Friday, December 16, 2005

Withdrawal equal peace? I don't think so. (Volume 2)

The results of the municipal elections in the Palestinian territories is yet more evidence of how reality clashes with the anti-war position.

Withdrawal of troops whenever your fighting Islamist terrorists, whether they be Palestinian, Iraqi or Lebanese does not lead to peace in the eyes of the Muslim fanatics and unfortunately neither the population at large. When Israel withdrew from Gaza, Hamas celebrated. Not because it was the extension of an olive branch by the Israelis, but because they saw it as a victory of their methods and beliefs. They easily convinced the people that they were responsible for the actual withdrawal. A lie which the people ate up.

From the results of the elections, it seems that Hamas has gotten stronger, not weaker from the withdrawal.

Hamas had made strong gains in previous voting rounds, especially in Gaza, where its power has strengthened further since Israel quit the area in September.

What's worse is that the "moderates" are now divided.

Young Fatah dissidents said they were forming a new party, dealing Abbas a blow less than six weeks before a parliamentary election where Hamas, whose power has increased since the start of an uprising in 2000, will challenge Fatah for the first time.

The younger Fatah members are allot more radical than the senior members when it comes to dealing with Israel. Believe me I know some of those guys personally. 4 of them are on my MSM contact sheet.

Anyway, since the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza what do we now have? 1.A moral victory for Hamas 2.An increased popularity for the hardliners. 3. Increased influence in the day to day decision making within the Palestinian communities by the terrorists 4. The moderates are divided 5. Israel is still in danger.

Anybody out there who still believes that withdrawal equals to peace in the long run? I dare you to challenge me.


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