Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So much news, so little time.

Quite a few things to blog about. But I'm in a hurry, so I'll try to summarize things as brief as I can in one post.

-The Afghani Ambassador speaks my language: Check out what he had to say to the idiots who were protesting regime change in the Middle East this past week-end:

"Where were you when the women of Afghanistan were imprisoned?" he asked. "Where were you when the children of Afghanistan were denied schooling? Where were these demonstrations for human rights and dignity and honour?"

Good questions. But when the ambassador offered to speak to some of these "Peace Activists" face-to-face to discuss their fears, as usual, they went AWOL:

"I have contacted some of these groups. They're sort of reluctant to discuss the issues."

But...but...I thought the left wanted "debate".


-But then again, Mr. Samad should tone down the human-rights rhetoric a notch considering his government is in the process of executing a man whose only crime was to convert to Christianity.
(Don't expect the left to raise much hay about this btw). If your a Canadian resident and want to voice your displeasure, Candace has the details.


-This is why the UN is a @#$*ing joke!


-Yet another voice of Muslim reason: His name is Amr Khaled.

I'm familiar with his lectures, which is why I was surprised to see him talking politics as he usually limits his talks focusing on religion and morality. Best part about all this: Khaled is VERY popular with the young Muslim population in Egypt and throughout the Arab world. Make no mistake he will make a impact.


Jordan's struggle for Democracy and Human Rights.

Let me introduce you a three Jordanian bloggers who are aiming to bring widescale change to their part of the region:

Roba from And Far Away: An Art student based in Amman, self-described Feminist, blogs mostly about Art and personal experiences, but her posts on Middle Eastern politics are well worth the read.

Batir Wardam from "Making A Difference: Jordanian writer and researcher striving for a democratic and sustainable change in Jordan and the Arab world. His posts are very well thought out and very well researched. His writing style and sense of logic resonates very well no matter which country your reading him from.

Natasha from Mental Mayhem: She's Christian, a journalist working in Washington. And a dam good blogger. Nothing I write about her blog here will bring justice to the quality of the her blog. In fact, she ranks right up there with the Boys from ITM and the SandMonkey as part of must-read Middle Eastern blogs.

Three more bloggers for Freedom in the Middle East.


Just one thing regarding this. Having a guy who believes that Stalin was "right wing" and that the Communist revolution didn't work because he didn't go "far enough" conduct a research on Conservatives is like asking David Duke to conduct a racial study. (h.t. Dust My Broom)


At Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Blogger Louise said...

Thank you for this, AK. I'm doing a series about the yearning for democracy in the Arab and Muslim world at another website where I am a contributer. This links will be very helpful.

At Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Blogger Louise said...

*these* links

At Thursday, 23 March, 2006, Blogger Candace said...

Thanks for the link!

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