Monday, January 30, 2006

Didn't anyone else pick up on this?

Its only been a few days and I'm already sick of the cries of outrage in the Middle East following those "Danish Cartoons". But what pisses me off the most is not he cartoons themselves, its the raw stench of hypocrisy of Middle Eastern thinking. Notice how every time they're is a suicide bombing or an "attack" by Islamic militants on western targets, many people in the middle east quickly rush out to warn westerners to never paint a wide brush blaming all Muslims for those attacks. They claim they are only a minority that are acting on their own set of individual beliefs, and that the majority of Muslims don't share that thinking yada yada yada....

Yet, whenever a minor incident occurs that insults Muslims, this reasoning suddenly looses footing. ALL Americans are responsible for Abu Ghraib, ALL westerners are responsible for the deaths of innocents in Afghanistan, and ALL Danes are responsible for the cartoons published in PRIVATELY owned newspapers.

Right there we see the irrational thought that Muslims must overcome if they want to be taken seriously by the international community. They can't hold a different set of standards between themselves and others. If they want to be treated as rational people who can work with the rest of the world, then they simply have act and think in a rational manner.

Monday Mourning Quarterback

What a week's its been! If its one thing political junkies can't say these days, is that they don't have much on their plate to comment on. Let's recap, Canada chooses change, Palestine chooses War. Conspiracy theories runs wild among Canadian leftists,where Conservative bloggers loose two of their best contributors. Iran saber rattles some more, while logic and common sense continues its drop throughout the Middle East. And down south, we're continuously reminded of the bullets that the free world has dodged over the past two elections.


Canada: Strong, United, Independent and Free: I don't know about you, but if Stephen Harper's victory speech is an indication of how he will govern, the Liberals might want to start getting comfortable in Stornoway, they're future leader might be place calling that home for a long time to come.

And you thought Ontario Conservatives had it tough: Following the huge breakthrough the Tories had in the Quebec City region, the reaction from the Quebec francophone press has shall we say...vicious. What was the poll a T.V. station based in Montreal asked its viewers following the election? Are Quebec City residents aliens from outer space?

Vive Le Roi Arthur: The controversial André Arthur has been elected as an independent in his riding of Portneuf-Jaques Cartier. Following years of him taking abuse by the CRTC, the artist community and government bureaucrats regarding his radio show, Arthur's aim will be to turn the tables on them. His first priority? Bitchslapping the CRTC. Woo Hoo!!

Prime Minster Idol: I'm not so sure about this. Think about it, if Joe "Who" Clark, Kim Campbell and John Turner praise you as having "political potential", should you really take that as a flattering remark? Kinda like Argentina giving you advice on how to fix your economy.

The world according to McQuack: Let's see here, Hamas gets elected, and promises to continue on its "armed struggle" against Israel (read: Terrorism). Harper hints he won't recognize the government until they renounce it, in order to move ahead with the peace process. Reasonable right? NOPE! Not according to Linda, who scolds Harper for this "insensitive" move.
Who cares about the fate of Israeli children as long as Canada is in good standing with the international academic elite according to this hag.

Iran, "Anti-Union"?: Boy, its getting real tough for the leftists to stand up for their allies nowadays. Not only is Iran going full speed with its Nuclear plans, but its now also cracking down on striking workers. Whatever happened to SOLIDARITY?

Democrats continue to offer Bush a lifeline: With Bush's popularity plummeting, both among Liberals AND conservatives, is it really wise for the Dems to act in a way to fire up the Republican machine once more? This just might be Bush's chance to warn his base of supporters what they might loose should they decide to stay at home this fall during the Mid-Terms.

The Arab "street" is dumb!: I was supposed to make a separate post on the absurd and hypocritical way many in the Muslim world are reacting to the Danish cartoons which mocked the Prophet Mohammed (I discussed these cartoons back in October here). But Sandmonkey, as usual beats me to it. And describes it in a much better way I could ever have. (Note to Sandmonkey: Your making the rest of us Anti-Jihadis look bad!)

Political Cartoon of the week:

The Hab-Nots: Being a Habs fan has been incredibly depressing for the past month. We loose 17 of our last 20 road games, we fire the coach for something that was beyond his control, Theodore proves just what an overpaid jackass he really is, and we get trounced on by the League Heavyweights. No the last two games don't give me much hope either, they were against two struggling teams who are having injury trouble. So unless Gainy can carry on a winning streak from here on in until the Olympic break, its safe to assume that bearing any changes to the roaster, were toast for the season.

Heroes and Zeroes:

Heroes: Stephen Harper, Craig Smith, The SandMonkey, the city of Quebec, André Arthur, the Canadian troops, Prince Harry, The Pittsburgh Steelers, Jan Bullis &&&&&&&& last but not least Claude Julien.

Zeroes: Hamas, their apologists, the Arab world, John Kerry, Al Gore, Micheal Moore, Paul Martin, Scott Brisson (not even defeat tames his jackass attitude), Ontario Grit voters, the Bloc Québecois, the mad mullahs of Iran &&&&&& Eugene Parks.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

You want Israel to negotiate with these guys?

I'm floored by chants of the naive crowd out there saying "Its Democracy!", "Recognize the results!", "The Palestinians made a choice".

Yes, the Palestinians did make a declaration. A declaration of war. Let me get one thing straight, if you think that Hamas is the type that recognizes "International Laws" and "Multilateralism" or is even listens to the "International community", well friends...your in for a very rude awakening.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Following their resounding election victory, the Islamic militants of Hamas met the question of whether they will change their stripes with a loud "no": no recognition of Israel no negotiations, no renunciation of terror.

Hamas political leader, Khaled Meshaal. Take note of the map behind him. Not exactly a big emphasis on a "two state solution".

And here is the election victory parade by Hamas following the Friday Prayers:

The Future will judge "Palestine" as the only nation where we began writing its eulogy before its birth.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Canadian Islamic Congress to Harper: Negotiate with the terrorists.

Mohammed "Israeli Civilians are legitimate targets" ElMasry is shocked SHOCKED! that PM designate Stephen Harper has hinted that he will not recognize the election results in the Palestinian territories that saw a group which openly advocates the destruction of Israel, has close ties to Iran and plans to implement a Taliban-Like social policy within its jurisdiction.

The idiot states:

The Irish Republican Army's political wing proved itself competent to govern without
continuing armed violence likewise, several former Israeli prime ministers
were once labelled terrorists

There's big difference there Doctor. The IRA never had the destruction of England in its charter. The IRA did not go on to develop relationships with rogue nations that were Britain's enemies such as the USSR. And neither did the former Israeli PM's who were labeled as terrorists by the British.

Let's go through what Harper said on the subject:

I'll address this in more detail when I take office, Bob, but let me just say as you know, we've always maintained that we support a secure Israel and a democratic Palestine but for a nation to be truly democratic, that nation must renounce any use of terrorism.

You can't have a secure Israel negotiate with a "democratic" Palestine who's represented by a party that's hell bent on its destruction.

Let's put it in a different scenario. Say you have two guys (Let's call them Person A and Person B). Both of them sworn enemies of each other for over 50 years.
Using Elmasry's reasoning. It would be like asking Person A to sit down and negotiate with Person B when Person B is intent on killing Person A at all costs. And doesn't intend to do anything otherwise.

For there to be a peace process, all parties concerned must aim to achieve one thing. Peace! Which Hamas has no intention of doing as long as it refuses to renounce its militant aims of the destruction of Israel. Which in essence is what Harper is saying.
Why is that so hard for people like ElMasry to understand?

(H/T: Blue Blogging Soapbox).

Why Israel and the world shouldn't recognize the new Palestinian government:

Hamas is very much willing to take land, but unwilling to return "peace". Need any proof? Just head on over to Tehran:

But on 15 December, Khaled Meshaal, the Hamas political chief said during a visit to the Iranian capital that his group would step up attacks against Israel if the Jewish state took military action against Iran over its disputed nuclear programme.

Things just got a whole lot complicated. Recognizing the new government, considering Iran is now hell-bent on Israel's destruction would be the worst signal to send to the Palestinian people: You can elect a party that's aim is to destroy Israel and have relations with countries that plan to destroying it, and we won't do anything. Worst message to send during these tense times. I think we should just snub the results and refuse any communication with the new regime unless they cut their ties to Iran and renounce their charter for the destruction of Israel. But I'm not holding my breath.

Update: Like I predicted yesterday, the U.S. has threatned to withdraw financial aid to the Palestinians. Good! Let's hope more countries follow.

Couldn't have said it any better:

Translation: Fortunately over here, its NOT the BLOC. Followed by all the ridings that went Conservative or Independent in Quebec on Monday.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Once again, the Palestinians miss an opportunity.

The Late Israeli foreign minister Aba Edan once stated that the Palestinians never miss and opportunity to miss an opportunity. Well after the election results in the Palestinian territories, the Palestinians not only have missed another opportunity, but what may very well have been they're LAST opportunity for peace.

Everything was there to accommodate their dream of a Palestinian state. And I do mean Evreything!

-You had the West which was very eager to help out the PA in financial and political support to help build a solid infrastructure for a future Palestinian state.
-One of Israel's most hawkish Prime Ministers, went so far as abandoning his own party in order to create a centrist alternative that would be more appealing to both the Israeli population as well as the Palestinian negotiators in the hope of advancing peace.
-Since the death of Arafat, The top leadership started to loosen up its social policies to make freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of association more available to its population. Hoping to stir constructive debates within their society that would contribute to the idealism of a bright and hopeful Palestine.

What do they do? They piss it all away by electing Hamas members to represent them in the legislature. What does all this mean? Well...

1. As Hamas is on the terrorist list of almost every single country in the western world, don't expect many of them to rush to the aid (financial or political) of a such a government.
2. Kadima support within Israel will certainly collapse and head towards the uber-hawkish Likud led by Benjamin Netanyahu. With the Iranian threat looming, and having a legislature led by a group of fanatics in which the main principle is the destruction of the Jewish state, I don't think the Israeli people will be in a very forgiving mood in such an atmosphere.
3. All those civil liberties advantages that the people have enjoyed, will no doubt be crushed as by the Taliban of Palestine. And those elections that they have just had...well...don't expect Hamas to honor standard code of democracy when their "term limit" runs out.

So with the election results, they have possibly
1)alienated themselves from western support as none would b eager to work with a terrorist organization.
2) Scared the Israeli population back into the loving arms of the Israeli Hawks. and 3) Threw out whatever liberties that have enjoyed since the death of Yassir Arafat.

Major missed opportunity. As usual, logic never seems to prevail among the mentality of the Arab population throughout the Middle East. God knows what will happen next.

Mid-East roundup

The Canadian Federal Election distracted me a bit from the latest developments in the Mid-East. Luckily I can count on the mid east blogs to get me right up to date with their coverage:

The Lion has been tamed
-Rampurple from the Lebanese Blogger Forum fisks Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. Count your days Bashar, the people aren't buying your b.s. anymore.

Hamas as partners in Peace? I don't know.
-Freedom for Egyptians has an interesting observation regarding the Palestinian Parliamentary elections on Hamas' participation. Now I don't exactly agree with it as I suspect Hamas is just pulling this off as a temporary thing. More or less a Trojan Horse strategy, while simply postponing their "holy war". I pray to god I'm wrong though.

Curse you capitalism and your peacemaking, prosperous ways!
-Our buddy Sandmonkey (currently touring the U.S.) gives us the latest economic stats as a result of the QIZ free trade agreement between Egypt, America and Israel: Higher Wages, increased exports, lower unemployment, goodwill gestures on all sides...Its terrible..absolutely terrible! Down with capitalism!

Iranian Warmongers?
-Even the most radical peacenik must acknowledge that Iran isn't making things easier to prevent a military clash. h/t Kash's Newsroom

Freedom of the Press takes hold in Iraq:

Prior to the Liberation of Iraq in 2003, these types of cartoons were unheard of in Iraq. Usually in the Arab world, editorial cartoons were inspired by the S.S

Long Live the (future) King!

Now THIS is Patriotism at its best! Prince Harry, a real man, a real patriot on every scale, has chosen (I repeat CHOSEN) to join a British regiment that could be deployed to Iraq any time soon.

Having trained in Sandhurst, one of the most prestigious military colleges in the world, Harry is ready for action. Check out what he thinks of his situation:

There's no way I'm going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country.

Having grown up in the Persian gulf, I've seen many "royalty" brats drop out of school, piss away their undeserved fortune, mistreat all their fellow citizens in a "Let them eat Cake" fashion, spend much time gambling, drinking and acting in very despicable manner. Having absolutely no sense of value for their country, title or money.

Harry on the other hand chose to join the military on his own, and instead of talking the talk on his love for his country, he actually walks the walk.

The very fact that Harry has chosen to fight alongside his countrymen for the safety of his nation (and the world) instead of drinking lounging around in Buckingham palace tells you more than you need to know about his character.

I'm not so much of a monarchist, but should the royal family ever decide to skip the throne from William to Harry, I would be more than proud to call a man like this my King.

Harry, I salute you!

h/t Drudge.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Saddam's atrocities released on video.

The Foundation For the Defense of Democracies have released some disturbing videos of torture and murder carried out by Saddam's Hussein's regime and the fedayeen forces during his reign as President.

WARNING: This material is extremely shocking and graphic in nature. It should not be viewed by children. Also, it may be necessary to turn the volume down before watching the 4 separate chapters.

I also wouldn't suggest anyone with weak stomachs to view these videos. Absolutely shocking.

VIDEOS HERE. (Takes time to download)

Now tell me that getting rid of Saddam was a bad idea!

P.S. I don't want to hear the "Abu Ghraib" comeback, these videos make that place look like two weeks in sunny Cancun.

Dear Islamist apologists, Spare me your reasoning.

Nadz is back! and is better than ever. Be sure to read her latest post where she slices and dices the apologists of Bin Laden within the Muslim world on their illogical and hypocritical responses to the deaths of westerners at the hands of muslim terrorists, compared to the deaths of Muslim civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Terrorists and their Islam sympathizers clearly view Muslim life as superior to non-Muslim life. This is evident in the double standards when violence occurs. When London is bombed, there are half-hearted condemnations at the most, mixed with justifications and excuses. When Muslims in Afghanistan are killed accidentally by the US, there is widespread outrage and calls for holy war. The hypocrisy of this is lost on many.

Damn Right. Now if only Al Jazeera made her one of their columnists instead of say...Soumaya Ghannoushi. I'd think the Middle East would profit from some much needed common sense brainwashing.

Life in Syria and the blessing of freedom.

Since 9/11, the phrase has become cliché. But "Taking our freedoms for granted" still has the same powerful meaning. Especially after we begin to compare our collective and individual liberties to those of other totalitarian states. Kevin Sites from Yahoo news, shows us what's its like to live under a regime where the words Liberty and Freedom are unheard of. And to what extent the Arab rulers go in order to protect their power.

While videotaping in the Souk al-Hamediyeh, I am tailed by the Mukbarrat, the Syrian secret police. When I talk with a group of students in a local tea house, another man, also probably working for the Mukbarrat, cranes his neck in a painfully obvious attempt to listen to every word of our hour-long conversation about all of the issues Syria is facing.

Just one more reminder that despite all our shortcomings, we should always be thankful that we live in countries, where the government knows more or less its limits. Its one of those things where we don't know how precious they are until their gone.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Explosions in Iran.

A series of bombs went off in Iran a few hours ago. Its not clear who's responsible or what's the motive for this, but already the propaganda by Iran's militant allies has begun:

Lebanon's al-Manar television, run by the pro-Iranian Hizb Allah group, reported earlier that the bombs had been intended to kill Ahmadinejad. Its Tehran correspondent said the president had called off his trip after a security tip-off.

Which I believe is 100 per cent Bullsh*t!!! My gut feeling is telling me that this is some kind of Iranian version of the Reichstag Fire. Where the fanatics have carried out action in order to scare the population, marginalize the political opposition and exercise supreme power over its citizens. Right now the biggest opposition to Ahmadinejad is the pro-reform movement carried out by the students. And I have no doubt, should my gut instinct be confirmed, he will immediately crack down on their organization. The student movement has long been a ticking time bomb, and the hardliners have always tried to find ways to tame it or even reverse it.

So far the guys over at RegimeChangeIran haven't commented on this yet, but I'm sure they will as the storey develops. I'd really like to monitor this situation and possibly live-blog the developments, but right now I'm at work. However, be sure to check out their website for details.

Election thoughts.

Just a few after-election thoughts.

-I can't say how proud I am of the residents in and around Quebec City for sending 10 KICKS ASS Conservative MP's to Ottawa. Felicitations! I'm even more ecstatic that Maxime Bernier opened a can of whoop ass on his Bloc and Liberal opponents. For those of you who were a little disappointed a the CPC's move to the center on economic issues (and I include myself in that group) , keep a close eye on this guy! He's one of us! Socially progressive, but very much pro-Small government, pro-Low taxes for a less interventionist government. He's basically your clear definition of a classical liberal.

-Harper's speech: Canada: Strong, United, Independent, and Free. A-MAZING! Hands down the best speech he ever made.

-Congratulations to Tony Clement, Garth Turner, John Baird, Jim Flaherty and Richard Dykstra. These men were not in easy battles, but managed to emerge victorious. Congratulations guys.

-That's all the praise Ontario get from me however. While I certainly applaud the residents who voted NDP, I cannot however bring myself to the same mindset of those who voted Liberal. The way you guys get played by the Liberals is honestly sad and pathetic. I just don't understand which part of:

58. Abortion Legislation
A Conservative Government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion.

just don't you understand? (From what I heard during the news, this was the most important issue that led them to vote Liberal). Seriously guys, seek help.

-I'm also very sad to see a fantastic young Tory like Jeremy Harrison losing his re-election. I pray to god you run again Jeremy. Canada needs people like you.

-Paul Martin stepping down: I'll take my mother's advice on this one since I don't have anything nice to say. *silence*

-As for Atlantic Canada, well...I have confidence that once you've seen a Conservative government in action (should they govern the right way), you'll warm up more to the idea of voting Tory next time.

My thoughts in general for this election are mixed.

Happy we won, pissed that its a weak minority.
Glad that the Bloc got blacked. Angry that the GTA gave the fibs a carte blanche.
The WEST IS IN! But Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are out. We gotta work on that.
Yes Belinda got re-elected....but so was Helena Gurgis ;-)
Increased NDP presence, don't know what to say. Respect their commitments and energy, despise their values. Expect more victimization, immature nationalism, more guilt trips for simply being male and white. And allot more Union-whoring.
Speaking of which, Buzz, update your resume!
That's all for now.

Good Night!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

"You've never been to China or South America? Your an idiotic bigot who doesn't understand Canada"-Paul Martin

Thanks goes out to Joel Johannesen from Proudtobecanadian for bringing my attention to the latest Paul Martin breakdown. From the Globe and Mail yesterday: (emphasis mine)

He said that with the rise of economies in China and India, Canadians need to understand other economies to hold their own. He suggested that a leader cannot have an independent foreign policy unless he has traveled. And he said a leader who has not traveled will not understand today’s multi-cultural Canada.

"To understand Canada today and never having been to China, never having been to South America, never having been to parts of Asia? I’ve got to tell you there’s got to be huge gaps in your understanding of what the modern Canada today is all about.”

Wow! There you have folks! For the 90 per cent of us (I'm being very generous here) who've never been to India, China or South America, were simply economically-ignorant racists who don't really "understand" our "modern" country. I don't know what to say really. I'll just let you make your own conclusions regarding this statement. But what really pissed me off in this article was Paul Martin's bold-face lie regarding Harper's foreign travels:

“Stephen Harper hasn’t left the country? I was just told that apparently he said he’d been to Mexico but he’d never left continental North America,” he said, apparently forgetting that Mr. Harper had traveled with him on the prime ministerial jet to veterans’ ceremonies in Italy, Holland, and Ireland. “Well, I find that unbelievable. It is such an opening that I don’t know how to take advantage of it.”

A trip of such importance and significance cannot possibly have escaped Paul Martin's memory. So I won't buy this "He may have forgot" excuse. Is there anyone out there that can really defend this guy with a straight face? Anyway, regarding Harper's foreign travels:

However, Mr. Harper has traveled to Italy, Holland, Great Britain, Ireland, Greece, the U.S., and Mexico.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The enemy of their enemy is NOT their friend.

So you think that because you run around calling Bush a war criminal, sympathize with the Palestinians, write articles that are critical of western intervention in the Middle East, surround yourself with Arab friends, and fall in love with the Arab culture would somehow spare the jihadists of doing you any harm?

Think again!

h/t SandMonkey

Now I really hope they do let her go, but its been 9 days. They've let go people who are far less sympathetic to the "Arab cause" much sooner.

Update: She's still alive. But her captors have demands.

Hostage American reporter Jill Carroll appeared in a silent 20-second video aired Tuesday by Al-Jazeera television, which said her abductors gave the United States 72 hours to free female prisoners in Iraq or she would be killed.

If only these fu*ers knew what a setback this would be to their "cause"!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

R.I.P Glyn Berry

My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families of Glynn Berry, Pte. William Salikin, Cpl. Jeffrey Bailey and Paul Franklin. The Canadian convoy which was hit in Afghanistan today by a suicide bomber.

I only hope that all their efforts and sacrifices made to the Afghani people would not go to waste and that Canada will not backtrack from this honorable mission.

Why I shop at Wal Mart

I live in what's considered to be a very convenient neighborhood. There's a Provigo grocery store right down the street, a Canadian Tire which is within a 3 minute walk. A shopping mall that's one bus stop away and a Future Shop that's 2 blocks down the road. So why do I continue to shop at Wal Mart which is a 20 minute drive away from my apartment building?

One reason and one reason only: Wal Mart pisses off the union thugs, the deranged anarchists who haven't showered since god knows when, the Marxist university professors, the interventionist get the picture. Just about every single menace to our prosperity. I can go on and on regarding the benefits Wal Mart brings to our communities, but I'll just leave those arguments to the experts.

On the week-end edition at, two "nail on the head" articles appeared which slices and dices the Anti-Wal Mart crowd's talking points. The first one by Gregory Bresiger:

“I find that immediately after entry, retail employment in the county increases by approximately 100 jobs,” writes Emek Basker, an economist at the University of Missouri, in his work “Job Creation or Destruction?” Basker also writes that the 100 jobs figure “declines by half over the next five years as some small and medium-sized retail establishments close. Restaurant employment increases slightly; there is no change in employment in manufacturing or in automobile dealerships and service stations.”

Basker also found that the net effect of Wal-Mart’s entrance into a community – in a five-year period – “is positive and significant.” And wages? Wal-Mart pays on average about $8 to $9 an hour.

“These wages,” Basker writes, “are on par with wages paid by other large discount chains (like K-Mart and Target), but are typically below union rates.” However, in a footnote to the study Basker writes that “in markets where Wal-Mart competes directly with unionized retailers, it is said to match the union wage.”

Basker is also not figuring in the effect of Wal-Mart’s excellent benefits package – its stock option plan, profit sharing, et cetera – which has been a significant source of income for many Wal-Mart associates. (The Walton autobiography has the classic story of a truck driver who worked for Walton for 20 years and accumulated some $707,000 in company stock. Walton, by the way, had promised the driver if he worked hard he’d have $100,000 after 20 years).

Read the rest here,.

The next one is by Lew Rockwell who says pretty much the same thing but explains things in a broader sense:

The way to address this problem is for the state to cease to offer business the chance to unfairly compete in this way. If there were no regulations and no antitrust laws, businesses would not face the near-occasion of sin to use government as a way to clobber its enemies. They would face no choice but to innovate, cut costs, and serve consumers better than the other guy.

Much more troubling and mysterious are public attitudes. Wal-Mart was made successful because people like buying there. They like the prices and convenience. The public could bankrupt the company in a matter of weeks simply by failing to show up to make purchases. People are free to do so. That's the way the market works.

Maybe you hate Wal-Mart. Fine. Don't shop there. What's so hard to understand about that?

Why would the same people who enjoy the fruits of Wal-Mart's entrepreneurship also celebrate laws that harm the company? They believe that they can have their cake and eat it too. There is a lack of economic understanding in operation here. They have failed to understand that one of the reasons Wal-Mart can offer such good deals is that they are running an efficient enterprise.

But does it not come at the expense of the labor force? Of course all workers want raises in all forms, just as all consumers want products and services to be available at the lowest price. These are conflicting demands. At some point in the scale of wages and prices, the tradeoff between the two demands finds a clearing point. What that point is cannot be worked out by a central planner. It has to be discovered by the market.

The moral import of the market is its non-coercive core. The workers who work at Wal-Mart would rather be doing that than any other activity that is open to them. So too for the shoppers. It is the matrix of exchange that has made Wal-Mart a success. No one, unlike with government, has a gun pointed at his head. Everyone is making a non-coerced choice in favor of exchanging as versus not exchanging. Everyone benefits.

Enjoy the rest right here. Both excellent reads and provides us with lots of ammo to use against the social engineers of our time.

Its not just Bush and Blair who are "undermining the UN".

"Two countries have unilaterally decided to decided to take matters into their own hands despite an ongoing UN investigation on a very serious matter that could result in fear, chaos and possibly war."

No, this is not a flashback of the leadup to the Iraq war. Were talking about Saudi Arabia and Egypt joining forces to undermine the ongoing efforts of the UN to get to the bottom of the Hariri assassination to protect the Baathist regime of Bashar Al Assad. But in an amazing role reversal, its now the US which is urging them to "Let The UN Do Its Job".

Will the world press now apply the same standards to the House of Saud and Hosni Mubarak as they did with Bush and Blair regarding this "unilateral action" in the face of the UN? So far I'm not hearing anything.

(H/T: Freedom for Egyptians)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Martin lays out Mid-East policy that has already failed.

I don't know whether I should laugh or cry. In his continuing act of desperation to dig his party out of the hole he put them in, Paul Martin has unveiled his so-called foreign policy. What exactly is the problem?
Well...regarding his Mid-East policy, he's proposing initiatives that have already been tried out 10 years ago, and have crashed and burned in the most brutal way.

He said the Liberals would also establish the Canada Centre for Peace and Democracy in the Middle East. Martin said it would be based in the region and would help Palestinians in building a state founded on democracy, the rule of law, strong public administration and good governance.

The U.S, The UK, Norway, France, Italy, Germany, The UN and Russia have all had their own versions of "Centers for Peace and Democracy" based in the region since 1995! To no avail.
All these "centers" were able to do was just release report after report detailing suggestions to improve the economy, implement political reform and human rights legislation. And as usual, the Palestinian authority simply ignored those findings. The only reason why those centers remain, is for western politicians to show that they're actually "doing something" for the benefit of peace. When in reality its just a brick wall.

Why? For one simple reason. The people follow only listen to the religious clerks and tune these centers out, the power-crazed Palestinian politicians only care about their individual future. So in other words, looks good on paper, but in reality doesn't do sh*t-all to help promote peace and democracy in the region.

The Times They Are A Changin

What a difference an election campaign make! Just to provide you with proof that the recent Tory surge in Quebec is no joke, let's examine a specific case study on whether or not Harper is making progress in Quebec or not:

Enter: Vincent Geloso

Vincent is a young ADQ supporter, and a self-described Quebec nationalist. He blogs at Québec de demain. A web journal which advocates financial conservative policy, centrist foreign policy positions, and progressive commentary on social matters. This is what he had to say about Stephen Harper last summer after some negative polling numbers for the Tories:

Un sourire s’esquisse donc sur mon visage encore étampé de la marque des draps. Mon dernier texte portant sur Stephen Harper recevait une preuve de plus et je ne pouvais qu’être satisfait. Alors, avec un sourire immense, je décide de faire des recherches sur l’Internet pour mon prochain texte que je voulais faire au sujet des Red Tory.

Basically he was celebrating the fact that Harper wasn't making headways in the electorate. He clearly was against Stephen Harper's leadership. In fact he stated that he would not be voting conservative in the next election, specifically due to Stephen Harper's so-called "terrible" leadership. At the time he was listing some prominent "red Tories" and pushing for their leadership roles to take over the party.

Well, 6 months later, during the election campaign what does Vincent now think of Harper and the Tories?

Stephen Harper : Un homme et son destin


Il y’a de cela quelques mois, plusieurs se souviendront que je vilipendais sans cesse l’actuel chef du parti conservateur du Canada et que j’allais même jusqu’à spéculer sur les possibles successeurs. Maintenant, je dois faire mon mea culpa : Stephen Harper est excellent!

La campagne qu’il mène jusqu’à maintenant mérite d’être gravée dans les annales de l’histoire politique Canadienne. Stephen Harper 2006 n’est pas Stephen Harper 2004. Comme le mentionne un chroniqueur de la Presse, Harper ne défend rien de nouveau, il défend ce qu’il a toujours cru, il ne sent plus qu’il se travestit pour gagner et c’est pour cela qu’il mène une campagne de fer.

Translation: Stephen Harper is kicking ass!! His campaign so far must be engraved as one of the most successful campaigns in Canadian political history.

Now as a frequent reader to his blog, I can assure you that Vincent was..ummm...a pretty tough customer regarding politicians. Changing his view on something is no easy task. Now I don't want to jinx anything here, but if a guy like him was able to change his view on Harper for the better...let's just say come monday... I like our chances.

al-Zawahiri dead?

There has been unofficial reports circulating that claims that Al-Qaeda's number 2 man was recently killed in an airstrike. There's been no confirmation as of yet, but these things usually take days to confirm whether they're true or false.

Now I'm sure this will put a smile on many people's faces, as it should. However, we should be asking ourselves: Is this significant in the War on Terror?
As most of you already know, Muslim terrorist organizations are not your ordinary military infrastructure. The death of a spiritual or military leader doesn't mean anything to these people. What will happen is that somehow, they will spin this into a victory like they always do. He will be hailed as a martyr, and be glorified for his role in the Global Jihad against the infidels. A successor would be named within the minute the news of his death breaks out, cause remember: These maniacs fight to die. Each and every single jihadist is in this "struggle" having made the personal acceptance that his life in this world is essentially over. Its Jihad, death and a one way ticket to paradise. So you can bet every dollar in your bank account that Al-Qaeda does have a mechanism in place to replace their fallen leaders as quickly as possible.

This also includes Bin Laden. Should Bin Laden ever get a bomb shoved down his throat (here's hoping), nothing substantial would change. It would only be a moral victory. But the infrastructure would remain intact. The most effective way to wipe out organizations like Al-Qaeda is to stop their recruitment drive. And that can only occur once the status-quo currently in place in the Muslim World changes. (And I want to remind this fact to every single shit-disturber who cries "Why isn't Bush concentrating on Afghanistan, that's where Bin Laden is!")

The whole point of this post is just to remind everyone that the deaths of top lieutenants of Islamist terrorist groups mean diddly squat militarily.

Now does this mean that should the reports be confirmed, we shouldn't be happy about this prick's death? Of course not! One less murderous jerkoff in this world is always a cause for celebration. I'm just saying celebrate this news with a can of beer, not the champaign bottle.

Late Update: He's not there.

The Big Pharaoh however has an interesting theory:

That's so sad. Sad because Zawahiri is still on this planet and sad because of the people who lost their life. It is very probable that "sources" tend to give the CIA wrong information in order to get rid of people. They have done that in Afghanistan. People falsely claimed the presence of the Taliban or Al Qaeda so that the US army would strike a competing war lord or tribal chief.

It is also very probable that Pakistan's intelligence agency, that had excellent connections with al-Qaeda and the Taliban, would never allow Zawahiri to be killed so they won't upset the tribal areas on the Pakistan-Afghan borders. I remember reading that it was the Pakistani intelligence who helped some al-Qaeda figures to escape when Egyptian secret agents were close enough to capture or kill them in Pakistan. The Egyptian agents were after them after Zawahiri ordered the bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Hate to say I told you so:


Troop reductions in Iraq are 'the victory of Islam': Al-Qaida

Any questions?