Thursday, February 02, 2006

Quick Notes

I promised myself I wouldn't blog anymore about the Danish cartoons and the retarded reaction this has sparked in the Middle East as it just keeps the storey going. But I just want to thank all the Danes who e-mailed me (4 e-mails woo-hoo!) with their kind words of support after yesterday's post urging people to Buy Danish. So on that note I just want to say: Tak

Again, Buy Danish.

Buchanan Flip-Flop

Pat Buchanan, the ex-presidential candidate and famed America-Firster, has managed to flip flop on the issue of the Foreign Aid. Now I like Pat (I don't agree with his views on trade or foreign policy, but he's an interesting read nonetheless). But this is very disappointing. I don't know how you could go from this:

Foreign aid "can only be spent in countries committed, I repeat, committed, to the road to free-market reform," declared McConnell. But, according to the excellent Index of Economic Freedom -- just released by the Heritage Foundation -- neither Israel nor Egypt really qualifies. Economically, both nations are ranked in the Index as, "Mostly Not Free."

to this:

In defense of foreign aid
– for Hamas

So much for Buchanan the Isolationist.

The last refuge for the Arab Totalitarian dickhead

Notice a trend here? In 1990 when Saddam Hussein was about to have his ass handed to him by NATO, he tried to unite all Arab nationalists by bringing up the suffering of the Palestinian people. After the 9/11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden also invoked the Palestinian struggle as one of his determination for "justice".

Now...with Syria feeling the heat from the international community regarding the death of Harriri are invoking a familiar tune, can you guess what it is?


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