Monday, December 05, 2005

About the Liberal "Daycare Program"

A few things you should know about the upcoming disaster Ken Dryden and the Liberals are proposing imposing on you and your kids.

As most of you already know, this program was inspired by the Quebec program. What most of you don't that the Quebec Daycare program has been an outright disaster.

The CTF links to an article in the San Francisco gate (Thanks Darcey!)

A few problems with daycare in Quebec so far:

The final price tag for Quebec's day care program is 33 times what was originally projected....

Much of the increased spending has gone not toward increased access, but increased costs. Day care worker unions, on the threat of strike, negotiated a 40 percent increase in wages over four years.

So this will basically empower the fat-cat public sector Union bosses, whom will gladly hold your kids hostage in order to fatten their wallets. It also has the financial potential of the Firearms registration.Something the Liberals, amazingly, still defend to this day.

The Montreal Gazette this mourning has more.

Quebec family-policy expert Pierre Lefebvre found last year that among the children enrolled in $5-a-day daycare, the largest group, 58 per cent, came from families earning at least $60,000 a year. These families, more able than others to pay more, are benefiting from annual subsidies varying, depending on a child's age, from $11,528 to $15,720 a year, Lefebvre said.

Hmmm, so this social program will mainly benefit "the rich" whom many lefties loooove to hammer on.

(For more on this fact read Brigitte Pellerin's old column on Quebec Daycare).

Hold on I'm not done yet:

The children of single parents who are just scraping by, on the other hand, are barely benefiting. While 22 per cent of children from the very poorest single-parent families are in daycare, only half of them are in subsidized care. This means that no special measures have been taken to ensure that the very children for whom centers of early education would be the most beneficial are in subsidized care.

Got that? "The Poor" whom the Lefties looove to speak on behalf of, don't benefit from this program.

I should also note that I personally know some stay-at home moms who put their kids in these centers just so that they could have some "peace and quiet" around the house during the day.

Let's recap. What the Liberals are proposing is:

-A financial time bomb
-Future Union disruptions. (While holding you and your kids hostage).
-A program that does NOTHING for low-income parents.
-A program for the Upper Class to freeload off. could we resist that?


At Monday, 05 December, 2005, Blogger Steve said...

A couple observations from my experience with the Quebec daycare system:

First, increased demand is one reason for the explosion in costs. Prior to introducing the system, we had arranged daycare for 3 days a week since my wife worked part time. Under the $5 per day system, we were obligated to enroll our child full time. Many people put their children in daycare even if they are not working since it relieves them of any responsibility for raising their children. Sad but true.

Second, in introducing "universal" daycare, the PQ government also lowered its quality to keep a lid on costs. One more child per caregiver became the norm. Does anyone think the federal system will not face similar pressures?

At Monday, 05 December, 2005, Blogger Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Here's the difference as I see it between the Quebec plan and the Conservative plan.

The Quebec plan gives you child care, and only asks you to pay $5 per day per child.

The Conservative plan gives you $5 per day, per child, and expects you to find private care on your own, and that $5 a day will actually help pay the costs of that!!!

Yeah, that second plan sounds GREAT!!!

I'd rather have a plan that needs to have specific things fixed than a plan that is FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED!!!

At Monday, 05 December, 2005, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...

The Tory Plan is not meant to PAY FOR ALL your "childcare" costs. Only to ease the financial burden.

I'm sorry to break this to you LKO, but having children involves taking on certain responsibilities and making some sacrifices. That also includes FINANCIAL sacrifices.

The Quebec model is a disaster through and through LKO. You have to see it to believe it. Its not "specific" things that need to be fixed. For the past 8 years the government has tried reforming the program, and nothing works. THAT's what's FUNDAMENTALY FLAWED, not the Tory Plan.

Furthur more, the Liberal daycare program doesn't help stay-at home parents at all. Which makes it a discriminatory program altogether.

I'm sorry if your too lazy or too dumb to raise or provide for your own kids. But what do you want me to do?

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