Monday, February 20, 2006

"Post-Vacation Blues" and other observations.

Whenever we plan our vacations to escape the day-to-day stress and chaos of our daily lives, there is always one thing which we tend to overlook...eventually we return!! Let me tell ya, coming back from a kick-ass vacation which was everything I could hope for (apart from the weather, which was unseasonably cool and damp) to sub zero temperature and the depressing mid-winter Montreal atmosphere is one hell of a way to slip into depression.

Speedweeks in Daytona was awesome! Great races, great parties, the festivities were fun and one hell of an atmosphere. There is no words that I can use that will do this trip justice. A-Mazing! If there are any NASCAR fans who read this blog, this is something you have to experience at least once in your life. Consider it a sacred pilgrimage that you must fulfill as a fan to truly taste the awesome NASCAR experience. The only downside of all this is the challenge I have to put myself through tomorrow mourning: How the hell am I going to find the willpower to drag myself out of bed and get to work in the following days after experience all that?


A few things that popped out while I was away:

The prisoner photos:

Some photos were released detailing more torture abuse against Saddam's forces at the hands of coalition troops. Now my first instinct like any sane person, was to condemn and protest these brutal actions. However, I'm facing some kind of moral dilemma on all this. Namely: These guys who are being abused, were the same guys who were carrying out the executions and torture under Saddam's orders.

In a way, I disapprove of the method, but I have no sympathy for the Iraqi soldiers being abused.

To put it in another context: imagine you walk out of your home to find a man tied to the back of a car and is being dragged around town. Now at first glance, you would be horrified and angry that anyone would commit such cruelty to another human being. However, upon getting more information, you learn that the man being dragged around was guilty of a doing the same thing to innocent 6 year old girl a few days ago, and this was his punishment. What would your reaction be?

So I really don't know what my opinion on this matter is.

Undisputable points on the Mohammed Cartoons:

I see that Ezra Levant has decided to publish the cartoons in the upcoming Western Standard issue. And is already facing the howls of outrage from the usual groups, let's get things in perspective here.

1. If your the kind who defended other publications of mocking Christianity, Judaism or any other organized religion, your in no position to condemn a publication that ridicules Islam. Your either for freedom of the press, satire and free speech or you believe that some control to those rights should be in order. Its that simple.

2. To use the excuse that this would spur a violent reaction and therefore should be stopped is also a dumb condemnation of the Western Standard. What your implying is that all I or any other group that decides some content in the media is insulting towards our beliefs have to do to bring about some control of the press is to protest like a bunch of deranged monkeys, burning, killing and pillaging anything in sight and you would come to our aid and demand that the content should never have been published. In other words, your allowing the intimidation of free speech to take hold.

3. Why hasn't anyone asked themselves why don't western Muslims become equally as vigilant when cartoons in the Muslim world publish cartoons that are anti-Semitic and bigoted in nature? Why are angered by ridicule done against them, while silent against their own kind who ridicule others?

4. If Middle Eastern dictators are able to crush large protests against their rule, why couldn't they use that force to prevent the torching of Foreign Embassies that were under their security obligation? Simply re-enforces the nation that some Middle Eastern countries helped fuel the incidents.

Comic Relief

Special thanks to Brad Fletcher from Texas who sent me this excellent cartoon:


At Tuesday, 21 February, 2006, Anonymous Anne (happier in Ontario) said...

Welcome back, really missed ya!

Thanks for the great thoughts, always on the mark.

At Tuesday, 21 February, 2006, Blogger Candace said...

Ditto! & great picture.

At Tuesday, 21 February, 2006, Blogger Jarrett said...

I know how you feel about returning.

My first time in Montreal was for the 2005 CPC Convention... I almost cried the night I realized I had to leave it all behind. Laying awake in my hotel room, going, "There's gotta be a hospitality suite open, full of free beer..."

At Tuesday, 21 February, 2006, Anonymous Andrew Brehm said...

"Great races, great parties, the festivities were fun and one hell of an atmosphere. There is no words that I can use that will do this trip justice. A-Mazing!"

Wow. I really miss out with my quiet life here in Dublin.

At Wednesday, 22 February, 2006, Blogger yochanan said...

agreed on your post. Some of the most bigoted cartoons come out of the state supported middleast press.

Christians were murdered in Nigeria over these danish cartoons. I am i missing something here?

At Thursday, 15 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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