Friday, August 11, 2006

Mail Call

So I decided to check my Outlook mail for the first time in weeks this mourning, and this is the first thing that pops up:

I thought you might want to take a look at this. Nice crew you’re rolling with you self-hating asshole.

Fuck you.

That is all.

So...what exactly is this link that this anonymous coward decides to
link to, to "prove" the so-called collective racism of the "Blogging
Tories"? It's none other than a post by Liberal Blogger Cerebrus in
which he (rightly) slams a bigoted post by RightGirl on the Western
Standard blog. The post is followed by many members of the
Liberal-Left puffing up their chest and patting each other on the
back, congratulating themselves on their built-in tolerant nature and
how a member of their party would never stoop this low in terms of
racial bigotry or generalization. But, as usual, Ted plays with fire.
He labels the post as "Why I'm not a Conservative", trying to blanket
the thoughts of one person as the thoughts of an entire political
movement, party and blog avatar. He then goes on and throws a brick in
a glass house:

I'm on the record for clarifying a number of times that these wingnuts
are part of why I could never be conservative but there are still a
lot of conservatives equally offended by The Western Standard
obscenity. Nevertheless, meanwhile, over here... still nada.

That's quite a statement to make. However, a dangerous one. If Ted
wants to be jackass, well I have no choice but to fight fire with

Now, let us be very very clear. RightGirl's comments regarding
criminalizing Islam in Canada is, unbelievably dumb, bigoted, short
sighted and is nothing less than totalitarian.
Freedom of religion is a non-negotiable right for any Democratic
state. And generalizations in the way she applied are…to mince

But equally as dumb, is Ted's generalization of the Conservative
movement, as well as his wondering of why the Blogging Tories are
"silent" on the issue. Unfortunately to Ted and his friends,
RightGirl's opinion, generalization and bigotry is not limited to the
Conservative movement, and lack of denunciations to these things is
not limited to the Blogging Tories.

A few examples of bigotry and racist generalization from supporters
from Cerebrus' party:

-Last June, shortly after the arrest of the "Toronto 17", one self
described Liberal Blogger leaves this message on my blog. (This is no
sarcasm; he later on defends his statement).

We need to decrease immigration from the Arab countries. That's the best way.

Funny, I never really heard much denunciation from members of Liblogs
for this comment.

-Or how about Liberal Catnip, the old hag who smugly suggested that
Muslims and Arabs in the Middle East are not worthy of humanitarian
. Or better yet, how about her comments regarding the
Muslim activists who risked their necks writing a manifesto urging
their fellow Muslims to reject extremism and terrorism, in which she
suggested that they didn't know what they were talking about?

-And if Ted is mad at RightGirl for using a bigoted generalization on
all Muslims, then I'd expect him to be spitting mad at Liblogs founder
Jason Cherniak for using an absurd ethnic generalization of his own.
Claiming a terrorist-supporting hypocrite MP is an representation of
all Muslims. Apparently, we all interpret things the same way and
are unable of independent thought.

-Or better yet, when the Al Alkhras family was killed in Southern
Lebanon, the reaction from many lefty bloggers was not a sense of
sadness or sympathy, but joy that these deaths can be politically
useful to slam Harper politically. (This simply confirms what I've
been saying all along, the only third-world deaths worth giving a dam
about to the Liberal Party are those which can be spun into blaming
Conservative politicians.)

-Another Liberal idiot a while back tried to convince me that Syria
(which has killed more Muslims than Bush, Sharon and Blair could ever
do in a lifetime) was actually playing a peacekeeping role in Lebanon
shortly after the Cold War.
A few of my Lebanese buddies would find
that comment just a tad extreme and would just a little bit annoyed to
say the least, but there he was, actually believing the c rap he was
spewing. (To my recollection, no Liberal blogger stepped in and told
this guy to keep his historical ignorance to himself).

Now these are just examples in the blogging world. If we want to step
back and take a look at the bigger picture when it comes to
Islamic-Canadian relations, the Liberal party flunks big:

-Do the 70+ Liberal MP's, who expressed no protest whatsoever when
Martin sent Troops to Khandahar but suddenly wished for Canadian
troops to withdraw when Harper came to power represent realize that
the Taliban and Al Qaeda (who would reclaim more power following the
Canadian withdrawal) bigoted for using the lives of Afghans so cheaply
to advance their own political needs?

-What the hell was Colleen Baumier thinking when she visited Iraq
prior to the Invasion to express her support for the Iraqi regime? Are
you honestly going to convince me she had no idea that this was going
on by the very regime she was supporting? How the hell is that
evidence that the Liberal party really is the party that stands for
the safety and freedom of Muslims worldwide?

-If the Liberal party really wanted more Muslim representation in
parliament, did they really have to go out and parachute the most
idiotic, bigoted, terrorist-supporting dumbass
that has ever set foot
in this country? Is that the Liberal party's view of the Islamic

All in all, I think Ted ought to be a little bit careful whenever he
wants to set off an anti-racist crusade against the conservatives
regarding Islamaphobia. Truth is, if Ted was serious about this, he
would tackle the anti-Islamic bigotry in his party first before
picking on others, and the only silence he should be questioning, is
that of his fellow Libloggers who have always remained silent during
the incidents I have just mentioned.

So in conclusion, Ted, as a Muslim I really appreciate your disgust at
this kind of bigotry and the concern for my safety which you display.
But as I have shown, you have your hands full with your own camp.