Wednesday, May 03, 2006

If your child is not in Daycare...HE/SHE WILL END UP IN JAIL!- Carolyn Bennett.

I must once again apologize for the light blogging. They made me the liaison for the interns at work a couple of weeks ago; a hair-pulling, headache inducing task to say the least, throw in the NHL Playoffs and you have a recipe for a major burnout at the end of the day.

Now that my habs have been eliminated, I can focus more on blogging....hopefully.

Now about the budget, It seems the Liberals have just committed another "Beer and Popcorn" type gaffe. Sarah at Choice for Child Care first noticed this:

Dr. Bennett on Duffy today said it was a good thing there is more money for prisons because a lot of kids will end up in prison since the new budget did not have money for ECE...even Mike Duffy said that was a bit harsh...

Vicki heard it so their must of been more of you too! Come on this is too juicy to let go. Honestly if she said that, then she has just pulled a political suicide!

As usual, whenever the Liberals commit a gaffe on national television of this magnitude, I always head to as Joel always seems to record these moments. Lo and behold, I was right.

Here's the video.



At Wednesday, 03 May, 2006, Blogger Dennis said...

Beer and popcorn.

Ken Dryden saying if we don't send our kids to daycare its like not taking them to the hospital when they are sick.

And now...........this.

Give us your kids, because if you don't, they will end up in jail one day.

Brilliant. Even Olivia Chow stumbled away from that one. And that is saying a lot.

Typical Liberal arrogance. And this is a Liberal Party LEADERSHIP candidate?


At Thursday, 04 May, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not a gaffe. This is how Liberals really think.

At Sunday, 07 May, 2006, Blogger Sara said...

Carolyn Bennett is admiting she thinks that way and just said it was the wrong time to say it...


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