Friday, October 14, 2005

Mario Dumont gives Stephen Harper some tips and sends message to all Canadians.

In a radio interview (Its in French) yesterday ADQ leader Mario Dumont made some interesting statements and observations regarding the situation in Ottawa (he starts talking about it 30 minutes into the interview) .

For those of who don't understand French, I'll try to summarize it as best as I can:

-Starts off by talking about Quebec Politics.

-Starts by emphasizing private investment in health care, lower taxes, slams big government. (Woo-hoo!)

-The man clearly has no love for the PQ, slams the current leadership race.

-Calls the PQ as a bunch of far-left lunatics who have no respect for the democratic will of Quebecers (regarding the referendum Question).

-Takes swipes at current PQ frontrunner André Boisclair.

-He has no intention of entering federal politics and says that he personally told Harper he's not interested. (Crap!)

-While he's not a Conservative Party Member, he personally supports the Tories.

-He was careful not to criticize Harper's leadership, and refused to comment as to whether Bernard Lord would make a better leader (unusual since many Quebec Tories don't hesitate to voice their preference for Lord).

-However he did admit that Harper has made some tactical mistakes last Spring. Says he hopes that he has learned from them.

-Tells Harper to emphasize his message on the Economy and Political reform (in order to stop future scandals) in Quebec and Ontario and to tone down on the whole Gay Marriage issue (at least in the east). However, from his tone he seems to understand the difficult situation Harper is in on this particular issue.

-Says that a Liberal re-election would be VERY dangerous for country. He (rightly imo) says that after all the scandals it will make the Liberals feel invincible, opening up future abuse of the Public Purse and patronage. Opening up to future abuses.

-Later on in the interview he begins to sound like a Conservative Party Hack. He slams the Gun Registration, the Dingwall scandal and begins to take swipes at the Bloc and the Grits.

-Says that the Bloc and the Grits depend on one another in Quebec. The Liberals need the Bloc to be strong to whip up the federalist vote in their favor, the Bloc needs the Liberals to be strong to whip the Separatist vote in their favor.

-Goes so far as saying to Quebec voters that a vote for the Bloc is a vote to empower the Liberals more.

-Accuses the Liberals of playing regional politics.

-Believes that there is no difference between Paul Martin and Jean Chrétien. Both of them WANT the Bloc to be present. Says that this has been their winning ticket. States that the Liberals have done very little good for the country.

Good interview for the most part. He seems ready to take on Boisclair head-on when he enters Parliament as PQ leader. He sure as hell seems ready to campaign this time.


At Friday, 14 October, 2005, Blogger BBS said...

Sounds pretty good to me. Be nice if we could negotiate a pact of sorts with the ADQ

At Friday, 14 October, 2005, Blogger Louise said...

Hey, I haven't been watching Canadian politics for a long time. How is Mr. Dumont doing in the popular support category? Sure would like to see something new and better coming out of Quebec and, if that something new and better can trounce the Liberals, WHOOOOPEEEE!!!!

At Friday, 14 October, 2005, Blogger ferrethouse said...

If the Conservative were stronger in Quebec he would have made the jump to federal politics. Unfortunately, even the most charismatic person in Quebec right now couldn't win for the Cons. I certainly admire Dumont.

At Saturday, 15 October, 2005, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...


Yeah that would be nice. But the ADQ refuses to have any connections whatsoever with Federal or Municipal parties. They prefer to remain independant. (Which I prefer as well as an ADQ member).


He's doing better nowadays. But like all Right-of-Center parties in the western world, he faces a very hostile media and (believe it or not) is considered to be the devil by the nazi-like public sector unions.


No, he would'nt jump to the tories even if they were leading in the polls in Quebec. He has dedicated his entire adult life to Provincial politics, won't leave it anytime soon and watch all his effort go down the drain.

But like I said, he never hid his preference for the Tories on the federal level. Whenever he talks about the federal level, he has nothing but good things to say about the Conservative Party. And believe me in this province that takes guts.

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