Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Let`s just say he had a rough day in the office.

Tough day to be in Bush`s entourage:

Top three stories on Drudge:



White House Staffer Robbed, Beaten at Waikiki Nightclub...

DAM! When it rains it pours.

First question that will be on Life insurance forms tomorow:

Do you, or have you ever had a relationship (personal or professional) with George W. Bush?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Free Karim Soliman!

I know its getting tiring for some of the readers who visit my blog to read about these things and me asking them to help to help contribute, but believe me its well worth the effort. This cause is very important to me, its very important to the the moderates in the Middle East and its also important to you. It is this kind of strangulation in Middle Eastern society that helps breed religious fanaticism and the ignorance that runs wild in the Muslim World today, I cannot emphasize how important it is for people like Karim to know that the majority of decent human beings are standing by his side)

Abdelkareem first received international attention in early 2006 when he was kicked out of Al Azhar University for posts he wrote on his blog. During that first incident, he was detained by police but eventually released. Despite his first arrest, he has continued to speak his mind on women's rights, religious freedom, and academic freedom.

On November 6, Abdelkareem was again interrogated over his blogposts. A human rights lawyer from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information was present to represent Abdelkareem. But the police still decided to arrest him.

They set up a letter writing campaign to help lobby for his release, its VERY simple. If you can`t be bothered to write a letter, just go here, add your name, e-mail and country and just press "send". And please spread the word. Link this campaign on your blog, e-mail friends and relatives, mention this to your co-workers any help would be very much appreciated.

Let me stress that this is not an online petition, as many of those just end up being invitations to spam and junk mail. These letters will be filtered for duplications and spam, and sent to the following officials:

  • General Adel Ali Labib, Governor of Alexandria,
  • David Welch, US Undersecretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs,
  • Francis Ricciardone, US Ambassador to Egypt,
  • Habib el Adly, Egypt's Interior Minister,
  • Ahmed Nazif, Egyptian Prime Minister,
  • Nabil Fahmy, Egypt's Ambassador to the US

Fellow Cannucks, it would probably be a good idea to copy and paste the e-mail and send to the MP`s on the Subcommittee on International Human Rights of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development:

Jason Kenney
Mario Silva:
Caroline St-Hilaire:
Irwin Colter:
Ted Menzies
Wayne Marston
Kevin Sorenson

You can follow-up on the proceedings here,

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam gets the easy way out.

I oppose this death sentence on the same grounds to which I opposed sending Zacherias Moussaoi to hell sooner rather than later.

Its also a reflection as to why (In most cases anyway) I oppose the death penalty. Its not that I believe its a cruel punishment nor the fact that I have compassion for the prick. My issue revolves around the fact that the death penalty allows guys like this to take the easy way out of this world. In other words, I believe it doesn't go far enough in terms of punishment. It doesn't`t give the convicted any idea of the pain and misery he made other people feel due to his crime.

Let`s think about this, this man has put people people to death through the most brutal ways imaginable to any decent human being. Lashing, electric shock, drowning, you name it. And what does he get as punishment, three meals a day, and a lethal injection to the neck? Please. Furthermore we have to consider how his supporters in the Arab world will view this. In their view, they see a defiant statesman standing strong against his country`s occupiers.

There are other ways of helping Saddam really come to grasp for his crimes against humanity which could deliver the message to both him and his supporters:

Some suggestions:

-Beatings from the hands of friends and relatives of the victims that died from his orders.
-His cell block would consist of a small, dark room, with a bed shaped cement and one toilet.
-Just for kicks, let`s also make the room`s ceiling shorter than his height.
-For entertainment purposes, let`s throw in a non-poisonous cobra in his cell every once in a while (We have to give each victim`s relative an opportunity to give him at least one beating!), the cobra harms him and we laugh, he fights off the cobra and that`s his meal for the day.
-Again like Moussaoi, construct a built in-wall t.v showing all the birthdays, wedding ceremonies, graduations of all his victims over and over.
-Videotape his condition as time goes along, and distribute it all over Iraq as a message to the armed militias. "Disarm and make peace, or you`ll go through what he`s going through".

What? A little too graphic for ya? is this.

Update (06-11-2006)

Note to self, in the unlikely event that I ever become a leader of a country, Jarrett will be the one responsible of the entire "rehabilitation" system:

My idea involves a large number of bottles of Canadian whiskey, a bunch of waxed Kurdish bodybuilders of ambiguous sexuality, a camel, and the Fox Network.

(You now owe me two Keyboards Jarrett ;) )

A couple of must-read reactions across the Arab Blogsphere:

Mahmood’s Den.


Sudanese Thinker

Sanmonkey covers the idiotic coverage by the Arab MSM.

The dominant Middle Eastern Psyche

How to describe it? A few adjectives come to mind: sick, hypocritical, dumb, twisted and so on.

Let me bring your attention to a recent media campaign launched by some Iraqi moderates who are doing their part to help curb the the violence in Iraq that has claimed the lives of many of their countrymen.

"Terror has no religion"

Recently they released several t.v commercials and print ads in which they aim to:

To reveal the true and ample doctrines of Islam, and expose the contempt these terrorists hold for the spiritual essence of our religion. These terrorists and their ungodly way are the ones responsible for making Islam an easily marked target in the eyes of the world, as well as causing Muslims to be the subject of criticism before the world community.

The target audience are meant to be the younger generation of Iraqis in hopes of deterring them from ever joining the jihadist militia (either Shiite or Sunni) as a means to redeem their frustrations of the current atmosphere. Here`s one example:

Suicide Bombing in Baghdad

But unfortunately, despite this group`s best intentions, this ABC reporter stationed in Jordan sums up why this project is dead on arrival:

Sadly, these ads appear to miss the mark. Sure they get your attention but they do look VERY American and will likely be viewed with plenty of skepticism, seen as mere propaganda. More importantly, all the ads are based on one message, "Terror Has No Religion" and suicide bombing runs counter Islam.

The initial message that`s being displayed in these ads will not matter. The simple fact that this group received "American" aid in helping develop this message will, in the eyes of many in the Arab world, just be brushed off as mere "Propaganda" (As if the simple guideline of killing innocent people is bad is Verboten! as it is conveyed by American interests. Give me a break!).

The simple fact that many Arabs and Muslims cannot simply look past the "American" nature of these commercials is an indication to just how intellectually bankrupt today`s Middle East has become. This intellectual bankruptcy itself reveals the reason as to why many "closeted" moderates don`t even bother changing the status-quo in the middle east today. And simply look for the easy way out.

(H.T. Mental Mayham)