Friday, February 03, 2006

A study finds the "progressive" daycare program is bad for children.

Last month during the election campaign, we discovered that the Quebec Daycare program (which the Liberal party and the NDP wanted to emulate nationally) was
Costly, benefited the wrong people and was easily politicized by the public sector unions.

But there was one VERY important detail which we overlooked and simply didn't study. That is: the effect of daycare centers on families. The C.D. Howe Institute released a study that laid out many disturbing findings among the kids who went into the Daycare program in Quebec.

Key Points:

  • increased use of childcare was associated with a decrease in their well-being relative to other children.
  • reported fighting and other measures of aggressive behavior of the children in daycare increased substantially compared to the kids who were not in the program.
  • Anxiety for children in daycare was 3 times higher than those who were not.

Equally disturbing was the findings among the behavior of their parents:

  • mothers of the children in daycare were more depressed, as indicated by the significant rise in their depression scores relative to the average.
  • A deterioration of the quality of their relationships with their partners was almost 4 times as likely.

So...unless your a divorce lawyer, a psychological therapist or a salesmen of anti-depressant drugs, you know this will not benefit any of us in the long run.


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