Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Reasons to hate the NDP

A few skeletons in the NDP closet that the Dippers should think about before claiming moral supremacy in this campaign:

1) Hypocrisy on Quebec and "separatism":

We all know that Stephen Harper has been severally criticized for his infamous "Firewall" letter. A letter which btw, never advocated Alberta succession, but rather called for Alberta to have the same provincial rights which Quebec enjoys currently. Harper has also been smeared as "Getting in bed with separatists" last spring when he sided to bring down the Liberals along with the Bloc Quebecois. Now these two points are utilized by many Dipper supporters. However, once we dig a little deeper into the Quebec wing of the NDP, we realize just how much of a prick Jack Layton is:

a. This barely gets any mention in English Canada, but believe it or not Jack Layton has NDP candidates in Quebec who are openly separatist and PQ supporters. In fact during the election of 2004, Stephane Dion made an issue of this that barely got any news coverage in English Canada.

b. Whenever Jack Layton swings by Quebec, he never ceases to point out the "excellent" relations between the Bloc and the NDP. In fact, when he appeared on a popular talk show last fall, he described the BLOC and the NDP to be "brothers in arms".

2) "The party of Youth and Minorities".

How many times have we heard this? That the NDP is the party that represents the interests of young people, that they deeply value the participation of their young members, that they deeply care about minority issues and look to increase the participation of minorities in Parliament.

Yeah...a couple of things that are wrong with this picture.

a. With the exception of Olivia Chow, most of the young and minority candidates are placed in ridings that are impossible to win! (E.g. Running This poor 18 year old Jewish kid against Joe Volpe in 2004).
b. When some Muslim NDP supporters wanted to consult Jack Layton on the SSM vote, Layton refused to speak to them. And further insulted them describing anyone who was against the vote on SSM was "against human rights". And believe you me the Friday sermon in my mosque following that remark was not kind to Jack! Look I understand his principle on this, but the least he could have done was meet with groups opposed to SSM and explain to them his reasoning.
c. When Iranian women's rights activist Shirin Ebadi became the first Muslim women to win a Nobel Prize, Libby Davies (the self-proclaimed voice of all oppressed women in Ottawa) refused to congratulate her. Fearing it would give "warmongers" a tool. Needless to say, the Iranian-Canadian community was not pleased.

(It should be noted that the NDP has the oldest caucus in Parliament today, and that not one single elected NDP MP comes from an ethnic minority, but lets' not get into that right now).

3) A strange definition of "national sovereignty".

We all know that the NDP will fight tooth and nail whenever there is the slightest communication between US and Canadian government officials. Immediately labeling any such contact as "Integration talks".
They (rightly) claim that all matters relating to Canada should be decided on by Canadians and their elected representatives. Kudos! However, that type of reasoning beings to loose ground when you consider the unconditional support the NDP throws behind another sovereignty-busting organization: The UN.

Shaking your fist in the air whenever our national sovereignty is jeopardized by the US, yet applauding the loss of sovereignty to a corrupt organization of 200 nations (many of whom are represented by Dictators and Human rights abusers) is hypocritical and confusing to say the least.

4) Political Opportunists

How many times have you heard Dipper supporters refer to their Provincial counterparts as a mean of to show off the so-called NDP success in Canada? Well, I'll bet every dollar in my pocket, to every dollar in your pocket that two provincial NDP government that never come up during those conversations are: a) Bob Rae's Ontario NDP b) Glen Clark's NDP in BC.

When those governments were on their death beds, their federal counterparts were nowhere to be seen. The federal NDP didn't even want to be caught dead with those governments that nearly destroyed two of Canada's richest Provinces.
On the other hand, Gary Doer and Lorne Calvert are breathlessly pimped out as if they're success (which can barely be described as moderate) is to their credit. When Mike Harris and Gordon Campbell's governments were unpopular, the reaction was to the opposite. Svend Robinson and Libby Davies were on the front lines of the Union Led demonstrations in BC. And Mike Harris is spit upon to this day by the federal NDP and their supporters.

If this isn't shameless political opportunism, then I don't know what is.

5) No grassroots. No Dissent tolerated.

When it comes down to craft party policy or legislation. Harper turns to his party members, Paul Martin Hobnobs with the Bay Street crowd. As for Jack...well he turns to Buzz Hargrove. Its important to understand that when you think of the NDP, its not any other political party. But a conglomerate of special-interest groups: Unions, Feminists, animal rights groups, radical environmentalists, pro-Marxist student associations, you name it. Its main aim, is not to make life better for all Canadians, but simply to protect the interests of these groups.

And for those of you who plan on voting for the NDP on the simple fact that they have a good candidate in your riding, your in for a disappointment. The Party leadership uses the whip that would put a dominatrix to shame. As Bev Desjardins found out the hard way, its either the party leadership's way, or the highway.


At Wednesday, 30 November, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you wrote. Jack Layton has always been laughable at best, and the entire left wing in Canada is hypocritical on pretty much every issue.



At Wednesday, 30 November, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Socialism Kills. Kills Jobs. Kills Investments. Kills Reward. Kills Incentive for Risk Taking. The only Dippers can do is talk about spending your money. Not their own. They think money grows on trees. They mean well, but not only are they naive, a lot of them are just plain stupid. Let them go hug a tree and smoke dope.


At Wednesday, 30 November, 2005, Blogger Jarrett said...

Good post, except that GORDON Campbell is BC's equivalent of Jean Charest. LARRY Campbell is a new senator from BC and until very recently, Vancouver's socialist mayor.

I tried arguing today that the NDP and Bloc are almost identical, and nobody believed me. They still persist in Bloc bad, NDP good.

At Wednesday, 30 November, 2005, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...

GORDON Campbell...right right...crap. Thanks Jarett.

At Wednesday, 21 December, 2005, Anonymous Dan Bergen said...

Im an aboriginal who was raised by a single mom on welfare, who passed away when I was 14. It wasn't the NDP or Liberals who helped us. People from what might be considered the religious right, neighbors, and a conservative MP and his wife from Saskatchewan who would visit us. Even today, I know the upper circles of the conservative party due to people who have been kind to me.

At Thursday, 15 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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