Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Shakira for President of Lebanon!

With mounting pressure on Pro-Syrian Lebanese President Emil Lahoud (who's one of the few remnants of the old regime prior to the Cedar Revolution) to resign, many questions arise on just who would be the top contender for the job.

Let's bear in mind that whomever accepts the position has no easy task ahead of them. They must assist the Lebanese Legislature in taming the Shiite militants in the South. They must be a unifying figure among all Lebanese groups (Shiites, Sunnis and Christians), and most important of all, they must be able to represent Lebanon internationally in a solid manner. Further more, as the Lebanese constitution dictates, the President must be of Christian faith (The Prime Minister must be a Sunni and the Speaker of the House must be a Shiite, Lebanon uses the French republican system of government).

Well ZadigVoltaire of Beirut Notes has one hell of a suggestion on the perfect candidate, none other than Lebanese-Columbian singer Shakia!

Its satire of course, but when you think about it, it have some advantages:

* Every diplomat will surely visit her and spend more time with her than with the Speaker of the Parliament or the Prime Minister.

* Oil-Rich Gulf Arabs will invest all their money in Lebanon just for a dance from the President.

* Bashar al-Assad will finally open up a Syrian Embassy in Lebanon, and make himself the ambassador. (AK note: He rids Syria of a dictatorship and recognizes the new regime! Two birds with one stone!)

* Hezbollah will drop their weapons after President Shakira threatens to visit Sayed Hassan Nasrallah at his headquarters in her stage clothes.

* The LBC weather person will stop greeting the viewers with "bonsoir", instead he would start by saying: "Que Passa, Hombres?"

But on second thought, its probably at beast this be kept under satire. Next thing you know other countries will catch on and before you know it Prime Minister Cuthbert, President Spears and President Hayek will be sitting around discussing border security and NAFTA and that just scares the shit out me.

(H/T Ya Libnan)


At Thursday, 02 March, 2006, Blogger Winston said...

I'll vote for her



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