Monday, September 05, 2005

Why I'm going to enjoy this Fall.

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I've been extremely busy at work this month (lots of the older employees have been on vacation) and my PC was in serious need of re-formatting (which I never got to do until this mourning). However, all that is now fixed and I will be able to concentrate more on blogging.

Now there's not allot of things to be cheerful about nowadays (for me anyway) . Its Hurricane season, Muslim terrorists still haunt the globe, statism and entitlement are alive and well in Canada, oil prices keep hitting our wallets hard, Quebec's thug-like Public Sector Unions are threatening more "disruption" in the upcoming weeks, the Liberal-Left in North America is still dominated by lunatics and summer is in its dying days.

However there are things to be cheerful about. Especially this time of year (Fall season). Hopefully the following things can ease my pain while the Liberals remain high in the polls and Osama's goons keep slaughtering innocent civilians in the name of my religion for the following months.

1. I'M NO LONGER IN UNIVERSITY! Pardon my french, but I can't tell you what a huge fu*king relief it is to begin the fall knowing that I no longer have to worry about Midterms, projects, term papers, assignments, textbook reading, exams, caffeine induced all nighters, Textbooks whose prices would rival that of jewelry along with the huge batch of stress that comes along an entire University semester. Having graduated last Winter all I have to concentrate on nowadays is my 9 to 5 entry-level job and paying the bills. No school, no wife, no kids. I LOVE the bachelor life already!

2. Less workload: On Tuesday, the bank branch where I work at will finally be fully staffed for the first time since early July. No more people on vacation, which means me and the other young staffers won't have to carry the workload of 2 or 3.

3. Hockey's back! One year later, its back! Which means Don Cherry, my Habs kicking the Maple Leafs' ass all the way to their retirement homes, Flames girls, fast moving, heart pounding overtime goals and International play. What more can a young Canadian Tory male ask for?

4, Football Season kicks off: Yes, I'm a huge football buff. College Football kicked off this week (Go Irish!) and the NFL kicks off on Thursday. Already looking forward to Frank Caliendo's skits on the Sunday Pre-Game show on Fox.

5. Parliament will return to session, which finally gives us Canadian bloggers something to comment on.

6. From what I hear the hardliners in the Middle East are beginning to lose influence throughout the Muslim world (Including Pakistan!) More on this later. On another note opposition to the fundamentalists on this side of the Atlantic is gaining strength.
7. The PQ leadership race. No I'm not a member of the PQ or a Quebec separatist. But I am going to enjoy watching André Boisclair (the current front-runner college drop out) explain to voters the advantages and importance of higher education (a must for all PQ candidates).


At Thursday, 08 September, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Football season actually kicked off a few months ago - CFL football, that is. If you haven't watched the CFL lately, I highly recommend it (I follow both CFL and NFL).

At Thursday, 08 September, 2005, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...

Ouch! Your right. I should have been more specific (NFL and the NCAA fottball Kicks off). I do follow the CFL, absolutly kick ass, your right. Sorry about that.

At Tuesday, 13 September, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always had a soft spot for the Habs because of the soft spot I had for Ken Dryden. I loved him as a kid! Them he became an MP. I no longer have that soft spot. Go Flames!

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