Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Uncle Osama would be proud.

Wafah Dufour, Osama Bin Laden's US-born niece posing for GQ magazine. You can bet the house that this will ruffle some feathers in Saudi.

I honestly believe she'll slammed by the religious Imams more than Bin Laden himself.

(H/T: Far Right Wing)

Le Gala Des Ridicules 2005 (The Canadian Edition)

Yes we've had our shares of morons this year in Canada. And with a minority parliament, a scandal investigation, the rise of Quebec separatism and the turbulent year for Provincial governments, there was no shortage of well-deserving losers that didn't merit an ass-kicking.

Let's begin!

Ridiculous Liberal of the year

Too many names come to mind. Even after we remove the "Gomery Factor". We'll exclude Paul Martin as that will just be unfair competition.

The nominees are:

1. Pierre Pettigrew: The worst Foreign Minister Canada has had sine Loyd Axworthy.
-After the details of Zahra Kazemi's death was revealed, His response was beyond pathetic. To call it a wrist slap is an insult to all wrist slaps.
-Trips to Paris with his "driver" on Taxpayers dime.
-The Chinese spy on our technologies sector, he shrugs.
-Fires up Quebec nationalists by calling them "losers".
2. Carolyn Parrish: Arafat's Groupie and President of the Canada's Saddam Hussein fan club. Was shocked..SHOCKED I tell you! about General Rick Hiller's "harsh words" regarding the terrorists who bombed London. Calling killers "scumbags" is apparently too mean by Parish's standards. Further embarrasses herself by showing her lack of historical knowledge claiming Canada's 100 years of peacekeeping values.
3. Anne McClellan. Her flip flops make John Kerry's look amateur. And her screeching in the house of commons makes the sound of nails on a blackboard sound like poetry.
4. Scott Brison: Pompous Jackass who would sell out his own mother for the right price. Had the tough task of justifying the sponsorship scandal. Tried to defame Harper and the NCC by implying that they were "lobbying organizations" who at one time faced "criminal charges". Capped off the year by telling one of his workers to "Kiss his Ass".
5. Belinda Stronach: Where to begin?! For the sake of space, I'll just mention her actions and statements made for the short while she was a liberal.
-Answers legitimate questions posed to her like a chicken with her head cut off.
-Even though she's a college drop out who managed to become CEO of daddy's corporation, a leadership candidate for a major political party and finally a member of cabinet, she emphasizes the "importance" of post-secondary education.
- Degrades Winston Churchill by comparing herself to him.
-Makes written promise to the NCC during her leadership campaign, and then backtracks as soon as she becomes a cabinet minister.
-Even though she never got out of Toronto, is unilingual, a political rookie, and who spends her vacation in Switzerland, she claims that Harper who doesn't understand how "complicated Canada is".

And the Winner for Ridiculous Liberal of the year is


Ladies and gentlemen we have a Tie!
The prize will be shared between Carolyn Parrish and Belinda Stronach. Stupidity and ignorance are just too much for me to stomach.

And now

Ridiculous Dipper of the year

1. Svend Robinson: The party that considers itself the "conscience" of the country nominates a jewel thief for an election where ethics plays a major factor.
2. Judy Wasylycia-Leis: Is confused that a guy like Stephen Fletcher is a conservative who doesn't believe that the answer to all his problems is more government.
3. Pat Martin: A jackass of epidemic proportions. Throws a tantrum after being searched at an airport. Apparently NDP MP's believe they should be treated as gods.
4. Libby Davies: Never ceases to yell out "George Bush" in her speeches in Parliament, even if the US has nothing to do with the ongoing debate.
5. Jack! Layton: Accuses Stephen Harper of getting into bed with separatists, yet never mentions that he himself has separatist candidates in Quebec who run under the NDP banner. And amazingly, no one in English Canada has managed to pick up on this.

And the Winner for Ridiculous Dipper of the year is.....................Have to with Jack! Layton. Represents everything I hate about a socialist. Privileged upbringing, Lefty University Professor, hypocrite, spends most of his life in Political life and then claims to speak on behalf of all the poor people in Canada. You win jackass!

Ridiculous Provincial/Municipal Politician of the year
1. Dalton McGuinty: Hasn't found one election promise he didn't break as of yet.
2. The Parti Quebecois: Had the perfect conditions to beat out Jean Charest, all they had to do was wait. So what do they do? They vote down their leader, react like a banana republic that has just lost its dictator (elevated to a god-like figure), call in a leadership race and finally elect a coke-snorting college drop out who has no new ideas or platform whatsoever.
3. Toronto Mayor David Miller: A leftist buffoon who blames the Americans or Mike Harris for all the problems in his city, refuses to allow Miss Universe to make a public appearance because he believes its "insulting to women", pisses off his police department and has no idea how to curb the level of violence in his city.
4. Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell: Self-proclaimed communist, who calls Conservatives "barbarians", sucks up to Paul Martin like there's no tomorrow, and get awarded a Senate Seat for it. Turns his city into a junkie's paradise. Good riddance asshole!
5. Montreal's Mayor Gerald Tremblay: Sets up a policy where white francophone males have no chance of getting a job in the municipality in the name of "diversity", raises taxes only 1 month after getting elected.

And the winner for the ridiculous Provincial/Municipal Politician of the year is..........David Miller. The jerk-off who never ceases to amaze me with how low he can get politically.

Ridiculous Journalist of the year:

Alot of competition here:

1. Linda McQuaig: McQuack never disappoints when it comes to brain-dead logic. Very pro Saddam, and Anti-Israel. Brushes aside the Iraqi elections as no big deal and tops off the year by claiming that while Canada is a worst polluter per capita than the US, Canada still signed on to Kyoto and that makes us better world citizens. Believes the US is the source of all evil in the world, so its safe to assume what she was doing while watching the events unfold on 9/11.
2. Heather Mallick: Heather is like the crazy old aunt we all have that's all hoped off on pills and medicines who screams insanities once in a while. Only problem is, this is one crazy aunt that has a column in a national newspaper. I'll just point you to this post by LIB to see what I'm talking about. Get this women some help!
3. CBC employees (excluding Don Cherry): who believe that Canada revolves around them and elevate themselves to the only messengers for the news. They're hysterical reaction to CBC Watch during their strike/lockout bordered on virtual insanity. Anyhoo, this is one citizen that enjoyed himself watching these sorry of an excuse "journalists" out in the cold.
4. Jeffrey Simpson: Liberal Party lapdog for the editorial pages of the Globe and Mail.I can go on and on about Simpson's idiotic statements, but I'll just leave you with this as an example of the stupidity shown by Simpson.
5. Antonia Zerbisias: Ah yes "The Zerb" as she became to be known around the blogshere. During the CBC lockout/strike, a poll came out showing that the vast majority of Canadians couldn't give a rat's ass about the lockout or the plight of the poor CBC "workers". When a Conservative Senator pointed out the results as proof that Canadians' indifference to the CBC, The Zerb had an angry response. What was her comeback, that the poll was done in the middle of summer when the "Majority" of Canadians were in their summer vaccations." So in other word, 16 million Canadians go on their summer vacations at the same time and are rich enough to actually afford a summer home. Sorry Antonia, but not all of us have the same values and bank accounts of your chardonnay socialist friends in downtown Toronto.

And the winner is...........Linda McQuaig. I'm sorry but anyone who believes that David Orchard is a "real" conservative has some serious screws loose. Although I should state that Heather came in a close second. My Parents have always told me to never speak ill of the mentally retarded, so I gave Heather some sympathy points here.

More to come tomorow.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Le Gala des Ridicules!

First of all I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas this year with all your loved ones. And let me just wish you in advance a Happy New Year!

Now that 2005 is in its final days, it gives us all a chance to reflect back on the events the year has brought us. There's been your good moments, and your bad moments. Now that I think about it, a lot of bad moments.

To be completely honest, 2005 was a pretty crappy year in my opinion. And I can think of plenty of people to blame for that. Too many people in fact. Where to begin? But instead of just giving a list of people that pissed me off , I decided to take a page from CHOI FM and create my own awards to the losers and asswipes that made 2005 a crappy year. Last June, the mourning DJ's at CHOI collected all the names of all rhw famous Quebec moonbats, losers and morons (chosen by their listeners of course), categorized them in their respective fields (Politics, Media, Arts...) nominated the ones the most deserving of the prize "Ridicule de l'année" and finally announced the winners for each category on the air dubbing it "Le Gala Des ridicules". And I can't think of a better way to honor the various deserving losers of 2005.

So without further ado, I bring you:

Arabian Dissent's "Le Gala des Ridicules 2005"

Ridiculous Middle Eastern Leader of the year

The Nominees are:

1. Hosni Mubarak: The asshole who engineered a fake election, cracked down on dissidents that would make Stalin proud and turned a blind eye to the systematic terror endured by the Coptic Christian Minority.
2. Bashar Al-Assad: Unfortunately Bashar never really carried the reforms many thought he would to clean out the mess created by his father (may that bastard burn in hell), he did however order the killing of a Lebanese national hero, and killed anyone in his cabinet who was willing to reveal too much of that. Further more, Bashar still offers unconditional support to terrorist groups like Hezbollah and various factions of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad.
3. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamadinejad: Denies the Holocaust and calls for Israel to be wiped off the map. Somebody shoot this maniac
4.Saddam Hussein: Sure, he might have spent the whole year behind bars, but when this guy demands "respect" from the people he slaughtered, then there's absolutely no shame on kicking this bastard while he's down.
5. The House of Saud, Who lead the world in one of the most brutal and totalitarian regimes on the face of the earth. And who played a far greater role in propping up Saddam and Osama than the US ever had. But you don't exactly see any "Osama was a Saudi Agent" signs in today's "anti-war" protests do you?

And the winner.............Mahmoud Ahamadinejad. Its one thing to be a petty lunatic, but to be one with Nuclear Weapons and living atop enormous Oil wealth? Well....I'll just let you use your imagination.

Due to our close proximity (geographical and economic) to the US, its hard to ignore what goes on down there. So...

Ridiculous US politician of the year

1. Jack Murtha: Believes that the best way to punish the to reward them.Dumbass!
2. Ted *Hic* Kennedy: Was for the scrutiny of Supreme Court nominees before he was against it.
3.Nancy Pelosi: For shaping the democrats into a pack of wild-eyed anti-free trade, protectionists that makes it hard to distinguish them from these guys.
4. George W. Bush:: LOVE his foreign policy, HATE his fiscal policies. Never pushed through his kick-ass social-security reform with rigor. He's got 6 months to push through his economic and social agenda, then the focus turns to the Mid-Terms and from there...everyone will be speaking about "Decision 2008". In other words: Soon to be lame-duck.
5. Ray Naggin: For his piss poor handling of the evacuation of New Orleans.

And the winner is *drumroll*......................Nancy Pelosi. For being wrong on just about any issue you can think of. Trade, War on Terror, Social Security, you name it. Murtha may be wrong on Iraq, but he's quite moderate on other matters. Bush's strengths outweigh his weaknesses imo and you can make a legitimate case that the blame for the lackluster response to Katrina is shared among Municipal, State and Federal governments. As for Kennedy, gets boring to beat up on the old drunk year after year.

The following men need to intorductions.

Ridiculous World Leaders/Dictators

1.Fidel Castro
Poor Fidel. Having to rely on evil capitalist tourist dollars to keep your country out of the shithole it's become since the communist "revolution". Brings new meaning to irony.
2.Hugo Chavez
Never met a terrorist he doesn't love.
3.Robert Mugabe
Sure as hell knows how to kill a country's soul. And like every other tyrant in the world, blames his country's misfortunes on capitalism and the United States. Sigh, can these pricks come up with something new for a change?
4.Vladimir Putin
His Iron-Fisted hold to power, while surrounding himself with his old KGB buddies who lust for the old days of "Mother Russia" is one hell of a scary scenario for me.
5. Gerhard Shroder: What can we say about this pathetic of an excuse known as Shroder? Having screwed Germany's economy and its relations with its allies, it look like Angela Merkel will have her hands full for the next few years. Viel Glück Angela.

And the winner is.....without a doubt Robert Mugabe. This is something I'm sure all people of all political stripes can agree with me.

Ridiculous International News Source:

1. Al Jazeera: For airing every single beheading, anti-Semitic slur, terrorist message, hostage , and crazed conspiracy theory known to man. I'm all for free of the press, but geez, are the graphic beheadings necessary.
2. CNN: Having taken Novak away from them, Fox News has turned this from a one-sided competition to a downright massacre. RIP CNN.
3. Newsweek: For over exaggerating the so-called "Koran desecration" in Guntanamo Bay. For an illustration of the media's hypocrisy on this matter, Filibuster Cartoons, as usual, hits the bulls eye.
4. CBC: I know this is meant to be an "international" category, but their refusal to call terrorists for what they are ranks these losers right up there with the international heavyweights.
5. NBC: Who can forget this gem?

And the winner is.......NBC. That was wayyyy too stupid, yet funny and enjoyable at the same time.
Moral of the storey? Karma!

That's it for today. Tomorrow, the Canadian edition
Ridiculous Liberal, Ridiculous Dipper, Ridiculous Provincial Politician, Ridiculous Journalist,
And finally on Wednesday: The Miscellaneous edition
Ridiculous Celebrity, Ridiculous Athlete, Ridiculous Movie and last but surely not least Ridiculous blogger.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Good Move by Harper, too good unfortunately.

In an unprecedendant move by the Conservatives, Stephen Harper has decided to take up the challenge by Duceppe after Paul Martin balked at the idea of having a one-on-one debate with Duceppe.

Like many others, I agree that this is indeed a good move by Harper. The problem is...its too good.

Which is why I believe Duceppe will probably turn it down.
Let's review the scenario here.

1.Conservative numbers are low in Quebec. The Bloc on the other hand are at the highest levels of support in their history.
In other words, Ducpee doesn't have much to gain from this.

2.Gilles Duceppe would be coming in as a very clear favorite (which means...he can only disappoint). Harper comes in as a very low underdog...meaning he can only impress.

3.Duceppe's message of making this a referendum on corruption in Quebec would probably suffer from this. As the Conservatives are not tainted at all by the sponsorship program. One of Duceppe's main aim in this election, is to paint all federalists with the corruption brush. Something he won't be able to do with Harper in this debate. That immediately destroys 70 per cent of his campaign message right there.

4. The Courage factor. Quebecers might be impressed with Harper's courage to debate with the leader of the Bloc in a format and language that clearly favors Duceppe. Especially after Martin backed away from such format. Showing that Harper has guts.

5. Harper is in favor of Quebec having more autonomy on controls of its own affairs. And of is Duceppe. One big difference? Duceppe can never get power to implement it. Harper can. And this hard fact might hit Quebecers while they're debating.

And those are the reasons why Duceppe will probably decline this debate by Harper. Harper has everything to gain and almost nothing to loose. Duceppe has everything to loose and very little to gain.

But...I can be wrong.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Islam Lost! The nomination of Omar Alghabra.

I cringed in embarrassment when I logged on my PC to check out the latest BT posts.Who do I see winning the Liberal nomination for Mississauga-Erindale two weeks ago? None other than Omar Alghabra. Past President of Canadian Arab Federation.

Right from his acceptance speech, we see Mr. Alghabra's ignorance, bigotry and stupidity all wrapped in one.

On December 2, the Liberal candidate for Mississauga-Erindale, Omar Alghabra, made his victory speech after winning the nomination. In that speech, he reportedly exhorted his audience, "This is a victory for Islam! Islam won! Islam Won! ... Islamic power is extending into Canadian politics".

I won't get into the MSM's hypocrisy on the matter, Damien and Craig Smith have already done that. What I do take offense to is his tone and confusion of facts.

1. Now what does Mr.. Alghabra mean when he says "Islam Won! Islamic Power is extending to Canadian Politics."? Does he innocently mean that Muslims in Canada finally have representation in the parliamentary system? If that's the case, then we already see Mr. Alghabra's ignorance in Canadian political affairs. There already is a Muslim in Parliament today, and his name is Rahim Jaffer. Remember him? One of the youngest MP's ever to be elected, responsible for many important portfolios for the opposition, successful entrepreneur, and oh yeah, the first Muslim to be elected in Parliament. But unlike Alghabra, Jaffer never really screamed at the top of his lungs that his elation victories were "Victory for Islam" but simply as a victory for Edmonton-Strathcona.

For Alghabra to take credit for "representing Muslims" in parliament is ignorant to put it kindly.
Now if he litterly means that he plans to bring "Islamic powers into Canadian politics" well...I'll just let your imagination run wild.

(Take notice of the difference of the two camps, Rahim Jaffer, Conservative, doesn't consider himself to be a "Muslim politician" but simply as a "Politician who happens to be Muslim". He doesn't wear his religion as a cheap campaign button, he keeps it to himself. Alghabra, a Liberal, on the other hand considers his role as an "extension of Islamic powers". Who really has the religious agenda here?)

2. Now Alghabra's comments would have been just a tiny bit better had he not spewed his filth in a Coptic Christian Centre! The Copts (Egyptian Christians) being one of the most hard hit victims of "Islamic power" that Alghabra's aims to extend. To have the nerve to speak positively about "Islamic Power" in their community center is almost like praising Nazism in a Synagogue.

3. The more I think about it, the more I realize that Mr. Alghabra's stupidity knows no bounds. Now what exactly does the Liberal Party have in common with the Islamic community?
Same Sex marriage? Drug Legalization? Legalizing prostitution? The abysmal Immigration system where you have doctors and engineers from the Middle East become Taxi drivers and Pizza Delivery boys? Practically everything the Liberal platform are at odds of the beliefs and interests of Muslim community. With the exception of one thing and one thing only, the Anti-Israel stance. *Sigh* ..yes as we all know, Anti-Zionism trumps everything in the Muslim community.

If this tells us anything, is that Islam in Canada has lost. It has lost the sigh of its main interests, it has lost its logic and most importantly it has lost the respect of another minority community.

But hey, let's look at the Brightside, thanks to Mr. Alghabra, the Canadian Coptic community (Which is VERY powerful in the 905 region) has run to into the loving arms of the Conservative Party.

Liberals bring Islamists one step closer to Parliament

Having won the Liberal nomination for Mississauga-Erindale, Omar Alghabra shouted to the audience, "This is a victory for Islam! Islam won! Islam Won!" He went on to praise how "Islamic power is extending into Canadian politics". His performance was witnessed by hundreds including Rogers Cable, and his theocratic rant was cheered by many in the audience.

These are chilling words to a nation that has been identified as a terrorist target by Osama Bin Laden and has witnessed how "Islamic power is extending" itself into Western democracies through the slaughter of innocents in Madrid, London, New York, Beirut, Netanya, Bali and practically every country in the world. The Islamist declaration of Liberal candidate Omar Alghabra could have come from an al Qaeda mouthpiece.

And the Liberals dare to say that Stephen Harper is scary! I will take my chances with a free vote on same-sex marriage over a Liberal parliamentarian preaching the same expansionist Islamic rhetoric that incites those who will kill and maim innocent Canadians.

Clearly, the lives and values of Canadians are expendable to the Liberal party as long as they have a winning candidate.

Victor Fouad
Associate Member, Canadian Coptic Association

Thanks Dumbass!! :)

Update: Welcome SDA readers! Thanks for the traffic Kate.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Its Morning in Iraq

I haven't commented on the recent Iraqi elections, partly because of laziness, partly because of a busy schedule. Now I imagine the commentary on this has been done to death throughout the blogsphere, so I'll just post a bunch of pictures which tell a tale well over a thousand words.

(Warning: The Following pictures might be found offensive and depressing by Grits, Dippers, Arab nationalists, Quebec Nationalists and other anal-retentive lefties. Viewers' Discretion is advised)

(h/t Freedom for Egyptians)

(h/t Iraq the Model)

(h/t The Big Pharaoh)

Someone should send this photo to Paul "The Syrians are Peacekeepers in Lebanon" Martin.

H/T SandMonkey via Kerplonka

Withdrawal equal peace? I don't think so. (Volume 2)

The results of the municipal elections in the Palestinian territories is yet more evidence of how reality clashes with the anti-war position.

Withdrawal of troops whenever your fighting Islamist terrorists, whether they be Palestinian, Iraqi or Lebanese does not lead to peace in the eyes of the Muslim fanatics and unfortunately neither the population at large. When Israel withdrew from Gaza, Hamas celebrated. Not because it was the extension of an olive branch by the Israelis, but because they saw it as a victory of their methods and beliefs. They easily convinced the people that they were responsible for the actual withdrawal. A lie which the people ate up.

From the results of the elections, it seems that Hamas has gotten stronger, not weaker from the withdrawal.

Hamas had made strong gains in previous voting rounds, especially in Gaza, where its power has strengthened further since Israel quit the area in September.

What's worse is that the "moderates" are now divided.

Young Fatah dissidents said they were forming a new party, dealing Abbas a blow less than six weeks before a parliamentary election where Hamas, whose power has increased since the start of an uprising in 2000, will challenge Fatah for the first time.

The younger Fatah members are allot more radical than the senior members when it comes to dealing with Israel. Believe me I know some of those guys personally. 4 of them are on my MSM contact sheet.

Anyway, since the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza what do we now have? 1.A moral victory for Hamas 2.An increased popularity for the hardliners. 3. Increased influence in the day to day decision making within the Palestinian communities by the terrorists 4. The moderates are divided 5. Israel is still in danger.

Anybody out there who still believes that withdrawal equals to peace in the long run? I dare you to challenge me.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Very depressing!

After Scott Reid's infamous "beer and popcorn" remarks on CBC a few days ago, I thought to myself "Finally! Canadians will see the Liberals for what they truly are!, and for a while there, reports of outraged parents were encouraging. Not just for my partisan beliefs, but the overall feeling that Canadians do not accept being insulted to by their politicians. And maybe just maybe, they will see that their daycare plan for what it really is. Then, I logged on to to check out their election coverage, and what do I see?

Canadians cheering on Mr. Reid.

Scott Reid has hit the nail on the head, though he hit some Conservative's thumbs in the process. As NDP leader Jack Layton mentions, the Conservative plan gives a little over $3 a day to parents. What can that buy, besides some snacks? province: Ontario —John Fleming | Toronto

Thanks John, I'm pretty sure some people were wondering just what Province Toronto is in.

I completely agree with the gaffe made by Scott Reid. Unfortunately a large portion of the population would not use it for kids. Just a few interviews from the day Harper announced it proves it. "I'd have a great christmas" was one comment.

I knew quite a few people growing up who unfortunately were receiving social assistance. I always felt horrible for them because their parents used child allowance and social assistance for cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. It was most definitely not an isolated case.

I even came across mothers wanting more children for the money they would receive. Before flipping out you might want to consider that the truth sometimes hurts.

— Jason Walters | Toronto

Pardon me Mr. Walters, but I have a hard time believing that you came across Women who would go through 9 months of pain and suffering for 5-10$ a day for the next 4-5 years!

Why should this top Liberal apologizes for saying out loud what I'm sure a few million other Canadians probably said under their breath the second they heard about Harper's Day care plan? I know I said it too!

—Philip Sullivan | Waterloo, Ontario

While Reid's apology might have been the politically correct thing to do, the truth is that what he said is closer to the truth than we would like to believe.

Harper wants to buy votes the same way that Klein does it in Alberta: place cash in the hands of the voters, suggest to them it should be used for day care, and then shrug when it is used for something else. And then when someone comes after you for not doing enough for day care (or health care or schools), you have the perfect excuse: "Why, I just gave you $100 for day care. What else do you want?"

—Michael Mirolla | Toronto

Because Child Care is the "only" thing in Harper's platform. *Bangs head on table*

Scott Reid has nothing to apologize for! People have ranted and raved for years about liberals trying to buy people's votes with their own money! This "Child Care" money is the most blatant, shameless, obvious attempt by the Conservatives to buy the votes of Canadian parents.

It has nothing to do with child care, and to pretend otherwise is foolish! If you give people $100/month without any oversight on how it must be spent, what do people really think will happen?

$1200/yr is not enough for even the most basic child care. Beer and popcorn it would be! If the conservatives were serious about child care maybe they should have tried tax rebates, incentives, or refunds for parents who had expenses related to child care. It would be much more effective than this vote-buying exercise. I take my hat off to Scott for actually saying it!

—Mike Williams | Toronto

My God! The government trusting its citizens to do the right thing with their own money! The Horror! In fact we should give ALL our money to the government and let them spend it for our own good. /sarcasm off.

All this proves to me one thing, statism is alive and well in Canada. And that's not going change for a long long time. Its amazing that despite all the disasters and abuse of power the Canadian federal governments has exercised, people still believe that it and not them, know how to best deal with our everyday decisions.

Winston Churchill once said that the best argument against democracy is five minutes with the average voter. I disagree. From my experience it did'nt take longer than 10 seconds.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Al Qaeda endorses Bloc Quebecois, NDP.

Just in case your wondering where the Al Qaeda sleeper cells in Canada stand on the federal election.

This mourning in the Montreal Gazette (behind subscription firewall).

Suspected Al Qa'ida sleeper agent Adil Charkaoui endorsed the Bloc Quebecois yesterday as Gilles Duceppe called for an overhaul of the federal government;s "McCarthyist" security certificate program


Charkaoui said he is urging all Arab-Canadians to vote for either the Bloc or the NDP this election.

The article also demonstrates Mr. Charkaoui's (and the Bloc's) utter stupidity when it comes down to anti-terrorist crackdowns.

Under the Liberals, 97 per cent of the security certificates issued have been against Muslims and Arabs while the Conservatives would be even more severe he said.

Well gee whiz Adil, is there anyone within Al Qaeda who isn't Muslim or Arab? Does Mr. Charkaoui believe that we should create some kind of "Affirmative Action" plan when it comes down to persecuting terrorists and criminals?

For those of you with weak stomachs, I suggest you stop reading here. Because here's another thing that will make your stomach queasy:

Aparaham Nizibilian, the Bloc's Candidate in Coderre's north-end Montreal riding, welcomed the news that Charkaoui was endorsing him and said he would be glad to campaign with him

Never mind that Charkaoui was never exonerated by the law regarding his ties to Al Qaeda, we see the Bloc's major hypocrisy (and outright twisted logic).

Right now the Liberals (rightly) wouldn't be caught dead with Alfonso Gagliano or Jean Chretien, let alone have them campaign for them. And they are under the suspicion of a financial scandal, not relations with a murderous organization.

However, with the Bloc Quebecois, logic seems to have taken a backseat in the election:

Campaigning with suspected embezzlers, wrong! Campaigning with suspected terrorists...hey no problem!

Of course this also sheds light on a nasty secret here in Quebec among the Arab community and the Separatists (for the most part).

The Arab community's take on terrorism here and throughout Canada has been beyond pathetic, and didn't go further than some petty denunciations. It comes as no surprise to me as I have heard many Arabs in the Montreal region express support for Al Qaeda.

Among the pure-laine separatists, well, its not exactly support for Al Qaeda, but more or less the "America got what it deserved on 9/11" rhetoric, although they stop just short of expressing sympathy for Al Qaeda.

What a crappy way to start off the day.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Belinda Speaks, Quebec Separatists Rejoice!

Only the Liberals, she said, were capable of keeping Canada together.

Somewhere, someplace Gilles Duceppe and André Boisclair are laughing their asses off. Because that's exactly how they want to portray this campaign and the future referendum.

Already, just by watching RDI (The French version of CBC Newsworld) the Bloc and PQ spinmasters are utilizing this.
"Yes, the Liberal Party= Canada!", "The only way they managed to keep Canada together is through the sponsorship scandal", "Do you really want to remain in a country where the only thing that keeps it together is corruption", And this is just by one guy!

Now unlike the rest of the country, Quebecers have not had Adscam removed from memory. And as Sean Avery found out the hard way on Saturday, they're not exactly a very forgiving bunch. Especially when it comes to politicians. Not surprisingly the Liberals are really in the pits right now in Quebec. You won't believe the anti-Liberal diatribes I've heard for the past week on radio, television interviews and newspapers. Even by some of the staunchest federalists out there!

Now what Duceppe is trying to do right now is simply turn his campaign into a Quebec Interests (Bloq) Vs. Cash in the envelopes. (Liberals). By stating that the Federal Liberals represent the ONLY force for federalism will not only help destroy the Liberal Party in Quebec, but also help advance separatism itself. The ONLY comeback for federalists after Adscam was "Well the Liberal Party is not Canada", well, Belinda has pretty much shot THAT principles down.

Advice for Belinda: Don't talk about Quebec anymore. Leave the federalist rhetoric to Federalist Quebecers. Run on the economy, run on SSM, run on Daycare, run on social spending, heck run on your fashion sense I don't care! Just don't touch the federalism issue. And DON'T make it sound that Canada is virtually a one-party state that is run by corrupt officials. Do this for the sake of your party...and your country.

About the Liberal "Daycare Program"

A few things you should know about the upcoming disaster Ken Dryden and the Liberals are proposing imposing on you and your kids.

As most of you already know, this program was inspired by the Quebec program. What most of you don't that the Quebec Daycare program has been an outright disaster.

The CTF links to an article in the San Francisco gate (Thanks Darcey!)

A few problems with daycare in Quebec so far:

The final price tag for Quebec's day care program is 33 times what was originally projected....

Much of the increased spending has gone not toward increased access, but increased costs. Day care worker unions, on the threat of strike, negotiated a 40 percent increase in wages over four years.

So this will basically empower the fat-cat public sector Union bosses, whom will gladly hold your kids hostage in order to fatten their wallets. It also has the financial potential of the Firearms registration.Something the Liberals, amazingly, still defend to this day.

The Montreal Gazette this mourning has more.

Quebec family-policy expert Pierre Lefebvre found last year that among the children enrolled in $5-a-day daycare, the largest group, 58 per cent, came from families earning at least $60,000 a year. These families, more able than others to pay more, are benefiting from annual subsidies varying, depending on a child's age, from $11,528 to $15,720 a year, Lefebvre said.

Hmmm, so this social program will mainly benefit "the rich" whom many lefties loooove to hammer on.

(For more on this fact read Brigitte Pellerin's old column on Quebec Daycare).

Hold on I'm not done yet:

The children of single parents who are just scraping by, on the other hand, are barely benefiting. While 22 per cent of children from the very poorest single-parent families are in daycare, only half of them are in subsidized care. This means that no special measures have been taken to ensure that the very children for whom centers of early education would be the most beneficial are in subsidized care.

Got that? "The Poor" whom the Lefties looove to speak on behalf of, don't benefit from this program.

I should also note that I personally know some stay-at home moms who put their kids in these centers just so that they could have some "peace and quiet" around the house during the day.

Let's recap. What the Liberals are proposing is:

-A financial time bomb
-Future Union disruptions. (While holding you and your kids hostage).
-A program that does NOTHING for low-income parents.
-A program for the Upper Class to freeload off. could we resist that?