Sunday, January 15, 2006

Its not just Bush and Blair who are "undermining the UN".

"Two countries have unilaterally decided to decided to take matters into their own hands despite an ongoing UN investigation on a very serious matter that could result in fear, chaos and possibly war."

No, this is not a flashback of the leadup to the Iraq war. Were talking about Saudi Arabia and Egypt joining forces to undermine the ongoing efforts of the UN to get to the bottom of the Hariri assassination to protect the Baathist regime of Bashar Al Assad. But in an amazing role reversal, its now the US which is urging them to "Let The UN Do Its Job".

Will the world press now apply the same standards to the House of Saud and Hosni Mubarak as they did with Bush and Blair regarding this "unilateral action" in the face of the UN? So far I'm not hearing anything.

(H/T: Freedom for Egyptians)


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