Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Withdrawal=Peace? I don't think so.

More events that contradict the popular saying that a military withdrawal equals to peace.

I know how many "peaceniks" are claiming that a US military withdrawal from Iraq would end up being a good thing for the Iraqi people. However:

Remember how Israel withdrew from Gaza last summer?
Remember how many claimed that this would mean less terror and more power to the so-called "moderates"?

Well the events in Israel are not exactly giving that assumption any leg to stand on:

Several die in Israel blast

Liberal strategy is brilliant. Wrong, but brilliant.

Many fellow bloggers have commented on the Liberal plan on guns. Many are denouncing it. And for good reason.

However, from time to time, you just have to step back, look at the situation thoroughly and admire your opponents' smart strategies.
Politically speaking, the Liberal plan on suing US gun-manufactures as their response to the summer shooting in Toronto is nothing short of brilliant. Here's why

1. It fits right in their planned Anti-American election campaign: As we have seen during their caucus retreat before Parliament resumed, the Liberals are planning to use the current anti-American sentiment among Canadians to their favor. And as with many other things, Anti-Americanism trumps common sense nowadays with the Canadian Electorate. So this will no doubt be an advantage to them.

2. It helps divert attention away from the failures of the Gun Registration: The Gun registration was meant to help stop the shooting that we have witnessed in Toronto. But as most of us already knew, criminals don't register their firearms with the government, just like they don't deposit their Cocaine Cash in banks. The pursuit against the Gun Manufacturers will defiantly shift the debate of crime from "the failures of our Justice system" to "The reason why we have gun crimes".

3. Counter the Conservative Party's crime task force report: "Doing Something" and "Being tough on crime" are two conservative positions which the Canadian public can indeed support.
This is something that all Tories, Red and Blue support. (The biggest voice in parliament for tougher crime legislation comes from Peter McKay).
Poll after poll on the matter of crime and punishment shows that Canadians overwhelmingly believe in tougher crime legislation. (Some polls even suggesting support for Capital Punishment). And with the Conservative Crime task force report to be due soon, it helps counter it with a proposal "doing something" on crime. And like I said in point 1, Anti-Americanism trumps all reasoning among the majority of Canadians. So a winning issue for the Liberals overall.

One more reason to hate Unions.

A friend sent this e-mail to me today:

CUPE is planning to take part of a demonstration against Ariel Sharon's visit to Toronto in November.

TORONTO (October 20) - Responding to news that current Israeli Prime
Ariel Sharon has been invited to Toronto to address the United Jewish
Communities (UJC) General Assembly on November 14th, a broad grouping of
concerned individuals and organizations has come together to form the
Against Israel's War Crimes (CAIWC).

The coalition includes members of Palestine House, Sumoud – Political
Solidarity Group, Arab Students Collective (ASC), Solidarity for Palestinian
Human Rights (SPHR), Al-Awda Right of Return Coalition, the Canadian Peace
Alliance (CPA), the Toronto District Council of the Canadian Union of Public
Employees (CUPE),
the Jewish Women's Committee to End the Occupation
Muslim Unity Group, and a number of other individuals and organizations.

If people want to march against certain governments, that's their constitutional right. But that's not the point of this post.

Here's my question:

What in the name of everything that's holy, does Middle Eastern politics have anything to do with worker's conditions here in Canada?

I know that this isn't the first time CUPE has taken on a position on Foreign Policy, but my question is why do they?

Why can't they just let their own individual members decide on such matters rather than taking an official position on a matter and force their members to toe the Union line?

Just goes to show you the totalitarianism of groupthink, and the unions' allergy to individual liberty.

Put the squeeze on Syria

I'm very glad to see this!

For too long, Syria was able to escape the lenses of the international community of:

1. its brutal human rights record,
2.its occupation of Lebanon (something you never hear the so-called anti-occupation lobby speak about)
3.its iron-grip dictatorship and
4.its support for terrorist groups like the Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

In my mind their is no doubt whatsoever the Syrian regime played part of the assassination of Harriri. And tried to cover it up subsequently.

Don't kid yourself, the death of Kenaan was no "suicide". Crap like this happens in almost ALL the Arab countries. You see, when you think of the Arab leaders. Just think of the Mafia.
The mafia's goal is simple, make easy money. And if anyone within the organization is suspected of being a snitch or knows too much information that can cripple it, that person basically "disappears" or ends up dead in unusual circumstances. Same thing with the secular Arab rulers when it comes to their inner circle. Only the they're goal is the hold to power. And if anyone possesses a threat to this goal, then that person is taken out.

Kenaan basically knew too much, and Assad and his military leaders couldn't afford to keep around a person who has the potential of being a "Rat".

But will this intervention bring results? I doubt it. Its the UN after all.

*BTW, This isn't the first time Syrian Cabinet ministers die or disappear suddenly. It only made headlines this time because of the connection to the Harriri killing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rejoice! Iraq moves forward.

I have to admit I was skeptical of the Iraqi constitution that was put forward to the Iraqi people.

For one thing, reports were coming out that the constitution was unpopular among the Sunnis. That alone was troubling enough. Iraq went through years and years of religious and ethnic divide among its people.

You name it, Sunnis Vs. Shiites. Christians Vs. Muslims. Kurds Vs Arabs.

Having a constitutional document that continues this divide (by marginalizing one group) would have serious repercussions. And would go so far as reversing all the democratic progress that has been made so far. But the results of the referendum eased my worries a bit.

(Hat Tip: hammorabi)

As you can see provinces with heavy Sunni concentration (Like Diyala and Baghdad) voted for the constitution. However, the province of Salahaldein overwhelmingly rejected the constitution. Later on Hammurabi explains the other provinces (who's results are not on this list) that have rejected the constitution and why.

"The only two provinces voted No by more than 66% are Tikrit which is Saddam's birth place and Ramadi which is dominated by the terrorists."

The results say two things to me.

1) The Sunnis were divided on the matter and not overwhelmingly opposed to it as perceived by Al-Jazeera.
2)However efforts should be made to amend the constitution further in order to address the fears and skepticism of the Sunnis who rejected the document.

Its very important that the future of Iraq look bright for ALL groups in an overwhelming manner. Having a disgruntled minority, no matter how small, tend to cause trouble for the future progress of any nation.

Nonetheless the results are very encouraging! symbolically at least. Congratulations to the Iraqi people!

Iraqis Approve Constitution

Congratulations to the Iraqi people.

I'll give my take on this tonight , right now I gotta get to work.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Middle East roundup

Why "troop withdrawal" does not equal to "peace".

The popular saying among the anti-war crowd is that should the US simply withdraw all its troops from the Middle East, Al-Qaeda will not be able to recruit any more Jihadists.

Let the Gaza "Withdrawal" fallout be the contradictory fact to THAT myth.

The Palestinian attack near the Gush Etzion block of settlements was the deadliest since July. It followed Israeli intelligence warnings that Palestinian fighters, who claim they drove Israel out of Gaza by force, would now shift their focus to the West Bank.

(emphasis mine)

And another myth bites the dust! What people need to understand is that Terrorist organizations don't see the withdrawal of troops as an extension of an olive branch, but rather as a sign of victory due to their tactics.

It simply re-enforces their belief that should they continue their campaign of terror, their enemies would concede to their demands, and encourages them to extend their goals. (If they withdraw from Gaza why not the West Bank, if they withdraw from the West Bank why not all of Israel).

Think about it, did Hezbollah cease to exist after the Israeli pullout from southern Lebanon? No. It made them popular among the locals and their terror campaign never stopped.
And the same thing would happen should the US withdraw completely from the Middle East. They will see it as a victory to their methods. And then god knows what they'll do next.

Religious "Tolerance" in Egypt

Sandmonkey details a disgusting incident where a Church in Egypt was surrounded by a bunch of religious fanatics due to a "play" they deemed "offensive".
Read it here if you can stomach this kind of crap.

Breath of Fresh Air in Saudi Arabia:

One of the things I have always regretted was not following up on my Arabic reading skills, this way I wasn't able to translate some kick-ass commentary from the Arab press (yes it exists from time to time) on this blog. However thanks to CTT, a reader of this blog, who directed me to this MEMRI release from Saudi columnist Muhammad bin 'Abd Al-Latif Aal Al-Sheikh. I'm familiar with his writing and commentary when I lived in Saudi from 1996 to 2000, but never really had the time to translate his work. (My reading is ok, but it takes me a good 30 minutes to get through one article in Arabic).

Anyway read the translation. Its amazing to say the least! And a good tool to use against the anti-war "Bush=Hitler" morons.

Thanks CTT!

Iraq's Constitution

I've received several e-mails asking me for my opinion on this. I've remained quiet about it because I do have some reservations to the actual document. However its a good step nonetheless. I'll comment on the matter when the results have been validated. For now, I'll just refer you to Iraq the Model for the up-to the minute progress.

Finally some Comic Relief:

I don't know why I haven't added Nadz to my blogroll yet (Ramadan Laziness I guess). She's an amazing blogger which makes my rants look amateur. Anyway, head on over and check out her post "Zarqawi and Zawahiri Intercepted" for some much needed comic relief in these tense days.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Danish Muslims need to get their priorities right.

If you need any explanation as to why Islamic Fundamentalism thrives among Muslim communities worldwide, then look no further than the following example I'm about to describe.

Angry in the Great White North has a post describing a recent controversy in Denmark about a bunch of satirical cartoons featuring the prophet Mohammed.

Here's the article he's referring to, it states:

"Death threats have forced daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten to hire security guards to protect its employees, after printing twelve cartoons featuring the prophet Mohammed. "

And it goes on further to describe what the newspaper has been facing since their publishing:

"Death threats have forced daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten to hire security guards to protect its employees, after printing twelve cartoons featuring the prophet Mohammed."

and it goes on further:
"Since then, journalists and editors alike have received threats by email and the telephone. The newspaper told its staff to remain alert, but then decided to hire security guards to protect its Copenhagen office."

Just what is depicted those cartoons?

"Hlayhel told al-Jazeera's reporter that he considered the cartoons derisive of Islam, and described one of the drawings as showing Mohammed wearing a turban-like bomb, and another as brandishing a sabre, with two burka-clad women behind him."

Let me just state for the record that I do believe those cartoons are in bad taste, just as I believe that satire mocking Christians, Jews, Hindus or any other religious group is in bad taste. However, instead of making death threats and throwing a tantrum, I just ignore it or even refuse to purchase any publication of any media that creates this type of satire. That's one type of freedom that all of us have. We vote with our feet and wallets.

But economic boycotts and freedom of satire are not the main issues that I want to talk about here. The main issue I have is with the response of the Islamic community in Denmark regarding this matter.

Let's compare this response to other events that have occurred in Denmark regarding Muslims.

Nadz commented on an "honor killing" episode that occurred in Denmark about three weeks ago.

Notice the half-assed comment that one member of the community had on this horrible incident:

"'Many (Pakistanis, ed) are very disappointed that this problem has again appeared in contemporary Denmark,' said Nazir"

Disappointed? That's it? Where's the fiery outrage over this? A man shoots his sister right in front of her fiancée in the name of Islam, and the only thing we get is "disappointment".

Another episode is where a Danish ex-Guantanamo Bay prisoner publicly threatens the lives of Danish politicians due to their support for the US in Afghanistan (Take note my dear Cannuck readers)

A Danish born former Guantanamo prisoner did not break the law when he told Danish media that Danish ministers and soldiers are legitimate terror targets.
In an interview with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, former prisoner Slimane Abderahmane identified both the Danish Prime Minister and the Defence Minister as legitimate terror targets for radical Islamic organisations.

(ht: Dihmmi Watch)

What was the reaction to this? Nothing. There was no outrage, no death threats against Abderahmane, no calls for him to publicly apologize. Nothing!

Killers and terrorists get a free ride, while community leaders are too busy going after cartoonists and comedians for "defaming" Islam. Give me a break! The biggest defamers of Islam are the people who are committing Homicides and tyranny in its name. Problem is, Muslim leaders across the world are too terrified (or too hypocritical) to after them, so they set their sights on those who they know won't come after them and threaten their lives.

Muslims for the most part remain silent on the intolerance and anti-Semitic filth that many mullahs spew in their sermons, and because of this silence Fundamentalism (and terrorism) gains strength and goes unchallenged. Had the Danish Muslim community vigorously protested the Honor killing or the death threat with the same velocity as the did with this newspaper, the fundamentalists would realize that they're impotence and isolation, they're "struggle" against the world would loose footing (In Denmark at least). And should Muslims worldwide truly face down these ideological bullies, the terrorism and totalitarianism accompanying this ideology would die out as well. Making the world better for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

This is what the priority should be for Muslims worldwide. Unfortunately despite the baby-step progress being made, its still not enough.

Its not the cartoonists or the authors we need to go after. Its extremists who live among us. Its not the US army that's empowering the Islamist fundamentalists, its our collective silence and misguided priorities of protesting the wrong people.

Whenever the day arrives where a guy like Abderahmane gets the same opposition from the Muslim community as did the Danish Cartoonists, will be the day where we triumph over these homicidal maniacs. (And not to mention reduce the setreotyping that feeds the kind of satire they are protesting in the first place).

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bin Laden's "useful idiots"

It still amazes me to this day, despite the numerous times Muslim terrorists strike at their enemies (including some of their own fellow religious believers) that for every person who condemns these animals, you have 10 more people making excuses for them.

What I find most striking is the sheet of denial the apologists who scream "focus on the root causes" and those who talk about the American "Imperialist machine" wrap themselves in with the belief that as long as they march in the streets against the US and Israel and stay out of the Iraq war, they will be spared of the Islamists' murderous rampage.

Fortunately, Salim Mansur, another Muslim who gets it, debunks this theory using simple facts in his latest column in the Toronto sun:

"In Bali the infidels are Hindus; in Iraq the infidels are Shiites and misguided Kurds; for Palestinians, the infidels are Jews. Americans, Europeans, Russians, Chinese, and Hindu Indians are all infidels who are present inside, or inhabit the bordering lands of Muslims, particularly the Middle East. As enemies of radical Islamists, they are to be terrorized indiscriminately, as was the objective of the London bombers this past July, with the aim that they will be compelled to withdraw from lands considered Islamic."

Again, if you believe otherwise your just playing along very nicely in Bin Laden's game of terror. He doesn't care if your anti-Bush or Pro-Bush. If you have Muslim freinds or Jewish freinds, if your an Israeli soldier ot a Canadian peacekeeper. Your still in his target.

Crappy Saturday

Of all the Saturday's in my life, this has to be by far the most frustrating one to date.

Pissoff#1 3:30 pm. I tune into NBC and begin watching the most anticipated match in college football. Notre Dame Vs. USC. It was a game made in heaven. Plenty of action. Tight game. Plenty of offense and best of all, the fighting Irish were leading throughout the game. Along came the 4th quarter. With 7 seconds remaining in the game, Notre Dame leading 31-28, Heisman trophy winner Matt Leinart runs three amazing plays and finally rushes for the game winning touchdown! The Irish loose 34-31, in the most frustrating way anyone can imagine. Crap!!

Pissoff#2 Having taken a massive emotional hit, I slump towards my friend's house, where I meet up with a few buddies to watch the Montreal Canadians take on the Toronto Maple Leafs. Same storey. Good match, plenty of heart-pounding action, but in the end, Eric Lindros scores a goal that's the mother of all flukes with less than 7 minutes remaining in the 3rd period. And the leafs hang on for the win. Fu*k!!!!

Pissoff #3. I can't even drink my sorrows away as I have drawn the short straw to become the designated driver for tonight. *Punches Wall*

P.S. Do any of my Canadian readers notice just how freaking b.s. the play by play announcers really are on Hockey night in Canada? Can they honestly be any more biased towards the Maple Leafs? Fu*kers!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Mario Dumont gives Stephen Harper some tips and sends message to all Canadians.

In a radio interview (Its in French) yesterday ADQ leader Mario Dumont made some interesting statements and observations regarding the situation in Ottawa (he starts talking about it 30 minutes into the interview) .

For those of who don't understand French, I'll try to summarize it as best as I can:

-Starts off by talking about Quebec Politics.

-Starts by emphasizing private investment in health care, lower taxes, slams big government. (Woo-hoo!)

-The man clearly has no love for the PQ, slams the current leadership race.

-Calls the PQ as a bunch of far-left lunatics who have no respect for the democratic will of Quebecers (regarding the referendum Question).

-Takes swipes at current PQ frontrunner André Boisclair.

-He has no intention of entering federal politics and says that he personally told Harper he's not interested. (Crap!)

-While he's not a Conservative Party Member, he personally supports the Tories.

-He was careful not to criticize Harper's leadership, and refused to comment as to whether Bernard Lord would make a better leader (unusual since many Quebec Tories don't hesitate to voice their preference for Lord).

-However he did admit that Harper has made some tactical mistakes last Spring. Says he hopes that he has learned from them.

-Tells Harper to emphasize his message on the Economy and Political reform (in order to stop future scandals) in Quebec and Ontario and to tone down on the whole Gay Marriage issue (at least in the east). However, from his tone he seems to understand the difficult situation Harper is in on this particular issue.

-Says that a Liberal re-election would be VERY dangerous for country. He (rightly imo) says that after all the scandals it will make the Liberals feel invincible, opening up future abuse of the Public Purse and patronage. Opening up to future abuses.

-Later on in the interview he begins to sound like a Conservative Party Hack. He slams the Gun Registration, the Dingwall scandal and begins to take swipes at the Bloc and the Grits.

-Says that the Bloc and the Grits depend on one another in Quebec. The Liberals need the Bloc to be strong to whip up the federalist vote in their favor, the Bloc needs the Liberals to be strong to whip the Separatist vote in their favor.

-Goes so far as saying to Quebec voters that a vote for the Bloc is a vote to empower the Liberals more.

-Accuses the Liberals of playing regional politics.

-Believes that there is no difference between Paul Martin and Jean Chrétien. Both of them WANT the Bloc to be present. Says that this has been their winning ticket. States that the Liberals have done very little good for the country.

Good interview for the most part. He seems ready to take on Boisclair head-on when he enters Parliament as PQ leader. He sure as hell seems ready to campaign this time.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Random observations

Iraqis give Constitution thumbs up:

I was going to comment on the positive feedback the Iraqi Constitution was getting from the Iraqi people, but Jarrett has already beat me to it.
Sorry Lefties.

Libby Davies would be proud

For all her screaming to allow women to have the right to whore themselves and her insane rants against Israel, I'm pretty sure that she would applaud this:

Hamas has finally instituted "equal opportunities" for the their female Jihadists.

Unfortunately for the dippers, they will have a harder time convincing those guys to accept "equal rights" towards the Palestinian Gay Community.

Don't you have a bigger problem to concentrate on!

Ummm Let's see, Al-Qaeda recruiters are everywhere in Britain, mosques are urging their young followers to kill their fellow Britons, the Muslim youth in England are dreaming of manning the barricades for Saddam. there's a huge problem with integrating the Muslim immigrants into the UK (a problem that Canada will face down the road, believe me!) but what are the dumb ass community leaders worried about the most?

Toy Pigs!


Too bad I never had this guy as a professor:

Is it still necessary for me to keep urging you to read Salim Mansur's columns.

That's it for now, now I better get the hell out of this appartment and enjoy the last day of summer in Montreal.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Brightside of this Hurricane Season?

Americans no longer trust the big government bureaucracy.

Kevin Duffy describes the series of events while was in Houston when the evacuation was taking place.

Irish eyes are smiling.

Its been years that Irish fans gave been banging their heads against the wall at the results of frustrating football seasons.

Especially last year's hair-pulling losses.

But after watching Notre Dame open a can whoop-ass today against Purdue (going 4-0 on the road) we finally have a reason to smile.

Let me make a few points:

-Notre Dame is going to upset USC in two weeks! That's right, you read it here first.

-Fighting Irish QB Brady Quinn will be a 1st round pick in the NFL two years from now.

- 50 years from now when they talk about great Football Coaches, three names will spring to mind:
1.Vince Lombardi 2. Bill Walsh ....and Charlie Weis!

Bring on the Trojans!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Attention Protest Warrior rookies!

Know your enemy.

Nadz has a killer post about the type of people you'd meet in today's "anti-war" protests. You know who they are. She even adds some tips fo ya.

The Radical Leftist Loony

Latin name: Communista Luna Appeasitas
Characteristics: Artfully torn clothes, bandanas, t-shirts with stupid slogans and lots of body hair. Often seen shouting self-righteous slogans, peppering their dialogue with lots of "isms" (eg racism, classism, weightism) and offering conspiracies theories involving Bush, Halliburton, Bin Laden and the "corporations".
Description: While their moderate counterparts may have their hearts in the right place, the radical leftist loony basically hates everything to do with America. They believe that if we simply appease enemies and ignore them, terrorism will completely vanish. They hate war and oppression only when the United States is involved - if Saddam Hussein wants to gas thousands of Kurds or Zarqawi wants to saw people's heads off, well, that's fine. Although they deny being against our Troops, they often sympathize with the "freedom-fighter" insurgency (read: Terrorists!) in Iraq.
Counteroffensive: Do not try to reason with the loony - logic does not apply to these people, since they think in terms of ideas, not the real world. Instead, offer them a ticket to Waziristan, so they can live alongside other liberal, gay-friendly, gender-egalitarian, pro-environment "freedom fighters", and listen to their flabbergasted sputtering. Damn commies!

LOL! Read about the others. rule!

Even Arabs believe the Liberal-Left hates America.

Amir Taheri writes a must-read to counter all these theories about "America is hated by Arabs since Bush was elected". Its regarding Karen Hughes' recent trip to the Middle East and her findings (which by the way, were bullshit!).

A few highlights that might shock some readers:

-Then, too, America has been the No. 1 foreign tourist destination for Arabs since the 1980s, and has remained so despite restrictions imposed on Arab visitors after 9/11.
-More than half of all major articles in the two main pan-Arab daily newspapers come from The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, Newsweek and Time magazines and other U.S. publications. Some American columnists have become household names in most Arab countries.

And he goes on to question, just who exactly is helping the Mad Mullahs' Jihad against the US?

In Arab newspapers, the bulk of the material that could be classified as anti-Bush and/or anti-American is translated from U.S. sources. Stroll in the streets where books and video and audio tapes are on sale at the curbsides and you will see that 90 percent of the items vilifying America come from American, French and British authors.

No Arab anti-American has produced anything like the conspiracy theories that American intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Scott Ritter, Seymour Hersh and Edward Said, to name a few, have put on the markets everywhere, including the Arab world.


At any given time, one can find a horde of American activists visiting the region to urge the natives to hate America:

One American professor recently published an op-ed in The New York Times relating his trip to Iran, where he was "disappointed" to see that students not only did not hate George W. Bush but, horror of horrors, also craved for an American-style democracy instead of an Islamist utopia.

* The anti-Bush demonstrations that Arabs watch on TV take place in Washington, San Francisco and Seattle, not in any Arab city.

* A friend, who happens to be a minister in an Arab state, was saddened this summer when, spending holidays with his family in the United States as he had always done since student days, he had to quarrel with an old American schoolmate. The point of the dispute was that the American insisted that the United States was an "evil empire," while the Arab believed that it could be a force for reform in the Middle East.

* A Kuwaiti friend withdrew his son from an American university to "protect him from [being] brainwashed into hating the United States." [ED NOTE: Too bad my dad never did the same thing when I was attending Concordia University. AKA Gaza U.]

And finally ends the article with an excellent conclusion:

"Many polls have been conducted to show that the Arabs are anti-American. A more interesting poll would aim at finding out how many Americans are so afflicted by self-loathing as to devote their energies to a systematic vilification of their nation."

The Mullahs in the Middle East have no greater allies in helping spread their message than the loonie-left in Europe and North America. Because to many students over there, whenever they hear Chomsky or Michael Moore mouthing off about US "imperialism" it only helps them validate the fundamentalists' crap that are widespread across the mosques.

Whenever I debate with some of my buddies back in the Middle East about the Iraq War and the war on terror in general, I always get the snappy come back "LOOK THE AMERICANS ARE SAYING IT THEMSELVES!" and point me to a Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD. Or a Noam Chomsky book and (on one occasion) Linda McQuack's "Its the Crude Dude" which ends up in a 4 hour long conversation with me trying to counter all the points those authors and filmmakers raise in their work. By the end of the conversation, we forget what we were talking about.

Now let me makes this VERY clear. I don't believe (nor does Amir Taheri) that the Western Left actually WANT to help the fundamentalists with their cause. Not at all. I'm pretty sure Michael Moore (as much of a gasbag he really is) would be horrified at the thought of him helping indoctrinate a suicide bomber. The main point is: Your not helping. And take it from a guy who spent quite a bit of time in the Middle East, its true.