Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rejoice! Iraq moves forward.

I have to admit I was skeptical of the Iraqi constitution that was put forward to the Iraqi people.

For one thing, reports were coming out that the constitution was unpopular among the Sunnis. That alone was troubling enough. Iraq went through years and years of religious and ethnic divide among its people.

You name it, Sunnis Vs. Shiites. Christians Vs. Muslims. Kurds Vs Arabs.

Having a constitutional document that continues this divide (by marginalizing one group) would have serious repercussions. And would go so far as reversing all the democratic progress that has been made so far. But the results of the referendum eased my worries a bit.

(Hat Tip: hammorabi)

As you can see provinces with heavy Sunni concentration (Like Diyala and Baghdad) voted for the constitution. However, the province of Salahaldein overwhelmingly rejected the constitution. Later on Hammurabi explains the other provinces (who's results are not on this list) that have rejected the constitution and why.

"The only two provinces voted No by more than 66% are Tikrit which is Saddam's birth place and Ramadi which is dominated by the terrorists."

The results say two things to me.

1) The Sunnis were divided on the matter and not overwhelmingly opposed to it as perceived by Al-Jazeera.
2)However efforts should be made to amend the constitution further in order to address the fears and skepticism of the Sunnis who rejected the document.

Its very important that the future of Iraq look bright for ALL groups in an overwhelming manner. Having a disgruntled minority, no matter how small, tend to cause trouble for the future progress of any nation.

Nonetheless the results are very encouraging! symbolically at least. Congratulations to the Iraqi people!


At Wednesday, 26 October, 2005, Blogger Candace said...

I had read somewhere that polls were closed in some of the Sunni... "strongholds" for lack of a better word. Is that just the usual media BS or was there some truth to that?

The fact that two areas voted strongly against leads me to believe the former, rather than the latter. Can you confirm?

At Wednesday, 26 October, 2005, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...

Hmmm...I did'nt hear about polls being closed. But there is charges of forging votes, but so far the accusers have not offered any evidence to this whatsoever.

And yes, two Sunni strongholds ( Salah al-din, Al-Anbar) voted strongly against it, but two other sunni strongholds (Diyala, Baghdad) approved it. Another Sunni Province, Nineveh, voted against the constitution but the resulsts were 45-55. Which wasn't enough to categorize the area as a "NO" (They needed 60 per cent to do that).

There's no doubt that the opposition to the constitutions was made up of Sunnis, but so far far the resulst tell us the Sunnis were divided among themselves on this.

So closing polls, I doubt it, but it may be true. Can you send me the source?

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