Saturday, April 15, 2006

Not everyone's having a good Easter weekend.

Especially not in Egypt

Police said they had arrested three men in the attacks in the northern Mediterranean city.

was said to have attacked two churches; one assaulted a third church;
and the other was arrested during a foiled attack on a fourth church

One worshipper was killed and at least two others were in serious condition after the attacks, the official said.

police reports said a total of 17 people were injured: 10 at the Saints
Church in downtown Alexandria and three at the nearby Mar Girgis
Church. Four worshippers were wounded at a church in Abu Qir, a few
miles to the east.

Police said a fourth attack was foiled by an officer guarding another church in Egypt's second-largest city.

Just one drop in the huge bucket of crap that's wrong with the Middle Eastern society. I wish I can tell you incidents like this are isolated and rare. But unfortunately, its all too common when it comes to the practice of religious tolerance in throughout the Middle East. Arab Christians have always been viewed as outsiders in their respective societies. Even though they have lived in the same lands for generations (in some areas, longer than the Muslim population) as their Muslim countrymen, they were always viewed as second-class citizens based on many obscure reasons. Suspicion that they're collaborative with Western Governments, anger of their resistance to Supreme Islamic power (Shria Law for example) and the old classical reasoning of not being from the same religion as the majority of the population. The only thing you have to know here, is that the vast majority of Muslim in the Middle East see these people as outsiders. Outsiders who should be subjected to certain restrictions for the simple sin of not being born a Muslim.

The Egyptian Bloggers, (bless them) unsurprisingly, are not convinced by the Egyptian government's statement on the manner:

Freedom for Egyptians:

Egyptian TV reporterd that the Governor of Alexandria said one of the attackers was an ex-police officer who is mentally disturbed. This is so repulsive. The government of Egypt is the government of excuses. Any incident that happens in Egypt and denied any logical or objective explanation is blamed on mentally-disturbed people...

The Big Pharaoh

And of course, as they always said when similar incidents happened, the officials are saying the attackers are "insane". It seems we have too many insanes here.

The Sandmonkey digs a little deeper:

Ok, there is something extremely fishy here. The Official story from the police says that the guy who attacked the two churches is mentaly unstable- like they always say when such an attack happens- but that was until the second and third guy were arrested and the thrid and fourth attacks were carried through. The fishy part is in regard to the church security. Chruches in Egypt are always protected by the police. There is always a police car and at least 4-5 policemen protecting it. Are you trying to tell me that this mentally unstable guy managed to go in the first church and attacked 11 people by his lonesome, and then managed to get out without being attacked by the security outside, and then managed to go inside a second church and attack 3 more people? All of those people and 2 infiltration, done by one guy holding a knife? Are you kidding me? I am supposed to believe this?

All you need to do now, is compare the reaction to this slaughter at the hands of Muslims against their own fellow countrymen, to that of the daily violence in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan, where the killing is supposedly done by Western Troops. That difference right there, is all you need to know about the current moral compass used by the majority of population in the region and the manner in which Christians are viewed as.


At Saturday, 15 April, 2006, Blogger KNL said...

You'd think a police state would keep its loonies in line better.

At Sunday, 16 April, 2006, Blogger Leap Frog said...

Sad as it appears like it was government approved, given the frequency of these attacks and the always lack of protection for the Christians.

Another dark day for mankind, attacking and killing people in their house of worship.

At Monday, 17 April, 2006, Anonymous Don Cox said...

"in some areas, longer than the Muslim population"___In all cases, I think, since Christianity is six centuries older than Islam.

At Friday, 16 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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