Monday, December 05, 2005

Belinda Speaks, Quebec Separatists Rejoice!

Only the Liberals, she said, were capable of keeping Canada together.

Somewhere, someplace Gilles Duceppe and André Boisclair are laughing their asses off. Because that's exactly how they want to portray this campaign and the future referendum.

Already, just by watching RDI (The French version of CBC Newsworld) the Bloc and PQ spinmasters are utilizing this.
"Yes, the Liberal Party= Canada!", "The only way they managed to keep Canada together is through the sponsorship scandal", "Do you really want to remain in a country where the only thing that keeps it together is corruption", And this is just by one guy!

Now unlike the rest of the country, Quebecers have not had Adscam removed from memory. And as Sean Avery found out the hard way on Saturday, they're not exactly a very forgiving bunch. Especially when it comes to politicians. Not surprisingly the Liberals are really in the pits right now in Quebec. You won't believe the anti-Liberal diatribes I've heard for the past week on radio, television interviews and newspapers. Even by some of the staunchest federalists out there!

Now what Duceppe is trying to do right now is simply turn his campaign into a Quebec Interests (Bloq) Vs. Cash in the envelopes. (Liberals). By stating that the Federal Liberals represent the ONLY force for federalism will not only help destroy the Liberal Party in Quebec, but also help advance separatism itself. The ONLY comeback for federalists after Adscam was "Well the Liberal Party is not Canada", well, Belinda has pretty much shot THAT principles down.

Advice for Belinda: Don't talk about Quebec anymore. Leave the federalist rhetoric to Federalist Quebecers. Run on the economy, run on SSM, run on Daycare, run on social spending, heck run on your fashion sense I don't care! Just don't touch the federalism issue. And DON'T make it sound that Canada is virtually a one-party state that is run by corrupt officials. Do this for the sake of your party...and your country.


At Saturday, 10 December, 2005, Blogger Louise said...

If her constituents vote her back in again, I'm going to give up on my country. She's a grasping, power hungry tart and she should be told as much in the loudest, strongest, most emphatic way on January 23rd.

At Thursday, 15 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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