Saturday, January 14, 2006

al-Zawahiri dead?

There has been unofficial reports circulating that claims that Al-Qaeda's number 2 man was recently killed in an airstrike. There's been no confirmation as of yet, but these things usually take days to confirm whether they're true or false.

Now I'm sure this will put a smile on many people's faces, as it should. However, we should be asking ourselves: Is this significant in the War on Terror?
As most of you already know, Muslim terrorist organizations are not your ordinary military infrastructure. The death of a spiritual or military leader doesn't mean anything to these people. What will happen is that somehow, they will spin this into a victory like they always do. He will be hailed as a martyr, and be glorified for his role in the Global Jihad against the infidels. A successor would be named within the minute the news of his death breaks out, cause remember: These maniacs fight to die. Each and every single jihadist is in this "struggle" having made the personal acceptance that his life in this world is essentially over. Its Jihad, death and a one way ticket to paradise. So you can bet every dollar in your bank account that Al-Qaeda does have a mechanism in place to replace their fallen leaders as quickly as possible.

This also includes Bin Laden. Should Bin Laden ever get a bomb shoved down his throat (here's hoping), nothing substantial would change. It would only be a moral victory. But the infrastructure would remain intact. The most effective way to wipe out organizations like Al-Qaeda is to stop their recruitment drive. And that can only occur once the status-quo currently in place in the Muslim World changes. (And I want to remind this fact to every single shit-disturber who cries "Why isn't Bush concentrating on Afghanistan, that's where Bin Laden is!")

The whole point of this post is just to remind everyone that the deaths of top lieutenants of Islamist terrorist groups mean diddly squat militarily.

Now does this mean that should the reports be confirmed, we shouldn't be happy about this prick's death? Of course not! One less murderous jerkoff in this world is always a cause for celebration. I'm just saying celebrate this news with a can of beer, not the champaign bottle.

Late Update: He's not there.

The Big Pharaoh however has an interesting theory:

That's so sad. Sad because Zawahiri is still on this planet and sad because of the people who lost their life. It is very probable that "sources" tend to give the CIA wrong information in order to get rid of people. They have done that in Afghanistan. People falsely claimed the presence of the Taliban or Al Qaeda so that the US army would strike a competing war lord or tribal chief.

It is also very probable that Pakistan's intelligence agency, that had excellent connections with al-Qaeda and the Taliban, would never allow Zawahiri to be killed so they won't upset the tribal areas on the Pakistan-Afghan borders. I remember reading that it was the Pakistani intelligence who helped some al-Qaeda figures to escape when Egyptian secret agents were close enough to capture or kill them in Pakistan. The Egyptian agents were after them after Zawahiri ordered the bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan.


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