Monday, December 19, 2005

Islam Lost! The nomination of Omar Alghabra.

I cringed in embarrassment when I logged on my PC to check out the latest BT posts.Who do I see winning the Liberal nomination for Mississauga-Erindale two weeks ago? None other than Omar Alghabra. Past President of Canadian Arab Federation.

Right from his acceptance speech, we see Mr. Alghabra's ignorance, bigotry and stupidity all wrapped in one.

On December 2, the Liberal candidate for Mississauga-Erindale, Omar Alghabra, made his victory speech after winning the nomination. In that speech, he reportedly exhorted his audience, "This is a victory for Islam! Islam won! Islam Won! ... Islamic power is extending into Canadian politics".

I won't get into the MSM's hypocrisy on the matter, Damien and Craig Smith have already done that. What I do take offense to is his tone and confusion of facts.

1. Now what does Mr.. Alghabra mean when he says "Islam Won! Islamic Power is extending to Canadian Politics."? Does he innocently mean that Muslims in Canada finally have representation in the parliamentary system? If that's the case, then we already see Mr. Alghabra's ignorance in Canadian political affairs. There already is a Muslim in Parliament today, and his name is Rahim Jaffer. Remember him? One of the youngest MP's ever to be elected, responsible for many important portfolios for the opposition, successful entrepreneur, and oh yeah, the first Muslim to be elected in Parliament. But unlike Alghabra, Jaffer never really screamed at the top of his lungs that his elation victories were "Victory for Islam" but simply as a victory for Edmonton-Strathcona.

For Alghabra to take credit for "representing Muslims" in parliament is ignorant to put it kindly.
Now if he litterly means that he plans to bring "Islamic powers into Canadian politics" well...I'll just let your imagination run wild.

(Take notice of the difference of the two camps, Rahim Jaffer, Conservative, doesn't consider himself to be a "Muslim politician" but simply as a "Politician who happens to be Muslim". He doesn't wear his religion as a cheap campaign button, he keeps it to himself. Alghabra, a Liberal, on the other hand considers his role as an "extension of Islamic powers". Who really has the religious agenda here?)

2. Now Alghabra's comments would have been just a tiny bit better had he not spewed his filth in a Coptic Christian Centre! The Copts (Egyptian Christians) being one of the most hard hit victims of "Islamic power" that Alghabra's aims to extend. To have the nerve to speak positively about "Islamic Power" in their community center is almost like praising Nazism in a Synagogue.

3. The more I think about it, the more I realize that Mr. Alghabra's stupidity knows no bounds. Now what exactly does the Liberal Party have in common with the Islamic community?
Same Sex marriage? Drug Legalization? Legalizing prostitution? The abysmal Immigration system where you have doctors and engineers from the Middle East become Taxi drivers and Pizza Delivery boys? Practically everything the Liberal platform are at odds of the beliefs and interests of Muslim community. With the exception of one thing and one thing only, the Anti-Israel stance. *Sigh* ..yes as we all know, Anti-Zionism trumps everything in the Muslim community.

If this tells us anything, is that Islam in Canada has lost. It has lost the sigh of its main interests, it has lost its logic and most importantly it has lost the respect of another minority community.

But hey, let's look at the Brightside, thanks to Mr. Alghabra, the Canadian Coptic community (Which is VERY powerful in the 905 region) has run to into the loving arms of the Conservative Party.

Liberals bring Islamists one step closer to Parliament

Having won the Liberal nomination for Mississauga-Erindale, Omar Alghabra shouted to the audience, "This is a victory for Islam! Islam won! Islam Won!" He went on to praise how "Islamic power is extending into Canadian politics". His performance was witnessed by hundreds including Rogers Cable, and his theocratic rant was cheered by many in the audience.

These are chilling words to a nation that has been identified as a terrorist target by Osama Bin Laden and has witnessed how "Islamic power is extending" itself into Western democracies through the slaughter of innocents in Madrid, London, New York, Beirut, Netanya, Bali and practically every country in the world. The Islamist declaration of Liberal candidate Omar Alghabra could have come from an al Qaeda mouthpiece.

And the Liberals dare to say that Stephen Harper is scary! I will take my chances with a free vote on same-sex marriage over a Liberal parliamentarian preaching the same expansionist Islamic rhetoric that incites those who will kill and maim innocent Canadians.

Clearly, the lives and values of Canadians are expendable to the Liberal party as long as they have a winning candidate.

Victor Fouad
Associate Member, Canadian Coptic Association

Thanks Dumbass!! :)

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At Tuesday, 20 December, 2005, Blogger Mike said...

Yikes, I'm moving from Edmonton to Mississauga tomorrow.

I think I'll check out Meadowvale.

At Tuesday, 20 December, 2005, Blogger Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Whoops... Rahim is the MP for Edmonton-Strathcona

At Tuesday, 20 December, 2005, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...

Whoops...thanks for that. Its been corected.

At Tuesday, 20 December, 2005, Blogger ferrethouse said...

What really bothers me is that according to their own admission 75% of Canadian Muslims voted Liberal last time and only 2% voted Conservative. This time around all the major Muslim organizations in Canada have endorsed the NDP. I simply don't see how Muslim organizations can endorse a party that pushes policies that are absolutely inconsistent with the teachings of Islam.

It would appear that the Muslim vote is dictated soley by the issue of Palestine. I don't like the fact that Canadian politics are being in part decided by events half way around the world. And it really frightens me to contemplate that hatred of jews is so deep that supporting a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage political party is less of an issue than the Liberal/Conservative stance regarding Israel.

At Tuesday, 20 December, 2005, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...


This is what's so depressing. Logic has simply escaped the majority of muslims. Their hatred of Israel has trumped evreything. And I mean evreything.

At Tuesday, 20 December, 2005, Blogger Ottawa Core said...

don't paint all muslims with the same brush. immigrants are fully aware of overt and oppressive power. if you want to stay in this country, or if you want your relatives to enjoy the freedom of canada, vote liberal, and nail your ballot to your front door.

At Tuesday, 20 December, 2005, Anonymous Shane said...

I know of at least one Copt running for the Conservatives... interesting times...

At Tuesday, 20 December, 2005, Anonymous foreign devil said...

Infuriating as Alghabra's rhetoric grateful he's warned us what he's about. Is Jaffar of the same persuasion but just smarter about it? Because, Islam is the problem. Not the Arab, the Lebanese, whatever. It's the urgings of the new more fundamentalist Islam that is causing all the grief and if Alghabra or even the very urbane Mr. Jaffar are of that creed, Islamists, then no...their politics must not MUST NOT extend to Canada and we must see that it doesn't. If, as you say, it was enthusiasm at being a first-time ethnic minority or one of the first, that would be another thing. But having looked back on Mr. Alghabra's statements over his career, methinks he is a fundamentalist, not your father's Islam. The new, Bin Laden, harder, leaner, meaner, angrier, take back the streets, take even what doesn't belong to us Islam. And that we mustn't have in Canada...or anywhere else for that matter. That's why this is a world-wide war....and Canadians should stop dozing through it. We're almost...ALMOST TOO STOOOPID TO LIVE!

At Tuesday, 20 December, 2005, Blogger steve said...

The Executive Director of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies is Naresh Raghubeer who was the president of the Young Progressive Conservatives of Ontario.

Liberal candidate denies pro-Islamic remarks

The Mississauga-Erindale federal Liberal candidate vehemently denies allegations he made pro-Islamic remarks during his victory speech at the nomination meeting earlier this month.

Omar Alghabra, 36, said the allegations were simply "not true" and were "false and inaccurate.

"I didn't say a thing about Muslims or Islam in my acceptance speech," said Alghabra, who took 488 of the 773 votes cast at the meeting Dec. 2.

"I don't agree with mixing politics and religion. Yes, I'm a Muslim, but I'm also a Liberal, a man and an engineer. The whole thing is untrue."

At Tuesday, 20 December, 2005, Blogger Brandon said...

Check this out:

Feel free to use them

At Tuesday, 20 December, 2005, Anonymous foreign devil said...

Technically he may be right...he did not mention 'Muslims or Islam' in his acceptance speech. It was AFTER that he made the revealing comments. But you can see comments he's made at other functions and in other situations simply by entering his name into 'Google', read what comes up, and ask yourself if it doesn't have the whiff of sharia to it? Even the Pentagon, in a recent study, has declared Islam a 'perfect engine of war' because of how it is set up and though the Islam practiced in the past in some areas, only some, was has not always been everywhere and this Wahhabist version, the fundamentalists, this would be very bad for Canada. It must not happen. We cannot risk any candidate who has an allegiance to that form of Islam because their alleigance will not be to Canada or Canadians or their fellow constituents, their first loyalty will always be to Islam...the stronger, meaner, harder Islam. And Taqiyya, the Koran-sanctioned forms of deception (Taqiyya and Kitman) which Islam approves in dealings with the infidel, will be applied to us and we will not be able to tell when someone with those loyalties is telling us the truth. We will not be able to make deals or contracts with them. We have no way of enforcing them if we cannot trust what they say. It has wide implications.

At Wednesday, 21 December, 2005, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...


Nice Try, the guy can deny all he wants to, but this comes from a credible source. Victor Fouad was the one who orginized Alghabra's speech in the community center. And even endorsed him early on. Both men even worked together on certain projects within the Arab-Canadian community.
So I doubt Mr. Fouad was bullshitting.

He's backing away now becuase the heat has got to him.

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