Liberal-Left in North America is still dominated by lunatics and summer is in its dying days.

However there are things to be cheerful about. Especially this time of year (Fall season). Hopefully the following things can ease my pain while the Liberals remain high in the polls and Osama's goons keep slaughtering innocent civilians in the name of my religion for the following months.

1. I'M NO LONGER IN UNIVERSITY! Pardon my french, but I can't tell you what a huge fu*king relief it is to begin the fall knowing that I no longer have to worry about Midterms, projects, term papers, assignments, textbook reading, exams, caffeine induced all nighters, Textbooks whose prices would rival that of jewelry along with the huge batch of stress that comes along an entire University semester. Having graduated last Winter all I have to concentrate on nowadays is my 9 to 5 entry-level job and paying the bills. No school, no wife, no kids. I LOVE the bachelor life already!

2. Less workload: On Tuesday, the bank branch where I work at will finally be fully staffed for the first time since early July. No more people on vacation, which means me and the other young staffers won't have to carry the workload of 2 or 3.

3. Hockey's back! One year later, its back! Which means Don Cherry, my Habs kicking the Maple Leafs' ass all the way to their retirement homes, Flames girls, fast moving, heart pounding overtime goals and International play. What more can a young Canadian Tory male ask for?

4, Football Season kicks off: Yes, I'm a huge football buff. College Football kicked off this week (Go Irish!) and the NFL kicks off on Thursday. Already looking forward to Frank Caliendo's skits on the Sunday Pre-Game show on Fox.

5. Parliament will return to session, which finally gives us Canadian bloggers something to comment on.

6. From what I hear the hardliners in the Middle East are beginning to lose influence throughout the Muslim world (Including Pakistan!) More on this later. On another note opposition to the fundamentalists on this side of the Atlantic is gaining strength.
7. The PQ leadership race. No I'm not a member of the PQ or a Quebec separatist. But I am going to enjoy watching André Boisclair (the current front-runner college drop out) explain to voters the advantages and importance of higher education (a must for all PQ candidates).