Sunday, September 03, 2006

People making a difference:

There are people who talk about making the world a better place, and there are people who actually work to make the world a better place. Like the following:

1. 4 Canadian soldiers killed Afghanistan during a successful offensive mounted by Afghan, American, British and Canadian on Taliban strongholds. Deepest condolences and prayers go out the the friends and families of
* Warrant Officer Frank Robert Mellish
* Warrant Officer Richard Francis Nolan
and the two other unidentified soldiers.

2. Arab Peace Warrior dies:

Novelist Naguib Mahfouz, who in my opinion, is the greatest novelist ever to come out of the Arab World, passed away on Thursday, he was 92. For those of you unfamiliar with Mahfouz, he was a Nobel prize winner for literature in 1988, who stood side by side with Anwar Sadat when he signed the Peace Deal with Israel at Camp David in the late 70`s. He was considered a hero and a mentor to many Arab Moderates and Democracy activists throughout the middle east. And was also highly critical of the status-quo currently held in the Arab world today. Needless to say he faced allot of this:

It is no wonder that Islamists condemned him for this very reason. In 1994, he was stabbed in the neck by extremists while he was taking his daily walk to a favorite café in Cairo. He survived the assault but lived under constant protection by the authorities ever since.

In addition to the hostility he faced from the religious establishment, he was also criticized by so-called intellectuals in the Arab world for his moderate stance toward Israel and his outspoken support for President Anwar Al-Sadat and the Camp David peace accords. Before that, he was branded a reactionary because of his well-hidden disapproval of the destructive policies of President Gamal Abdul Nasser and the coup that brought him to power in 1952. Many of his novels were banned in Arab countries.

(h/t Healing Iraq)

God Bless you Naguib. You were the beacon of light to our people for many of us.

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3. Fellow Blogger Brian Gardiner from Home At Hepster is running for Terry Fox. Probably the greatest Canadian ever to have lived. If you can, help him by sponsoring him through this link. Blue Blogging Soapbox has put out a 500$ challenge. So far there`s 205$.


At Sunday, 03 September, 2006, Blogger shlemazl said...

Great blog. Nice to see there are sane people in Quebec :-)

At Monday, 04 September, 2006, Anonymous Anne (happier in Ontario) said...

Wow, pretty impressive posts after such a long silence, good work!

I am pretty excited about you turning this into a group blog, anticipate plenty of interesting things coming soon.

I was unaware of who Naguib was, thank you for informing us. I hope that those in the Arab nations who did know of him will be reminded of what he stood for when hearing of his death, perhaps some soul searching on where they are headed?

Who was that other Arab author that caused such a stir over a book Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdee or something like that? Meant to find out more about that years ago but forgot until now. I am not even sure if he was supposed to be a good or bad guy, only that he was ordered to be killed and went into hiding. Wonder if he is still alive?

At Monday, 04 September, 2006, Blogger Brian said...

Thanks for the plug & donation.

At Monday, 04 September, 2006, Blogger Louise said...

Anne, Salman Rushdie is still alive. He is not an Arab, though. He's Indian.

At Monday, 04 September, 2006, Anonymous Anne (happier in Ontario) said...

Thanks Louise, shows what I remember, doh!

That story is like 20 years old? Still hiding? Wow, he sure pissed the wrong people off, remember that quite a few people wanted him dead.

At Friday, 16 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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