Thursday, January 26, 2006

Long Live the (future) King!

Now THIS is Patriotism at its best! Prince Harry, a real man, a real patriot on every scale, has chosen (I repeat CHOSEN) to join a British regiment that could be deployed to Iraq any time soon.

Having trained in Sandhurst, one of the most prestigious military colleges in the world, Harry is ready for action. Check out what he thinks of his situation:

There's no way I'm going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country.

Having grown up in the Persian gulf, I've seen many "royalty" brats drop out of school, piss away their undeserved fortune, mistreat all their fellow citizens in a "Let them eat Cake" fashion, spend much time gambling, drinking and acting in very despicable manner. Having absolutely no sense of value for their country, title or money.

Harry on the other hand chose to join the military on his own, and instead of talking the talk on his love for his country, he actually walks the walk.

The very fact that Harry has chosen to fight alongside his countrymen for the safety of his nation (and the world) instead of drinking lounging around in Buckingham palace tells you more than you need to know about his character.

I'm not so much of a monarchist, but should the royal family ever decide to skip the throne from William to Harry, I would be more than proud to call a man like this my King.

Harry, I salute you!

h/t Drudge.


At Thursday, 26 January, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Long live the Queen, and what's turning out to be some very honourable heirs.

Makes me proud to be a monarchist.

PS: Rosie O'Donnell is an idiot:

At Thursday, 26 January, 2006, Anonymous Andrew Brehm said...

I am a fan of the British monarchy.

Excellent, Harry! You show'em!

At Thursday, 26 January, 2006, Blogger Roy Eappen said...

I am a Monarchist. HRH Prince William will also do the same.
God save the Queen

At Thursday, 26 January, 2006, Blogger Shameer Ravji said...

My respect for Harry just went up considerably.

At Thursday, 15 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

借錢 借貸 票貼


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