Saturday, January 14, 2006

Martin lays out Mid-East policy that has already failed.

I don't know whether I should laugh or cry. In his continuing act of desperation to dig his party out of the hole he put them in, Paul Martin has unveiled his so-called foreign policy. What exactly is the problem?
Well...regarding his Mid-East policy, he's proposing initiatives that have already been tried out 10 years ago, and have crashed and burned in the most brutal way.

He said the Liberals would also establish the Canada Centre for Peace and Democracy in the Middle East. Martin said it would be based in the region and would help Palestinians in building a state founded on democracy, the rule of law, strong public administration and good governance.

The U.S, The UK, Norway, France, Italy, Germany, The UN and Russia have all had their own versions of "Centers for Peace and Democracy" based in the region since 1995! To no avail.
All these "centers" were able to do was just release report after report detailing suggestions to improve the economy, implement political reform and human rights legislation. And as usual, the Palestinian authority simply ignored those findings. The only reason why those centers remain, is for western politicians to show that they're actually "doing something" for the benefit of peace. When in reality its just a brick wall.

Why? For one simple reason. The people follow only listen to the religious clerks and tune these centers out, the power-crazed Palestinian politicians only care about their individual future. So in other words, looks good on paper, but in reality doesn't do sh*t-all to help promote peace and democracy in the region.


At Sunday, 15 January, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see Martin was at Concordia University today - is that the venue he chose to announce his Mideast "peace " policy? It would make sense if it were - Concordia is know by some as "Gaza U" - the scene of some shameful anti-Israel activism in recent times, the rioting and harassment of Jewish speakers, etc. Martin was, I would presume, pandering to that constituency if he made his announcement there.

At Sunday, 15 January, 2006, Anonymous A word from the field said...

Interesting that while all this is going on no one has reported that one of Canada's most successful (albeit long) UN commitments (Task Force Golan, Op Danaca, Golan Heights) is being closed down after thirty some years. As I understand it, the piece of real estate that Canada (and other contributors) watch over is among the most trouble free in the Middle East. (I'm over here right now with the CF)

At Sunday, 15 January, 2006, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...

Anon: I know what your talking about. I'm a graduate of Concordia. However, the student Union now is alot more sane, alot less controversial, and more to the center. The radicals were thrown out. But they still remain.

word from the field:

VERY INTRESTING! (and depressing) Can you provide me with more info?

At Sunday, 15 January, 2006, Anonymous more from the field!! said...

From my files….

Ref. The Yom Kippur War 1973.

Background. By mid 1973, Egypt, after reconciliation with Jordan and after having convinced Syria to embark on a limited war to regain territory lost during the 1967 war, was ready to make her move. In a surprise attack on Saturday 6 October - which marked the start of the Yom Kippur War -the Egyptians launched their attack across the Suez Canal. Almost simultaneously the Syrians broke through the Israeli lines on the Golan Heights. By the third day of operations the Egyptians were advancing on the strategic Mitla Pass in the Sinai while the Syrian Forces had reached a point eight kilometres West of the 1967 ceasefire line.

Upon mobilizing their reserves, the Israelis counter-attacked, halting the Egyptians in the Sinai and driving the Syrians back across the 1967 ceasefire line to the area of Saasaa. Here, any further Israeli advance was halted by a combined force from Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Morocco. This area became known as the "Saasaa Salient". Israeli and Arab forces stalemated along a line running roughly from Mount Hermon down to Saasaa and on to the Southwest. Intervention by the United States and the Soviet Union eventually led to a ceasefire.

Following the UN Security Council resolutions, a precarious ceasefire became effective on 25 October 1973. The Security Council resolved to establish another emergency force in the Sinai (UNEF II) and UN observers from UNTSO set up temporary OPs to observe and maintain the ceasefire on the Golan Heights.

Following the ceasefires, a conference was convened in Geneva in early 1974, co-chaired by the USA and USSR under UN auspices. On 31 May 1974, the following documents were released:

a. Agreement on Disengagement Between Israeli and Syrian Forces;

b. Protocol to Agreement on Disengagement Between Israeli and Syrian Forces Concerning the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force; and

c. Statement by the Chairman as Agreed by the Parties.

Summary. This was the birthday of Operation Danaca, United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) which was stood up in the 1970's to ensure Syria and Israel maintained a peaceable existence by means of a patrolled Area of Separation (AOS). Canadian Forces provide a logistic battalion to provide logistical support to the other contributing contingents (Polish, Austrian, Japanese and others). For the last few years it appears that Canada has been looking for a replacement to fill the logistical role it has maintained for some thirty years. It seems that India may be the country who replaces us.

At Sunday, 15 January, 2006, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...

Yes I'm familiar with the Yom Kippur war and the agreements that followed. Can you link me (or maybee send me an e-mail) any source that confirms Canada's withdrawal from Task Force Golan?

At Friday, 20 January, 2006, Anonymous even more from the field!! said...

Wow, its been nearly impossible to find anything in print about this rather significant (at least I think it's significant!) situation. However I did find one article in the Indian Press, website follows:

For anything else, you may have to hit the information contact at the Canadian Forces website.


At Thursday, 15 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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