Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mubarak's smokescreen.

If you ever happen to hear anything about the upcoming Egyptian "Elections", ignore it. The whole thing's a sorry excuse by Hosni Mubarak's regime to legitimize its authority and appease the West's (well...The UK and US at least) increasing calls for democratic reforms in the Middle East, by (how else?) rigging the elections.

How so?

Well just consider the whole process of just challenging the man.

First of all, to have to simply have your party registered is a stretch by itself:

"Each legal party can propose a candidate, but only parties vetted by a state-controlled committee are legal."

Got that? Your only a legitimate opposition if the ruling party allows you to be. That alone should be enough to show you what a joke this whole process is.

Want to run as an independent? Sure...but uh..

"but only after securing 250 endorsements from elected officials, nearly all of whom, currently, belong to the ruling party."

Ok, Ignore the term "elected", whatever elections occur in the Arab world is just a staged formality done by leaders to appoint their henchmen to government positions.

Now let me tell you, in the Middle East, god knows how much favors, bribes, ass-kissing and connections one has to go through to even get a sit-down with ONE government official let alone 250! The process itself might take months if not years.

So anyway...say you mobilize a group of citizens to form their own political party and the ruling party (the party whom you want to run against) approves, the battle hasn't even started. You have to be approved by the Egyptian electoral board (another entity controlled by the ruling party) to have your name on the ballot.

I'm not going to tell you what the survivors of this tyrannical bureaucracy have to do for financing of their campaigns, it will only make you cry.

Soooooo...what else do you have to face? Let's just say, a tough electorate:

"42m eligible voters, of whom two out of three are poor, one out of three is illiterate and at least one out of four has not registered to vote. Some of the latter missed the legal period for registration, which ended months ago, before it was clear that there would be an open contest. Yet the real number of registered voters is likely to be smaller still than the figure the government claims. Voter rolls are famously messy, and among the scores of Egyptians questioned by this correspondent, only a handful have ever registered."

Forget balanced media coverage, the major news outlets are state run.

Debates? Monitoring? Polling? Forget about it!

"the president rebuffed calls for televised debates. Opinion polling, long banned in Egypt, has been licensed. Several independent groups plan to monitor the voting, though they have yet to win legal sanction."

Well so much for false hope:

Lawyers for the government and rights groups wrangled in court over a decision by the Presidential Election Commission to ignore a court ruling that independent monitors should have access to polling stations for Wednesday's vote.

So to re-cap, you have to be recognized by the ruling party , you have to be approved by the corrupt electoral board, you have to whore yourself (and possibly every single female supporter of yours) to finance your campaign, deal with a confused, indifferent, illiterate electorate, and have almost every means of communication watched and controlled by the ruling party. Have no pulse of the electorate whatsoever, no debate and no oversight whatsoever over the whole process.

To Canadian readers:
And you thought Stephen Harper and Jack Layton had an uphill battle!
Oh...BTW, want to know what's the name of Hosni Mubarak's corrupt, freedom-hating, tyrannical party that accepts no dissent? the NDP! I wish I was kidding.

If you want more info an in-depth analysis of this sorry excuse for an election, you can always check out the brave Egyptian bloggers take on the matter.


At Thursday, 08 September, 2005, Blogger newc said...

Looks like there is Parliment work to be done.

At Thursday, 21 June, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have got to be kidding me. corruption in politics, you don't say. i would like you to go through every point you made about corruption in the Egyptian political system and compare it with the American, British, or even Canadian. everything that the east has learned about governing and politics came from the west. the middle east has long been influenced, both culturaly, politically and otherwise due to many ears of invasions and economical oppressions. they are just as corrupt as the west, they just dont do it quite as well. dont worry they will get there. you think the Bush election wasn't rigged in Florida? you think CNN and Fox are newsworthy/trustworthy and ethical? you think it's easy to start a political party in a western country? you think bribes don't happen in Washington? you think corporate America doesn't prostitute itself bribe its way into the political system? with so many roadblocks, you might as well ask for permission from the 2 ruling parties. you think the choice between Democrats and Republicans is a real choice? Start at home first within the continent, before going outside to criticize. our failure as reporters/citizens to expose and criticize corruption here at home does not mean that it doesnt exist. we are just too ignorant/lazy/and cowardly to do anything about it.

"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" Matthew 7:3.

That's a Bible verse by the way. For those of you who don't read the Chrisitan Bible and those who are muslim and upset at the fact that no Muslim fundamentalist party is able to crack the political system in Egypt. And thank Jesus for that, because it can be alot worse than it is now my boy.

At Thursday, 15 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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