Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ashley MacIsaac: A freak of nature.

When I heard this mourning a guy named Ashley MacIsaac was running for the leadership of the Liberal Party, the first thought that came to mind was "I heard of this guy before!", but it certainly wasn't within the context of the entertainment sector.
Truth be told I only found out he was a "fiddler" today.

No, it was from somewhere else within a different context...it wasn't until during my Lunch hour that I remembered reading about him last year on Joel Johansesn's blog ProudtobeCanadian.ca And it was in a MUCH less flattering picture Okay, are you ready for this?

Turns out "Ashley" made some headlines in the past.

Just a Glimpse (have a vomit bag ready before reading further)

Last year, MacIsaac sued the Ottawa Citizen for reporting something he thought cast him in a bad light. While performing in Ottawa the fiddler picked out some Asian women in the audience and joked about them spreading SARS, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

Wow! Something tells me he and Reg Alcock would be birds of a feather in the Liberal Party. Anyway:

In 1996, MacIsaac was quoted as saying he enjoyed sexual acts involving urination with his 16-year-old boyfriend, according to the CBC.CA web site (and you know the story must be true since the state-run CBC is staffed by Liberal Party and NDP apologists, hacks and appointees who might normally take a dive for a fella named Ashley).

And before you think that this is just drug-induced talks by MacIsaac, just know that he confirmed this with the Montreal Mirror:

And during that interview, I did ask MacIsaac about all the rumours. In particular, his penchant for pee. Ashley, as it turns out, loves to have men piss on him. He discussed that with me. And that rumour about a 15-year-old boyfriend? I didn't have to bother to ask; he was right there in the room with us, eager to get his name in the article.

Read the rest by Joel.


At Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Anonymous davidson said...

lots of freaks out there my man. i'm sure people take macisaac's leadership bid as seriously as they take the blogging tories. mind you, stockwell is as freaky to me as macisaac and he was leader. scaaaaaaaary

At Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...

I can't really recall Stockwell Day ever blaming a certain ethnic group of spreading disease, or ever mentioning that he likes to pee on 15 year old boys, but heck if you think MacIsaac is less of a "freak" than Day after all that, then you have serious issues bub.

At Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Anonymous davidson said...

uber right-wing bible thumping, wetsuit wearing nutters that are actually in positions of power DO worry me much more than minor celebrities with strange pee pee fetishes.

At Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Anonymous Shane said...

...becuase why... they might QUOTE SCRIPTURE at you? Oh the horror! Oh, please, won't the Liberal Party PLEASE save us from the awful menace of people with BIBLES, BELIEVING things we don't, and TALKING ABOUT IT IN PUBLIC!

There oughta be a law!

At Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Anonymous St. John said...

What do the Lieberal party and Ashley MacIsuck have in common?

They both suck.

Davidson, do you really want to be a friend of those that suck?

At Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Anonymous Alberta Girl said...

Davidson - you really are living in la-la-lieberal land if you even equate Stockwell Day with Ashley McIssac. Your partisan slip is showing. I don't know Ashley McIssac from a hole in the ground - he might be a great guy, but somehow when you use the word nutbar - it isn't Stockwell's face that comes to mind.

If you want to talk about nutbars -lets talk about the previous leader of your party and his air guitar playing...... now there is a nutbar.

And therein lies the problem - seems like the Liberal party is soooooo desperate for a new leader that they have made it easy for just about anybody to jump into the fray - and our boy Ashley did! So now we have a race!

At Monday, 09 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Sunday, 31 May, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Thursday, 15 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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