Saturday, April 01, 2006

Liberals loose (yet another) talking point.

Remember the hissy fit many Fiberals made early in the election campaign when it came about that *GASP* some pro-Republican individuals in the US was pulling for Harper to win the election and going so far as suggesting that they're actually helping his campaign.

Well, we can rest easy for the next election. The Liberals apparently have hired Democrat Joe "There was not one election disaray I did'nt take part in" Trippi to help them with their leadership campaign.

Apart from the fact that this guy was not part of any successful Presidential run, Liberals will no longer be able to bitch and moan about any intervention by a Republican party sympathizer to the CPC in any Election campaign.

Speaking of which, do you think the media reaction to this would be as hysterical to this as...oh I don't know...say Karl Rove helping a future Conservative campaign?

Hmmm...I wouldn't bet on it.

(H/T Neale News)


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