Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Interesting Seating arrangements:

Take a look at the seating arrangements of the new Parliament and quite a few thoughts pop into mind:
(Thanks BBS)

Some of the blocks in which the CPC MP's are paired is quite ironic, if not remarkable. A few thought that spring to mind:

The Red Tory Bench: To Harper's left, you have Peter MacKay (Minister of Foreign Affaires) and Jim Prentice (Minister of Indian and Northern Development affaires). Should make quite an interesting pair, as both have squared of against each other in the 2003 PC leadership debate. And one thing I have always taken note from leadership races is that the bruises that the candidates sustain and cause never really heal, not even with time.

Think about it: Harper Vs. Stronach. Martin Vs. Chretien. Boisclair Vs. Marois. Jim Flaherty Vs. Ernie Eves. Not exactly prime examples of forgive and forget. (For the record, I admire both these men, and would have no problem supporting either for a future leadership of the party).

Founding Fathers of a certain revolution: To Harper's right you have Tony Clement and Jim Flaherty. Both very instrumental in the famed Common Sense Revolution that swept Ontario in the mid 90's. Which is great for both of them. Can spend the boring hours of question period, point of orders and formalities reminiscing about the good old days in Mike's cabinet.

The BrokeBack Mountain bench : Chuck Strahl and Monte Solberg. Two of the most beloved guys in the party. But sheesh, they're already roommates. So now the first person they see in the mourning is each other, spend most of the working day side by side, have dinner with each other and finally are the last person they see before they go to bed. I mean...throw in a couple of horses and some cowboy hats and.......Ha! I'm just teasing. You rule Monte! P.S. I freakin miss your blog posts!

The Bible Belt Bench: Vic Toews and Stockwell Day. I don't really expect much disagreements to take place between these in their own chit-chats. (Again for the record, I have no ill feelings for either men, especially Day, since he managed to take a sharpside turn for the better since he stepped down as leader of the Canadian Alliance.).

The Quebec Bench: Blackburn and Vernier side by side. Makes sense considering the close proximity of their cabinet files. Francophonie and Ag. of Economic development for Quebec).

The Future Prime Ministers Bench. Maxime Bernier and John Baird. This is one bench the opposition should keep within eyesight as both these men will play a significant role in the future of the party, that I can guarantee you. One interesting bit about this, Bernier is older than Baird, yet Baird is the one with far more government and political experience as a whole.

Women of talent bench: Diane Finley and Rona Ambrose. Two women whom Ken Dryden should certainly ignore unless he wants to get a good smackdown.

The odd couple bench: Get this! An Quebec urban, socially liberal, French almost unilingual Conservative MP (Sylvie Boucher from Beauport—Limoilou) sitting right next to An Alberta rural, social conservative, Anglo unilingual MP Jean (from Fort Mcmurray-Athabasca). Needless to say I expect this will be the only section in parliament to be quiet.

Other observations:

-Rahim Jaffer is a little too far in the back in my opinion. So is Laurie Hawn.
-I'm very happy to see James Moore sitting in the front benches. Plus, since Fortier is unable to be the house of commons, Moore's role as his parliamentary secretary will really be an opportunity for him to shine and skyrocket his way through the upper ranks of the party.
-Notice how most of the So Cons and mavericks tend to be in the corners or waaaaayyy back behind the cabinet.
-Its a little sad to see some Veteran MP's stuck in the back. Especially considering many rookie MP's are practically so close to the PM they can almost just reach out and touch him.


At Tuesday, 04 April, 2006, Blogger Ottawa Core said...

the most significant seating pair is harper no longer has mackay sitting at the same desk. now it's Lawrence Cannon, transportation


At Tuesday, 04 April, 2006, Blogger The Arabian Knight said...

Well...Cannon is technically the 2nd in the order of succession, while Prentice is 3rd. So I guess looking at it that way its not really sucha controversial move.

At Tuesday, 04 April, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I understand it, the current seating arrangements are temporary (save for the cabinet) and are in alphabetical order. That should change in the near future, but don't theorize about the seating positions of backbenchers until the seating plan is finalized.

At Tuesday, 04 April, 2006, Blogger Winston said...

How can we get rid of the GG?

I really dislike her ideas and appearance!

I dont understand why Paul Martin wanted her for GG


At Friday, 16 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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