Friday, March 03, 2006

R.I.P Cpl. Paul Davis

Cpl. Paul Davis, who was killed in an accident early Thursday near Kandahar, was offered a promotion that would have kept him at home and out of harm's way in Afghanistan.

But the grieving father of the 28-year-old soldier said his son showed courage in choosing the more dangerous assignment.

"He had the sense of duty of comradeship with the people he'd been training with, and felt he wanted to go with them," Jim Davis told CTV Atlantic in an interview from his home in Bridgewater, N.S. on Thursday.

Cpl. Davis, a married father of two, was on a routine patrol when the LAV-III (light-armoured vehicle) ran off the road and flipped over. Six other soldiers and a local Afghan interpreter were injured in the accident. Two of the soldiers remain in critical condition.

On behalf of all Canadians: Thank you Cpl. Davis for all the sacrifice and dedication you gave to your country.

"And when he gets to heaven, to St Peter he will tell: 'One more soldier reporting sir; I've served my time in hell."


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