Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The financial black hole that is public education.

A quick look at the Liberal Leadership campaign quickly points out that some leadership candidates, especially Belinda Stronach and Bob Rae, wish to make education a central policy in their plank. The NDP as well, has been very loud over the past few years regarding federal funding of education. Here are two problems that spring up immediately.

1. Constitutional: Education is Provincial responsibility For any fed to start meddling in this would create an immediate clash between local and federal governments. Especially in Quebec, where they view education as a major tool to enforce its distinctive nature (language, culture etc...).

2. More funding doesn't mean better academic results, if anything statistics show us its the inverse. More funding, more problems (at the same time a cut in funding doesn't exactly show good results either). Edwin Feulner and Doug Wilson have some revealing statistics in their new book Getting America Right.

Since 1965, according to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, the federal government has spent $321 billion on education, including a 90 percent increase since 1997, compared with a 40 percent rise in overall federal spending. Shouldn't the logical result be all sorts of wonderful academic improvements in US schools? Sorry, it hasn't worked out that way. Since 1995 test scores for American school children have fallen steadily behind those of students in Britain, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, and most other industrial nations. In 2003, for example, the United States ranked fourteenth out of thirty-five nations in the eighth-grade math testing. In other words, it looks as though education ranks among the black holes of Federal Spending. -- P.22

If there's one place politicians never look at, its the failures of the actual bureaucracy within the education system. But that would mean pissing off the unions, which left-of-center parties never dare to alienate as they serve a powerful political force for their election campaigns.

(H/T Right Wing News)


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