Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Was Assad behind the Embassy torchings?

There were rumors floating around in the Mid East that the embassy torchings in Beirut and Damascus of several European Embassies. Initially it started with the accusation by Walid Jumblatt, the leader of Lebanon’s Progressive Socialist Party. Now I ignored this at first because Jumblatt, while he was an idealist, was also known to be a loose cannon at times. However, some details are emerging which may compliment his theory of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad engineering the chaos.

Al Hayat reported that among those who were arrested in the Beirut riots, the breakdown was as follows:

76 Syrians arrested
35 Palestinians arrested
About a dozen Lebanese arrested.

Olivier Roy, a respected French specialist on Middle Eastern Affairs, reached a similar conclusion:
"It is evident that these demonstrations are entirely manipulated by the authorities. It's revenge for the European pressure on the Syrian presence in Lebanon."

(h/t Accorss the Bay)

Finally there’s one last thing to consider. Lee Smith in the Weekly Standard makes an excellent point which I completetly overlooked when the riots occurred.
“Syria is an authoritarian state where nothing happens on the street unless the regime permits it to happen.”

Exactly! Syria’s iron grip hold on the Public is truly remarkable. There’s not a street corner where the mukhabarat (secret police) is not present. There’s barely any phone line that’s not tapped. Nothing gets published in the newspapers that doesn’t go through review by the authorities. Dissidents of the regime have a tendance to dissapear. I’ve personally heard stories of people being arrested in cofee shops 2 minutes after mentioning some criticism of the Syrian leadership. Protests against government policies get crused before they even begin. And we’re led to believe that the Syrian authorities could’nt have done anything to control those proetsts? Bullshit! Either the Syrian authorities allowed this to happen, or they played akey role in them. Either way, we see Bashar Al Assad has already began to panic about his grip to power.


At Thursday, 16 February, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have anyone stopped to think how the danish people feel about having millions of angry muslims threatening them, burning their flag, beating up people?

The danish people had nothing to do with the cartoons, yet they are being targeted; by people who is frustrated that thet themselves are being targeted through their prophet... This doesn't seem right!
The muslim world should demonstrate their anger, peacefully, against the newspaper - but have shown to the world, the lack of tolerance and ability to look at oneself! It is now known by anybody in the world, that muslims regularly prints antisemithic cartoons much worse than the muhammad cartoons: The hipocrasy is very evident, yet the muslims just keep burning in their uncontrollable anger...
Nobody really understands your reaction; though we talk nice to you to try to calm you down - like you talk to a child thats having a fit!

Cant you see you are hurting your religion?

At Thursday, 15 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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