Saturday, April 01, 2006

Islamist stupidity knows no borders

You know you REALLY have to hand it to the Muslim-Canadian community groups in this country. They never seem to miss an opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot, and simply re-enforce the negative stereotypes they claim to battle against!

Be it Aly Hindy's threats , Mohammed El Masry's stupidity, Omar Alghabra's staff and their Freudian slips, these community groups just seem to dig themselves deeper and deeper and are just begging to be ridiculed by the entire country.

But now, it seems that Syed Soharwardy was way to eager to throw his name in the hat among the batch of embarrassing individuals which the Muslim Community in Canada is cursed of being represented by.

This dumbass is the Calgary imam who is taking the Western Standard magazine (Canada's equivalent of the National Review) to the Alberta Human Rights commission following their publication of the infamous Danish Cartoons and a description of the insane reaction they created in the Middle East and Europe.

Oh but that's not what else is Mr.. Soharwardy is upset about:

Earlier this month, I received a copy of Soharwardy's rambling, hand-scrawled complaint. It is truly an embarrassing document. He briefly complains that we published the Danish cartoons. But the bulk of his complaint is that we dared to try to justify it - that we dared to disagree with him.

Think about that: In Soharwardy's view, not only should the Canadian media be banned from publishing the cartoons, but we should be banned from defending our right to publish them. Perhaps the Charter of Rights that guarantees our freedom of the press should be banned, too.

Soharwardy's complaint goes further than just the cartoons. It refers to news articles we published about Hamas, a group labelled a terrorist organization by the Canadian government. By including those other articles, he shows his real agenda: censoring any criticism of Muslim extremists.

Perhaps the most embarrassing thing about Soharwardy's complaint is that he claims our cartoons caused him to receive hate mail. Indeed, his complaint includes copies of a few e-mails from strangers to him. Some of those e-mails even go so far as to call him "humourless" and tell him to "lighten up". Perhaps that's hateful. But all of those e-mails were sent to him before our magazine even published the cartoons. Soharwardy isn't even pretending that this is a legitimate complaint. He's not even trying to hide that this is a nuisance suit.

This is stupid on so many levels:

1. Lack of respect for Freedom of the Press: Sowhardawy's complaint sends the message that there are Muslims in Canada who do not accept one of the major tenants in any functioning, healthy democracy. Once you accept to live in a country like Canada, you must accept that your political, religious and cultural beliefs will be challenged and criticized from time to time. This is the case for all minority groups. And as an individual citizen, that's simply the price you have to pay in order to practice that same level of freedom. Sowhardway is apparently unwilling to accept the pre-requisite. Making many Canadians deepen their suspicions on whether or not Muslim Canadians can co-exist with them peacefully in a functioning democracy.

2. Lack of Judgment and Common Sense: Had Sowhardawy actually had three brain cells in that thick skull of his, he would have realized that the entire coverage of the Danish Cartoons brouhaha was surrounding not the cartoons themselves, but the actual reaction to those publications. (Things like..oh I don't know...death threats, embassy burnings, uncivilized discourse). The cartoons if Mr.. Sowhardaway remembers, were published way back in October, and never made international headlines until 3 months later. (Again due to the retarded reactions) To claim that it was the cartoons themselves that helped "defame Islam" shows nothing but stupidity on his part.

3. Bringing a dead horse back to life: Due to this dumbass, the Danish Cartoons controversy is right back in the news after 2 months of it slowly disappearing in the classified section of major news outlets. In other words, this idiot has brought back yesterday's news front-and center once again.The very same storey that he claims "defamed Muslims".

4. A strengthened resolve by his opponents: If Sowhardawy believes this will strike fear into news outlets that dare to criticize his ideology, he is sadly mistaken. If anything the media's resolve would be strengthened and would be more encouraged to publish news reports that would put his ilk in more negative light. As we've seen time and time again, if any media outlet fears its freedom is at stake, they retaliate against that source who is trying to whip them into "discipline".

5. The setting of a dangerous precedent: Now if were going to have radical imams take media outlets to tribunals and courts because if things that "offend" them, does that give me the right to take the Toronto Star to court for offending my political beliefs?
(See where this could lead).

Makes you wonder who really is responsible for the "Islamaphobia" which many of these morons bitch about day in and day out.

If you would like to help out the Western Standard in this case, go here. And just make a small donation. Could be 5 dollars could be 10. Believe me the price of one fast food value meal is well worth the struggle to help defend freedom of speech and freedom of the press in this country.


At Saturday, 01 April, 2006, Anonymous arctic_front said...

Bravo! Your blog is one of the best on this site. I really appreciate your reasoned and acute analysis. it is just fab. You do a lot to undo all the damage caused by the radicals and silent's that help drag your religion and community down.

At Monday, 24 April, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zac Moussaoui would change his tune very quickly if part of the sentence involved being daubed with pig's blood before being executed as, according to some of the tenets of the deceptive (Islamic) moon god cult to which he belongs, contact with the blood of a pig would render him unclean and unable to enter paradise.
‘Martyrdom’ would then be denied him.
Get your Political columnist to write on that one!
Larry d’Arabeea

At Friday, 16 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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