Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel pays the price for appeasement

First of all let me apologize for the blog neglect for the past few months. The reason for this is a combination of work, moving into my new condo, and great weather tends to keep me from indoor activities. I've honestly haven't even glanced at a newspaper or a T.V. news program from the past 4 weeks. but judging from the current chaos
that were now witnessing in the region, I cannot neglect things any longer.

The last thing we ever want to do during a time of chaos and tragedy, is blame the victim. Not for being the principle reason for the damage done, the blame mainly lies with the perpetrator of the crime But for taking gullible actions that indirectly leads to the present day damage.

Examples: You wake up one mourning to find out that your next door neighbors' car has been stolen from their own garage and their tools have also gone missing. You feel terrible for the guy, and at the moment there's nothing more you want to do but cause as much pain to the burglars as possible. But somehow, you still cannot get the thought out of your mind that this burglary might have been prevented to steal had your neighbor actually remembered to close his garage during the night instead of leaving it open.

Another scenario: Your brother gets robbed while walking home from a party last night. His wallet is gone and is suddenly missing a pair of shoes. For a second you actually contemplate lobbying your government to adopting the same crime policy as Saudi Arabia when it comes to these things, but you just cannot resist the temptation of slapping your brother across the head for being dumb enough to walk through a crime-ridden neighborhood at 3 o'clock in the morning, wearing a 500$ Versace suit and 200$ shoes.

Getting back to the relevant subject, I cannot help but feel the same away about Israel during this whole series of conflict. Now the blame for all this squarely lies with Hezbollah and Hamas, there's absolutely no justification whatsoever for their actions of kidnapping and missile launching against Israeli civilians. But Israel did in fact exercise some action which does play a huge part in all this; appeasement.

Think back to the summer of 2005 and the spring of 2000. That's the time frame when Israel bowed to international pressure (that was dictated by the ever-naive line of thinking that Islamic militants are reasonable souls simply fighting the occupation of their lands) and withdrew their forces from Gaza and Southern Lebanon respectively.

And what occurred afterwards was something all terrorism experts predicted a long long time ago. More chaos, more terror, more bloodshed and no decreased security for either side. Far from taming the two terrorist groups, or the hope that the withdrawals would be perceived as an extension of an olive branch, the withdrawals made Hezbollah and Hamas more forceful, more popular, more power hungry and the perception? That was considered as plain old weakness. Which further ingrained the idea that should they increase their activities, Israel would make more and more concessions for land and power.

The reaction from the people in Southern Lebanon and Gaza were, not surprisingly jubial. Both people credited the terrorists for driving the "Jews" out of their lands, and were now completely indebted to them

To make maters worse, moderate Palestinians and Lebanese who have tried warning their people of the threat groups like these pose to their lives, were seen as useless, traitorous fools. In the eyes of most people it was "Yeah, well they got rid of the Israelis for us, what did you do?" So unfortunately cooler heads did not prevail following the withdrawals.

And in both cases, the people have rewarded the terrorist groups handsomely. The Lebanese government gave Hezbollah autonomy in the south, as well as political power. The Palestinians elected Hamas to form their legislative branch.

So all in all the withdrawals resulted in both cases:

-Two terrorist groups who were still armed and at large.
-Hamas and Hezbollah receiving the gratitude and respect of the people.
-Isolation of the Arab Moderates.
-More power and determination given to Hamas and Hezbollah.

Other countries should take note of what has happened here and notice how this ties to their battles with terrorism. We now have proof first hand, that withdrawal always causes more havoc and destruction than the alternative.

Coming back tot he original point, the actions we see today are simply reminders to the Israelis of their mistakes. Mistakes that have come back to haunt them in a brutal way against a brutal enemy. Just like the next door neighbor who made the mistake of keeping his garage door open at night, or the brother who walked right into a crime-ridden neighborhood, Israel's decision to show weakness at a time it should have shown strength, is one mistake they are paying for dearly today.

Update: Mideast Bloggers speak out:

Beirut Spring:

Hezbollah is trying to fool us. It wants us to believe that it’s offering Israel a fair deal. We are being bluffed to relax, to conclude that Israel will eventually do “the right thing”; because -and here goes the bluff aimed at Israel- we have “Surprises” hidden up our sleeves. (…)
By unilaterally provoking the trigger-happy Israelis yesterday, Hezbollah is squarely to blame for the Lebanese lives wasted, the infrastructure destroyed, the inconvenience caused to millions because of the stalled airport, and the unearned millions of dollars in tourist revenues (with the resulting unemployment and immigration).

Rambling Hal

There are so many outside forces that are constantly working against the happiness of multitudes. I want to slap the members of every single Middle Eastern government - and especially the heads of these allegedly 'democratic' parliaments and governments we adhere to coz we have no other choise - I want to slap them silly with a cheap flip flop and tell them to get the hell out of our lives.

I also want to slap religious fanatics that think they have the right to call violence and murder and terrorism by Islam. Them I don't want to just slap. I want to do other things to them instead. But I won't go into that now. I'll try and curb my violent tendencies. It's too early in the day for blood.

2:48 AM: (No, really that's the name of the blog)
With these current attacks you would think the government would wake up and realize that its time to distance themselves from Hezbollah and let the whole world know that the Lebanese people are against Hezbollah and against their actions. But, of course that didn’t happen, the Lebanese government is calling all parties to be united against Israel. What a load of political crap, they are going to make things a lot worst for everyone.”

itoot has more roundup of reactions from mideast bloggers.


At Friday, 14 July, 2006, Blogger Shameer Ravji said...

Nice to have you back. Netanyahu must be saying "I told you so."

At Friday, 14 July, 2006, Anonymous Anne (happier in Ontario) said...

Congratulations on your new condo and welcome back! Hey, it's summer in Canada, can't blame you for wanting to be outside while you can.

You must be ahead of your time in maturity, years ahead of others much older than you.

I absolutely agree with what you wrote but when you refer back to 2000 I remember feeling that Israel pulling out would be a good thing, finally begin the peace process. Well, I was wrong, the utopian view I had then is now gone. I feel like weeping over the insanity that has gripped this area, I really just don't understand WHY. Had Israel taken the approach you support in the first place, in retrospect to myself, this crisis unfolding in the ME would likely not be happening.

I guess myself and millions of others pushed for this, doesn't feel too good right now. What to do now?

Oh, the alleged terrorist with ties to Montreal last week really shook me up. How could this guy who seemed to fit so well and be happy on the outside be filled with so much hate?? A young man who obviously is just getting into life is really only just interested in taking others and his own? I don't get it.

Today's news of Shaikh going undercover and exposing the group in Toronto gave me the hope and faith I was seeking. I am so proud of him, more so that he has gone public and willing to put himself out there to take a stand. I really hope that he inspires many to come forward in the muslim community and take a leadership role against the radical factions. I understand that sometimes threats and other intimidation tactics can be used to silence moderates, I really hope that this is not the case for him or his family.

Back to the ME, does anyone have an answer as to why certain groups and governments deliberately choose to hurt and destroy their own citizens all while having no hope whatsoever of realizing any of their goals? This hurts my heart.

At Friday, 16 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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