Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh sure, Al Jazeera is not a Medium.

I'll try to post my overall thoughts on the Al-Jazeera and they're recent expansion of opening an English-language channel soon this weekend when I hope to have more free time (my opinion on Al Jazeera is rather complicated, I can't exactly describe it in 1000 words or less). But here's a taste of the essay:

Score another one for bad reporting from Al jazeera. Check out this headline on their web site:

Is the US war on Iraq a 21st-century crusade?

Before I go on...take a guess whether this is an editorial or an actual news report...if your believe that its the later, then unfortunately your correct. Here's the full "news" report. Basically it goes on and on about the possibility of Iraq being motivated by Christian Fundamentalists in the United States in hopes of reviving their own religious prophecies...which is fine...provided they report the storey fairly and accurately using reputable sources.

But as usual when it comes to Al-Jazeera "reporting". This report strikes out.

Strike 1: Practically three quarters of the report is based on the opinions of the like of Dr Muhammad Ayash al-Kubaisi, a muslim "scholar" who describes the Iraqi insurgents as "resistance fighters" and implied in the past that the U.S. is deliberately blocking the release of French Hostages in Iraq.

Strike 2: Instead of seeking U.S. legislators themselves (the ones who authorized the attack in the first place) to ask for their take on the matter, they instead go on to ask a Jewish pro-Israeli activist for his opinion on the matter. Along with a lowly ex-Pentagon advisor.

Strike 3: Instead of tying the conclusion of the report strictly to the hypothesis on which it started (religious motivation) they drag on about early 20th century European expansion in the Middle East which was motivated by Military and commercial imperialism rather than religion.

Just notice the vibe they're trying to imply: a. Is the war in Iraq a Crusade? b. dedicate three quarters of the report to the opinions of Islamists and Arab Nationalists who agree c. Limit the opposing viewpoint to 20 words and finally drag out the history book and recount the horror stories of past Western Imperialism.

What do you think their trying to tell their naive viewers in relation to the original question?

Its one thing to present this kind of crap as an editorial, as it still leaves the viewer with the impression that an opposing viewpoint exists. But as an accurate news report? Bull.F&$#@ingg.shit.

Keep in mind, they posted this in their ENGLISH website, where they try to convince you of their "accuracy" and "moderation" you can only imagine their reports in Arabic.

More about Al-Jazeera this weekend (Hopefully).


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