Friday, March 10, 2006

Why Now?

When your a fringe party like the NDP that's made up of Union Whores and special interest group representatives, you don't really get far in politics. I mean look at it from they're view, you have barely influenced any policy for the past 30 years, many people consider you to be a joke and what's all worse about this is that you can't do much about all this.

Nothing...except to bitch and moan your way through the legislative process. But all in all, your still a party that's going nowhere.

Following today's activity, you can also add the words "Opportunists" and "Hypocrites" in the long list of adjectives to describe the Canada's NDP.

So the NDP have decided to include Belinda Stronach into the investigation after learning that many people are wondering why the NDP have a beef with floor crossing all of a sudden when they barely made a peep when Belinda or Brison crossed over at the precise moment. All in hopes of closing the Pandora's box they opened when they asked the commissioner to look into the Emerson floor crossing.

Canadianna provided an excelent critique of the NDP a few weeks ago regarding the whole Emerson affair.

Remarkably, the NDP, who would be the benficiary of the so-called 'NDP budget' and have the thrill of holding the balance of power for a few more months, decided neither Stronach's nor the Liberal's actions were unethical -- at least not unethical enough to suggest a byelection or to contact the Ethics Commissioner.

What can we make out of all of this:

Apparently The NDP has no problems with floor crossing should they be the beneficiaries of the vote that follows. They didn't ask for an investigation following that floor crossing, not even after the budget vote, not even after Ed Broadbant's ethics package. It was only after they're hypocrisy was revealed that they decided to ask the commissioner to look into it.

But that's just the NDP for ya, Opportunist, Hypocritical and a bunch of old looser hacks bitching and moaning they're way through Parliament.


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