Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Very depressing!

After Scott Reid's infamous "beer and popcorn" remarks on CBC a few days ago, I thought to myself "Finally! Canadians will see the Liberals for what they truly are!, and for a while there, reports of outraged parents were encouraging. Not just for my partisan beliefs, but the overall feeling that Canadians do not accept being insulted to by their politicians. And maybe just maybe, they will see that their daycare plan for what it really is. Then, I logged on to to check out their election coverage, and what do I see?

Canadians cheering on Mr. Reid.

Scott Reid has hit the nail on the head, though he hit some Conservative's thumbs in the process. As NDP leader Jack Layton mentions, the Conservative plan gives a little over $3 a day to parents. What can that buy, besides some snacks? province: Ontario —John Fleming | Toronto

Thanks John, I'm pretty sure some people were wondering just what Province Toronto is in.

I completely agree with the gaffe made by Scott Reid. Unfortunately a large portion of the population would not use it for kids. Just a few interviews from the day Harper announced it proves it. "I'd have a great christmas" was one comment.

I knew quite a few people growing up who unfortunately were receiving social assistance. I always felt horrible for them because their parents used child allowance and social assistance for cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. It was most definitely not an isolated case.

I even came across mothers wanting more children for the money they would receive. Before flipping out you might want to consider that the truth sometimes hurts.

— Jason Walters | Toronto

Pardon me Mr. Walters, but I have a hard time believing that you came across Women who would go through 9 months of pain and suffering for 5-10$ a day for the next 4-5 years!

Why should this top Liberal apologizes for saying out loud what I'm sure a few million other Canadians probably said under their breath the second they heard about Harper's Day care plan? I know I said it too!

—Philip Sullivan | Waterloo, Ontario

While Reid's apology might have been the politically correct thing to do, the truth is that what he said is closer to the truth than we would like to believe.

Harper wants to buy votes the same way that Klein does it in Alberta: place cash in the hands of the voters, suggest to them it should be used for day care, and then shrug when it is used for something else. And then when someone comes after you for not doing enough for day care (or health care or schools), you have the perfect excuse: "Why, I just gave you $100 for day care. What else do you want?"

—Michael Mirolla | Toronto

Because Child Care is the "only" thing in Harper's platform. *Bangs head on table*

Scott Reid has nothing to apologize for! People have ranted and raved for years about liberals trying to buy people's votes with their own money! This "Child Care" money is the most blatant, shameless, obvious attempt by the Conservatives to buy the votes of Canadian parents.

It has nothing to do with child care, and to pretend otherwise is foolish! If you give people $100/month without any oversight on how it must be spent, what do people really think will happen?

$1200/yr is not enough for even the most basic child care. Beer and popcorn it would be! If the conservatives were serious about child care maybe they should have tried tax rebates, incentives, or refunds for parents who had expenses related to child care. It would be much more effective than this vote-buying exercise. I take my hat off to Scott for actually saying it!

—Mike Williams | Toronto

My God! The government trusting its citizens to do the right thing with their own money! The Horror! In fact we should give ALL our money to the government and let them spend it for our own good. /sarcasm off.

All this proves to me one thing, statism is alive and well in Canada. And that's not going change for a long long time. Its amazing that despite all the disasters and abuse of power the Canadian federal governments has exercised, people still believe that it and not them, know how to best deal with our everyday decisions.

Winston Churchill once said that the best argument against democracy is five minutes with the average voter. I disagree. From my experience it did'nt take longer than 10 seconds.


At Wednesday, 14 December, 2005, Blogger RP. said...

Must be some more average Canadians.

Take heart, this story does not seem to want to die, and I dare say it rubs ordinary people the wrong way.

At Wednesday, 14 December, 2005, Blogger Canadi-anna said...

All I can say is uggghhh!

What these people don't realise, is that they are being lumped in with the 'beer and popcorn' crowd.

No one disputes there is an element in society who will put their own needs above anything else, even their children, but the vast majority of people don't fall into that category. The fact that so many people agree that Reid's comment was reflective of our society, shows that it isn't just Americans that Canadians hate, it's each other.

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