Sunday, March 19, 2006

The right idea, the wrong guy.

This is encouraging:

A group of exiled Syrian opposition leaders has announced they are to form a common front to oppose President Bashar al-Assad's government.
Speaking after a meeting in Brussels, former Syrian Vice-President Abdul Halim Khaddam said all factions agreed that the regime Damascus had to go.

It is indeed very important and promising that exiled Syrian opposition leaders have began organizing a common front against Bashar Al Assad's totalitarian hell-hole. And hopefully they'll begin lobbying foreign governments to keep putting the squeeze on Syria while its becoming more vulnerable by the day.

However I have a couple of problems about those who were present at this meeting:

1. Abdul Halim Khaddam. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the way he's trying to redeem himself after years of service under Hafez Al Assad, and it took alot of guts for him to reveal his knowledge into the Syrian involvement into the Harriri Assassination, but there's still one major problem: He's still tainted by the old-regime. What the Arab world now needs in new blood in terms of political leadership, one that isn't influenced by past corruption and tyranny. While Khaddam's contribution is valuable, I think its best for him to remain on the sidelines for this one.

2. The Muslim Brotherhood: The LAST thing Syria needs is input from the people whose ideology is leading the self-destructing cycle of defeat in the Middle East. Islamists have never been interested in democratic reform or human-rights improvement. Its pretty useless to mount a force for change while you have a contingency in your movement that aims to extend totalitarianism in the population's personal lives. Not to mention the close relations that the Brotherhood has with Hezbollah, I don't think having them as part of the opposition is the best solution.

But what the heck...its a start I guess. We'll see what recommendations and actions they make in the following months.

(H/T Regime Change Iran)


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